Sunday, June 30, 2013

Seamless Continuity Between Clinton and Bush

That odd post-Cold War consensus that Clinton, W and even Obama seem to propagate has its roots in the takeover of the desperate late '80s Democrats by Wall St., but it really is a symbol of the triumph of liberalism. It might sound like a joke to say W was moderate or even liberal, but outside of personal style, decision making and communication, how much of a difference is there in policy between Clinton, W and Obama? These men represent more of an end of an era, and how they rose to power explains why. Despite being well connected and 'wickedly conservative', W represents the moderate wing of the GOP.

W himself spoke of the need for government to be there when someone needed help. He also was loose with expanding government programs like Medicare, creating the Department of Homeland Security, and taking a Wilsonian approach to foreign policy. Not all that different from Clinton, and both failed to implement plans for privatizing a portion of social security. W was one hell of a fundraiser, had Rove and had a name to sell to the American people after eight years of Clinton. He also was a product of the left wing of the GOP. In a book from 1999, Kenneth Baer tucks into the very end a simple section on the GOP's desire to find a moderate to champion the cause to combat the moderate Clintonian rehab of the Democrats in the '90s. Baer writes,

"...a group of Republican elected officials and benefactors has established the Republican Leadership Council to recapture the GOP's agenda from its right wing and replace it with a more mainstream platform in order to better the Republicans' odds in 2000 and beyond.... They hope that a New Republican - or a "compassionate conservative" wins the GOP presidential nomination soon and saves a party that has lost the presidency twice and has seen its newly won hold on Congress weaken."

Compassionate conservative, where have I heard that before? The RLC was the fiscally conservative, socially inclusive wing of the party that formed after Buchanan dared to name the ongoing erosion of values in America with his Culture Wars speech. It was a speech that turned out to be true. The RLC was just like the DLC where the elite money interests wanted to have a nice hand on who was the leader of the party. The main difference was that the DLC was built as the Dems were losing elections while the RLC was developed as the GOP was winning elections.

W could get around the primary voters as a true conservative to line up with the '90s Contract with America GOP voting crowd because of the state he was governor in, Texas. Texas allowed him to be very conservative in speech, let him execute some prisoners (big '90s issue), let him be pro-life safely, and distance himself from his squishy, RINO dad. W also had a personal item to sell to the primary crowd. He was a born again Christian. I'm not going to question a recovering alcoholics conversion and rebirth, but it does make for one hell of an identifier to have slapped on you during primary season. Brilliant. W could appear to be culturally conservative while still lining up behind the elite's agenda. Our elites have it set up so smooth.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tesla Will Fail

There is a part of me that loves seeing the scifi promises of my childhood come true. Skype is a scifi promise come true. It's TV phone technology for free. It's a delivery on an old promise. I don't have a flying car, but a free TV phone is a consolation prize. Elon Musk (got to be a made up name) sells an high end, high performance electric car. Sounds awesome and perfectly SWPL for TED talks. It's also bound to die. It's a niche of a niche market. Sure the stock races northward now, and Musk can sound like a cross between guru and businessman, but he's not Steve Jobs. Tesla will fail, and Mus will not live up to TED talk God status.

Tesla's car gets about 200 miles for a charge, and then has a long recharging time. It also has a huge cost. Musk is counting on conspicuous environmentalism to carry his company because he can't get the cost down to hit a wider market. targeting rich snobs who want to do a good environmental scout's badge purchase will work on some until Lexus, BMW and Mercedes expand their hybrid options and cut into the gas savings edge. Musk is using his own money to back up the resale guarantee. Range has always been a problem for electric vehicles, and there is no infrastructure on the horizon to create a vast network on recharging or battery swap stations. Hell, Better Place just ran through $850 million dollars trying to set up battery swap stations. Musk is going down that path because no one else will pony up the money to build a recharging or battery swap network. To take advantage of superchargers, drivers have to buy a model that is 10K more expensive or pay a surcharge (free for life, ha). Electric utilities are not going to spend money aiding an infrastructure build out right now with electricity usage down everywhere and EVs being a limited use market. It's not happening.

Musk is also playing the game that many firms are doing in the Obama era. Saved by a nearly half a billion dollar government loan, he sucks on the teat of Uncle Sam. He's living on federal subsidies and energy tax credits from the feds and different state governments. Tesla makes money selling the credits to other automakers. Tesla has about an $11 billion market cap while their EBITDA was around a negative $250 million. Musk has had Mercedes and Toyota take up stakes in the firm, and Tesla is not revolutionizing the driving experience. With these pipe dreams and subsidies, what Musk is selling is himself. The Steve Jobs comparisons and TED talks feed the image. It doesn't just play to people's idealism about the environment, but it sucks actual investors in. The stock has tripled in a year, and in addition to momo idiot traders, how many greenies bought in to support the firm?

Musk is selling himself and the green dream to investors. He is a billionaire due to his Tesla stock holdings and dependency on the government. How long can he keep the government cash flowing? A likely path I see Tesla taking is a failure that results in their sale to a larger car company to buy the technology, engineering and name for repackaging. Oil will stay expensive, but there may be an American way out. I love the quote from one Ford official about his company developing a cheap home refueling natgas station, "Once we get a good home refueling station, you’ll never have to go to a gas station again unless you like their coffee.” Americans can dream.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Media's Prior Treatment of Aaron Hernandez

Oh no, this isn't about Aaron Hernandez and the media's love for a criminal circus right now. The media, at this moment, has a case so bizarre that it isn't a CSI because it is too obvious who did it. It is like an old Law and Order episode where they make the arrest at the 10 minute mark, but then there's an oddball twist at the 30 minute mark that sends the case in a new direction. Hernandez's possible involvement with a double murder from a year ago is the twist. A definite question needs to be asked how a lot of criminal things happened with Hernandez, and the media didn't shine a light on them.

Hernandez making it to the NFL is due to a great combination of size and speed. He's a fast pass catching tight end. Maybe he had gang associations in high school (in Bristol, CT, wow), but that didn't stop him from being the number two overall ranked tight end recruit nationally his senior year. How many failed drug tests while at Florida? mom divorced dad for knifing her, but Aaron liked shooting. He was questioned for a shooting while at Florida. Not to be confused with the accusation that Hernandez shot a drug dealer in Florida, which caused him to lose an eye in February of '13. The cops had to be called in a disturbance involving Hernandez and Jets fans in May. After a while, wouldn't some reporter connect the dots? Someone put together a timeline of Hernandez violence, well after the most recent homicide. At what point was any media member going to ask Hernandez about any of these instances? What reporter was going to see the name in the police blotter and shine a light on it? Using an arrest as a shakedown for a sappy profile is a common thing, why not for Aaron?

This is another example of access journalism. It seems odd to me that ESPN's Grantland, which covers pop culture and sports so far has had an article on the football ramifications of the Pats letting Hernandez go and then an anti-gun article by Charles Pierce. This could use fresh, younger eyes, and Grantland is shying away. Got to protect the shield (the NFL). Go too hard on a guy, and teams, players or agents can cut you off. Got to protect your valuable access to a guy, and not just a guy, but to his agent's stable of guys. It is a cliché that sports can get guys out of the hoods. That isn't true anymore. Somehow it seems that the hood follows a guy, and it's not the hood's fault. The player may relish in his image now of a thug who made it. How many "Scarface" posters were shown in athletes' homes on "Cribs"? Making it is not the old Magic Johnson role anymore, but more the Iverson role of balancing keeping it real with mega-millions. I would blame money partially as the players have become worth more to teams and leagues, they get pampered more. The entire sports machine that coddles and hypes the elite athletes deserves blame, because it's not like Ben Roethlisberger started his bathroom attack act as a 30 year old.

There is another part of the problem here which will go unreported. The earlier arrests are commonplace in sports due to modern athletes. Aaron Hernandez is Hispanic, but considering the decline of all groups, the decline in genetic (non-physical), cultural and even societal make up is evident between Magic Johnson (two parent home) to Iverson (teen single mom). Sports are a way up and out from a rough environment, but how many athletes seek a Scarface empire rather than a Magic empire? Their role models or aspirations have changed. Athletes have always been a bit rotten, but the growth and success of sports seems to have created growth in mischief even as leagues crackdown on it. Hernandez signed a huge contract at age 22 worth eight figures. He couldn't put the street life persona away. This contract was after many of the negative items linked above, so he had a 2nd or 3rd or 4th chance. The media never questioned anything because the Patriot way. The media also likes having a fresh faced kid to show flashing a smile, just having fun.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will Mexicans Pull a Vampire or Split Off

Does the Mexican Reconquista of the Southwest lead to a vampire phenomenon or do they send it back to Mexico? It truly is a shame how the Mexican-American War is used as fuel for the reconquista BS. Looking through war diaries of the Mex-Am war, US troops would travel days between seeing anyone, and even when they came to towns, they were welcomed at first since the few Mexicans believed the Americans would defend them against the American Indians. It's not as dumb as modern whites ragging on early American settlers when the modern consumer economy's infrastructure is full of blood, tears, child mining labor and Chinese wage slavery. Mexican Americans are spread throughout the 50 US states, but the major concentration is in the sand states on the border. What is their end game? Is it become a vampire on the redistribution system of the American economy or is it to complete the 'reconquista'? Are the Kurds in the Middle East in the same situation? Due to the natural resource wealth of the area that Mexican-Americans are concentrated in and the coming financial shock, the end result will be a chaotic and bloody split like the Pakistan-India split and chunks of the American southwest going back to Mexico.

The vampire act is an easy one. One could argue that this is what has become of the late 20th century black community after the death of the black separatist and return to Africa movements and finally, the crack wars. Blacks had shown socioeconomic improvements, and then crack hit, the gang wars escalated, and it has been a broken system since (one could argue dysgenics within the black community as well). I would listen to both sides of that argument. The hispanic community is varied in the US with the vastly different behaviors and achievements of Cubans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. The main difference for Mexicans is sheer numbers (10% of all of the US population), concentration in the southwest, and the homeland they identify with is right next door. Mexican-American utilization of welfare programs is high, and they have a background coming from a Leninist state in Mexico. With their voting number potential, they are an apple to get gathered by the Democrats that the GOP desperately wants to reach out to when they should be doing everything possible to send them (and future anchor babies) back to Mexico. The Mexican vote could hold the Dems, and by proxy, the nation hostage for more social welfare programs until the marrow is all gone from the economic bones of America. The fear of Mexicans staying home would be a wonderful weapon to leech off of the US economy. This is the highest probable event if current trends continue.

Therein lies the problem. This entire regime rests on a foundation of low interest rates. Interest rates on America's federal debt do not have to rise much to create trillion dollar interest payment requirements by 2020. Interest rates don't have to rise much to cause the collapse of the financial economy and the overextended or on welfare consumer. We're not seeing proper economic growth, and without it, there is no bump in tax receipts (don't even start on Social Security's problems). The banks won't allow proper debt clearance, and the banks own Washington D.C. Washington D.C. needs the banks and the FED to keep the stock market up as well as interest rates low. With higher interest rates, the house of cards USG leviathan comes down. When the social welfare model ends, the Mexican-Americans of the southwest will have their incentive to complete the reconquista. The day the EBT cards run out may set the hoods on fire, but it will be the sign for Mexico to welcome home the people and take back land it once held.

Mexico will be looking at citizens who left their nation. Not traitors or deserters but kinsmen and colonizers. The American southwest (including southern California) is rich in natural resources. The newest oil shale play is in far west Texas (Cline shale), and believe me, that's just one natural resource play that Mexico would love to get its hands on. They can run their economy of low wage labor for corporations and then resource extraction to pay for the many welfare cases they would pick up by a reconquista. Unlocking California and it's offshore potential would be a great counterweight to Mexico's declining Cantarell oil field. They need some source of natural resource revenue to pay the natives and keep everyone happy. I may be overexaggerating the importance of land in Texas, but there has to be some reason George P. Bush is running for Land Commissioner in Texas in 2014. He might want to know where the hot spots are so if some heads need to get lopped off in Texas in 2024, he'll at least be doing it for oil (a Bush specialty).

It isn't just in America that this is playing out. A group related by ethnicity spread out over multiple nations and arbitrary borders dating back a century or more ago. Mexicans or Kurds? Extremely similar situations, right down to the natural resource (oil). Kurds could take over Turkey given enough time, or they could break off pieces of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran to form Kurdistan (sounds better than Turdraq). It might be interesting to watch not just how the Middle East breaks down, but how the international order reacts to a Kurdish declaration of independence. Mexico has the added advantage of a current federal state and victim status for their expats in their current host (USA). The true journey may be a vampire existence until the host has been bled dry and then a switch. Modern day, unspoken housing segregation may make the split slightly uncomfortable, but the potential for wider Pakistan-India divorce violence is high. If the gringos don't learn their lesson, start it up all over again with the new border.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Quick Review Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream

Want to watch a 70 minute propaganda film produced in 2012 saying big money funds the GOP to screw everyone so get out and vote against Scott Walker in his recall election and vote against Romney/Ryan? I didn't think so, but "Park Avenue: Money, Power, and the American Dream" is just that. It is intellectually dishonest, misleading and a smearing portrait of anyone funding the right. The film even had Jane Mayer, who wrote about George Soros using millions to fund progressive causes, but never once mentioned Soros. Haven't recent voting patterns revealed the left lean of the uber wealthy? I tip my hat to the cathedral. Job well done to minimize your big biz funding and to portray campaign funding as one sided.

My wife and I expected this to be about the street itself, architectural facts about the street and buildings, and how billionaires live on it like a castle-playground. Nope. Pure propaganda with good production values. Don't waste your time.

America, Destroyer of Cultures

I was going to write up a post on America being a wonderful gristmill for cultures. That America's brand of materialism + competition can subdue the fiercest of foes (American Indians) and churn out an almost purely experimental creation (the blended black American slave). Africans today call African American culture slave culture for a reason, and it is a purely American product for export. I was going to quote Alexis de Tocqueville. Then I did a Google search, and saw that a guy writing in Pravda beat me to it, and did it far better than I ever could. Please read it.

Let me tell a double anecdote I was going to use with regards to American Indians. Maine is about 97% white, and of the 3% that is not, a healthy chunk of that is American Indian. They keep to themselves, but you may make friends with one and then get access to that world. It's a wonderful warning against socialism and government dependency after being destroyed militarily and culturally. Tribes have their dances and tribes usually have a coming of age ritual or ceremony. Picture a Euro ethnic heritage festival, only more depressing. The acquaintance I had was dancing. She said her tribe only started allowing her to use fancy dance a few years ago as a means to reintroduce dancing to the tribe's children. She was using fancy dance from Western tribes with her tribe's dances, as no one else could do the dances of their tribe. They were almost lost, and what she knew was limited in duration. No oppression. They just stopped practicing and carrying it on. I was a bit shocked. It's dancing that you can do anywhere.

Then we got to the ceremony for young adulthood. It was a gift of something hand made or a tobacco leaf from a youngster to an elder. A couple teens gave gifts, then a fellow came up and dropped what looked like tobacco ripped from cigarettes onto a table for them. Oh the elders were mad. They would not accept the gift. A couple other teens got up and talked to other middle aged Indians. They had had the same idea. A pow-wow was arranged out of sight (really, that wasn't a pun), and the festival kept on trucking. Things wrapped up, and my friend and I drove back to Portland. She explained the elders told the teens they hadn't a clue the meaning of getting a real tobacco leaf, yadda yadda yadda. My friend cried about it. I dropped her off and drove home wondering how a people with such a great history and ethos (noble savage myth) could slide down to shit. I didn't get it then, but Hollywood and my grade school teachers had done wonders brainwashing me.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How They'll Come for Retirement Accounts

“They won’t take our bank accounts…they will take our retirement accounts.” - Jim Rogers

There is more financial chaos awaiting us. Mr. Rogers, who has a good eye for financial & political issues, mentions a topic bandied about in the press; the possibility of the federal government seizing, slicing, taxing or using retirement accounts to cover for our problems. The American Thinker and Investors' Business Daily both dislike the idea and warn readers of it. Time and the NY Times discuss an exciting, new option for people who find retirement confusing and potentially scary. PBS ran a Frontline special on how bad they are. The horror! The battle lines are being drawn in the open, but the general concept is that the Feds will come after the money to use it to fund their deficit spending. There is the annuity path, which would be more focused for government spending, and the straight slicing, tax path for another big bailout (FED's multitrillion dollar balance sheet will need one). Even if from an external source, the feds + banks will amplify or generate a crisis to make their move.

Problem one is our economy is not growing. The stall speed job and GDP growth are not enough for us to get out of the output gap we're in right now. Problem two is the US relies on external funding for our trillion dollar a year deficit that will not continue at the current levels forever. This is guaranteed. Problem three is that interest rates are so low and our interest expense is still high due to total debt. Any slight bump up in long term interest rates to say 4% from the 2% they are now would cause a currency crisis. Growth would fix part of the problem, and so would trimming federal spending, but we need to be serious about the funding problem. In a perfect world, the USG would go after the big banks, break them up, write down debt to spur consumer pocketbooks, make a deal with corporations to repatriate and tax their offshore cash and trim spending everywhere to get a balanced budget or close. Since that la-la land tale is not going to happen, fiddling with people's 401ks is a fear and small possibility. So how is this crisis and pitch going to go?

The ground has been prepared that 401ks are a bit of a scam (they're not). They don't reward people the same. You can outlive your earnings. Boohoo. The average man dies at 75, so if you work to 65, and don't have enough money saved to live 10 years, what the fuck were you doing? The minds of plebeians have been massaged a bit. The government is setting up annuity programs and the infrastructure to turn your savings into a funding source for their borrowing. With a framework in place, all they need is a push. The push might come in the process of an external funding source like China, Russia, South Korea, Japan, the oil exporters reducing their purchases in an amount that causes marginal pricing moves but enough to cause the others to sell a bit to get out as their portfolios take a hit. As the US interest rates rise, the big banks set up their shorts and then tank the market to scare remaining sheeple into bonds to stem the bleeding. Even if it is just a 20% drop, the average 401k is going to take a hit. The most important part is that Boomers, retired or on the edge of retirement, are going to freak. People will be scared about what they have to retire on. Here's the pitch.

"Worried about retirement? Has the latest crash turned your 401k into a 301k? Isn't this the 3rd time in 15 years? Set up an inflation protected, government annuity program and get guaranteed returns for as long as you live." - Future Government Paid Advertisement

Boomers are fucking stupid. Enough of them will buy this. These will be inflation protected, but the very group that would pay more for inflation would be the authority setting the inflation number. What a scam! This would be a temporary fix program, because once the foreigners start selling, they will figure a way to slowly divest their holdings and it will not stop. The annuity grab will slow down a crisis but not prevent the big one. There are $5.1 trillion in defined contribution plans and $2.6 trillion in defined benefit plans (source), so even if they slide just 10% over to an annuity program, that is $700 billion. The government could even set these up to be held in custodial accounts by the big commercial banks to help generate fees for them. That would help the status quo powers, and when it didn't work, well you were a sucker.

The situation I see happening with a higher probability is flavored a bit more to modern Democrat tastes. The FED has turned into a hedge fund and has a multitrillion dollar balance sheet with plenty of long term paper on it. They have virtually no short term holdings since their QE programs have bought the long term bond issuance. Who bails out the FED? You will. In a situation where foreign buying turns to selling or even just slows significantly, interest rates rise and the FED gets in trouble. With a balance sheet north of 3 or maybe 4 trillion, each % point rise in interest rates costs them over $125 billion. But shucks we need the FED to keep pumping the banks with cash to keep the economy moving, preventing the end of the world. The Treasury would bail out the FED, and how will they get the money? You. Stop thinking of yourself and think like a Democrat, semi-literate voter. As long as Obama's beige face or Hillary's blonde doo is at the podium telling them to support it, they will back any measure that props up the banks. The Cyprus style bail-in in America will not be with bank accounts, but will be a one time hit to IRAs and defined contribution plans that total $10.5 trillion. They may spare accounts under 50K in total, but this won't matter to Dems as long it is excludes government employee pensions, and we know welfare cases don't have IRAs and 401ks. The USG could lop 15% and scoop $1.5 trillion, which will cover the FED's bailout and set up the next transfer mechanism to the banks. They could even wheel out old Warren Buffet if he's still alive to sell this. Why 15%, because the USG could argue that the average marginal tax rate that 401ks helped those savers avoid taxes was 15% (it's a lie, but it is all lies).

"It's only fair that those people who avoided taxes all of those years and enjoyed that tax free growth contribute back to society the 15%. It's only 15%. What, they can't part with what amounts to a tip? This will save the financial system and prevent the implosion of our economy. Do they want to wreck the economy to pad their retirement? We're not touching anything under $100,000, and who has more than $100,000 saved anyway? Fat cat hoarders, that's who. Los gatos gordos!" - Obama/Hildawg

I really hope I am wrong about this. There are enough leeches in America who would support this. The media will mostly get behind it as long as a Democrat proposes this, and the banks will boost advertising budgets to make sure of media compliance. This will not prevent the implosion of everything, only delay it. A problem that our elite created is that through the dream of globalization, they sent too many dollars out in their haste to capture a greater share of domestic dollars. That global wealth, drained away from the middle classes of the west and shipped to 3rd world hands, wants a seat at the table. They wouldn't be titling their conferences "Reinventing Bretton Woods" if they were not serious. Our elites falsely operate as if they were in a vacuum. Instead of clinging to a system that is beyond repair, they should be looking for a replacement. Like a modern momo daytrader, they think they'll be the first to the exit will all of their stuff when the iceberg hits. They can't see that the boats already taking on water.

My Introduction to Crossfit

"Hey man, you do crossfit. Think you could design a routine for me" - Me

"I don't think you could handle what I do" - Friend

"Fuck you, I lift 3-4 days a week & do other shit" - Me

"OK, I'll start you light. If you have a 3 day stretch of no lifting do this in the middle...." - Friend

Cycle through the following one immediately after the other.
15 95 lb Thrusters (start in squat position with bar at clavicle + thrust up to press bar overhead)
15 Pull-ups
15 hanging leg raises
15 pushups

Repeat the cycle at 10 reps each, then repeat at 6, then repeat to failure. He said this was light. I am humbled. I will be adding this and other Crossfit routines to my regimen once a week. Here are some examples of Crossfit routines (more here). They all are suppose to be shorter in duration but higher in intensity than your normal idea of a workout.

I'm pretty sure Crossfit is good for you if the betas at Deadspin and tastemakers at the New York Times are portraying Crossfit enthusiasts as elitist, evil, cultish type A overachievers. Seriously, the Times refers to cult, ministry and religious terminology throughout the article. I'm glad the NY Times sent a PhD from Harvard who never wrote on fitness or know anything about it, but is a true believer leftist to report on the new (it was from 2008) fitness idea. Sacrifice, effort, discipline! Oh, the modern sin of trying to physically improve yourself!!!

UPDATE: I'm going to post on different routines I try. I'm also going to try to get behind the psychology of why Crossfit seems to hook people. I'm already looking forward to doing it again just from the first routine and my friend ripping my first try.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Delusions of American Women: You're Single Because of Your Career

Being right on the line for Gen X and the Millenials, I've heard the phrase, "I'm single because I've been working so hard on my career" often. It's staggering how many women are so focused on their career yet America is in the middle of a depression. Their self described hard efforts alone should be worth 3% GDP growth. How do they find someone when working 40 hours per week? It's amazing that any woman can marry before 30 while working 40 hours per week. The mysterious way that men do it and have done it for years is a class in Patriarchy 101. In the spirit of helping women, I've been searching my soul to solve their conundrum. Then my mom visited. It all fell into place.

My mom went to college, got an office job, got married, worked her tail off, had two kids, worked hard before the days of flex hours, and eventually made it to VP of a S&P 500 company. She was a good mom, and her kids grew up, never committed crime, never exhibited social dysfunction, got college degrees, married and most importantly, her daughter married, had 2 children well before age 35, and makes over double the average working woman's wage. My sister has it good. See, my mom instilled a set of beliefs and values to balance work and life with focus a holistic view of both; plus she handed down good genes to my sister. A family was always part of her life approach. A 'career' was a means to set up her future children with a childhood better than she had. Career was a means to an end, not the end.

You, younger Gen Xer or Millenial are approaching or are beyond 30 with virtually none of those things (worse, you may have a kid but no man). Without a 'serious boyfriend' (I love that phrase), you're 18-24 months away from being married, because you'd need time to make sure he is right, and then plan the wedding you've always wanted. I got a news flash: if you're over 30, single and childless, you might as well adopt a cute Chinese baby now. You worked hard in your 20s as if that would pay off, but you're stuck in a shit job or one with limited upside. You should've met the guy, had the kid when you were 22-29 and taken time off earlier in your career. Taking time out at 35 at mid-level or after a decade in a field will hurt worse than earlier in a career track or just before you're too locked in to change industries. Here's the other thing: you're old to play new bride. Sorry, Mr. Right got married to a woman 5 years after you rejected him to a woman 5 years younger than you. I'm not sorry to rub salt in the wounds, but he found the younger girl while working hard at his career.

Please don't blame it all on your mom. Sure, your mom probably was a Boomer psycho who spoke bullshit to you about half baked women's lib, waiting for a family or '90s girl power repackaging of women's lib, but you didn't have to listen. You could've learned from her mistakes. You could've also rejected consumerism. You didn't. They sold you lies, sure, but you still ate them up. You could've looked at the carnage of your mother, aunts, older siblings and rejected it. It's been going on the last 30+ years. Maybe I'm being too harsh. You've truly built a majestic career as the fundraising coordinator at the American Red Cross of Punxatawny, the director of social work at the United Way of Fall River, and the drone, replaceable worker at XYZ interchangeable company. I'm sure you are single because of all of those hours you spent on Facebook bitching about how slow it was at work. It's not the men, it's you. Life is a series of choices, and you're living the life you chose. Just keep in mind, employee of the month and quarterly spot awards don't visit you in the nursing home.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Any Immigration Bill is a Sham

The latest screw job of the middle and lower classes is coming with Congress looking to reform our immigration system. Any bill will be a scam that does not mirror the mid-'20s law. Passage will only hasten collapse of our nation. I really don't have any feelings about it except to stop it at any cost. Here's a link describing the last time the federal government passed an immigration law. This was passed right after California passed the "Save Our State" law that the courts declared unlawful (my post on it). The federal law was suppose to cut immigration from Mexico significantly. It didn't.

My immigration proposal:

The only immigration law that would work is to end all legal immigration until the U6 unemployment rate (not the headline U3) comes down to 5%, and offer a bounty system for citizens to turn in employers who have illegals working there and/or inform on illegal immigrants (illegal infiltrators as the Israelis call them). Employers would face hefty fines. The next part of the immigration law would include a government spending program to build a gigantic fence, like the Israelis did, along the Mexican border using unemployed college graduates under 30. They would not be paid, but their 'earnings' would go directly to paying down their student debt, which we taxpayers are on the hook for. This could be done, we just do not have the political will nor the blessing of the media.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Obamacare Destroys Opposition Donors: Doctors

Sometimes I worry about having tunnel vision with regards to money and society. I'm not saying money is the root of all evil, but money is power, and in America, money means everything. We have abandoned much to pray to the gods of materialism and money. Money is power and in a world of ever increasing government spending, regulation, contract assigning and other interference, money and government cannot be separated. Obamacare is an abomination that will forever change not just medicine but politics. The British have learned that once you insert the government into medicine, almost all political arguments get back to who gets what with regards to medicine. Obamacare might have been a Machiavellian attempt to disrupt a source of money for the political opposition.

Many articles on Obamacare's effects on the medical profession have cited the idea that doctors will either have to step up into boutique, higher value specialty work or slide over to work in-house for a hospital. Revenues are just not going to be there and costs are going to rise for independent MD offices. It might be an unintended consequence, but considering everything the left does is to silence and destroy opposition everywhere and anywhere, that is probably a feature not a bug. Check out campaign contributions from hospitals. Now check out contributions from health care professionals. The hospitals, nursing homes and organizations favor the Democrats over the GOP, while health care professionals favor donations to the GOP over the Democrats. By destroying the ability of many MDs to operate independently, and therefore roll into hospital employment, the Democrats are potentially altering the flow of campaign contributions.

It might sound comical, but doctors have been a long obstacle to the creep of the federal government. As long as conservatives have fought the approach of socialized medicine, they have received campaign contributions from doctors. From an old New Republic article by Louis Lasagna in 1965,
"the practicioner of medicine is a member of the shrinking body of American entrepreneurs. Most doctors continue to 'run their own business' and are understandably opposed to interference with their economic affairs".
The left can eliminate them now and make them dependent on hospitals for maintaining their earnings. Their quasi-small business owner traits will be traded in for well paid employees of a company, and one that is most likely part of a large corporation through the M&A activity in health care. It took forty-five years, but the progressive steamroller rolls on.

While nowhere near the revenue and power of independent oil wealth, doctors and health professionals with small practices are an independent source of money (power) that has increasingly come under government regulation and strain. Obamacare's effect of pushing more of them into hospitals suddenly slides more of them into a situation where their livelihood is tied to the hospital more than their efforts. This creates the government-big biz relationship that we see everywhere, which will align their interests with those that seek more government power. Support our bid for more power, we'll siphon more of the spoils and send it over to you. You better toe the line, donate to us and vote for us or else we'll start letting in those foreign doctors who will gladly work in America for lower than what we pay you. It might seem small, but a $2-4 million swing in campaign contributions can make a difference in a swing state. I hope that in the future, historians will point to legislation like Obamacare (and upcoming immigration reform) as the dangers of democracy and markers for the decline of the USA. Obamacare is like herpes. It's horrors can be unseen but don't worry, it'll flare up again soon enough.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why the USA Can't Copy Japan

When numbskulls point to Japan and say that the US can take the Japanese route and muddle through for 20 years, please roll your eyes and mock them. Every nation is different even if the same problem arises. Even on econ + finance sites I've seen posts about the US taking the Japanese path. This is partially true in that the US has zombie banks, isn't writing down debt, is taking a ZIRP approach and hoping growth comes back. It is false for every other variable. The most important, and why the US will not last 20 years copying Japan, are the following:
1. Japan was a net creditor while the US is a net debtor
2. Japan's debt holders are mostly internal and domestic, while the US already had a sizable chunk of foreigners holding debt before the QE programs.
3. Japan is a homogeneous society while the US is a multicultural society.
4. Japan has tight control on its immigration policy, extremely low crime, and has experienced deflation for roughly to decades. The US has no control on immigration, much higher crime and has experienced significant inflation in items that are not marked in official inflation statistics.
5. Japan started the lost decade journey with a relatively high savings rate that has decreased with time as the population aged. America started the process with a savings rate that flirts with 2%.
6. Japan could weaken their currency due to the '90s US balanced budget-strong dollar policy and the European Monetary Union's need for tight budgets to prepare for the coming euro.
This is why the false choice of the Swedish model or the Japanese model of dealing with bad banks that Obama and the media discussed in late 2008 and early 2009 would not work in America. The eras and pain points were different to begin with, but we chose what policymakers called the Japanese model. Our external financing partners will only allow this to go on for so long. They have been sending signals with their gold purchases for years now. Eventually, they will send stronger signals that will bring the Rube Goldberg financing system to a halt. Our journey done Japan's path started roughly five years ago. We will be lucky to make it to one Japanese Lost Decade.

Cathedral Pushing Blacks on Gay Marriage

I guess not enough blacks changed their mind of gay marriage when Obama did his half evolution on it for campaign cash. This video (song's wiki entry) might as well be a few minutes of,

 “Look blacks, we helped you with the civil rights thing so get in fucking line and support this latest crusade for the gays. Yea yea yea you faced fire hoses but gays have to face… we dont know but shut up. We don’t care if you go to church and have faith. It’s a 3500 year old book you’re clinging to. Shut up and vote for same sex marriage”.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's Going to Hit the Wall

She's going to hit the wall, trust me. She might reject you now. She might be the hottest thing in your social circle, but she's going to hit the wall. Even if she rejects you now, take solace in the fact that her wall connection may be an extinction level event impact.
She might hook up with you once and memories of her naked roll in your mind. She might be a classic, American blonde beauty with long hair just out for a round of golf with you.
She might dress up as a French maid with her guns boosted and stockings that are seamed down the back to show off her figure at a Halloween party.
She might look fantastic in a bikini at random BBQs you and your friends throw.
She might age wonderfully at first into a classy looking babe.
But trust me, she is going to hit the wall.
All photos are of former Playboy playmate and '80s Hollywood eye candy actress Colleen Camp.

Democracy - Rule by Illiterates

Democracy, the God that failed, as the Hans-Hermann Hoppe book is titled. I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you are not the choir, you may see an idiocracy coming. Take a look at election results: it is already here. We have wealthy elites that use representatives to get coalitions and mobs of people on their side to vote them into power to shift more resources their way, which they then share a little bit with the little people. The 2012 presidential election was a weird one where national polls were way off, a lot of political rules of thumb were broken, and the idiocracy still won. Something bothered me. Exactly how dumb are the voters on the left? Audacious Epigone shows results and data that display a near parity intelligence outcome between parties and voters, with the unspoken in polite society knowledge that left wing whites may be smarter than right wing whites but the left wing's minority population drags it down (a separate post of his). There's something even worse. The left wins with the votes of the illiterate.

Basic literacy tests prior to voting could be rigged or gamed by the left, but if implemented, literacy tests would destroy the left's chances of ever winning. Sure functional illiteracy affects all groups, but some groups more than others, which isn't polite to discuss. There is a surrogate way to track this: we can pinpoint counties. All data is sourced, and the county election data is from Dave Leip's election site. You can even cross reference with the NY Times 2010 census maps with the race filter on for extra demographic fun. Romney was a swell fellow fit for another time (maybe as recent as 1996), and he was smart and competent (only Massachusetts pol to stand up to the "good" Bulger). He was a bad campaigner. Still, he was not too far from a win. He needed 65 more electoral votes to get to 271. Let's see how quickly we can get him there targeting swing and not so swing states, looking at functional illiteracy.

Swing - Toss Up States

Ohio - 18 electoral votes - Obama won Ohio by 166,272 votes. Obama won Cuyahoga County with 69% of the vote (Cuyahoga contains Cleveland) by 256,613 votes. In Cleveland, a whopping 69% of residents are functionally illiterate. That double 69% is just a coincidence.

Florida - 29 electoral votes - Obama won Florida by 74,309 votes. Obama won Miami-Dade county with 61.6% of the vote (Miami is in Miami-Dade Co) by 208,459 votes. Miami has a functional illiteracy rate of 52%.
Democrat Leaning States

Pennsylvania - 20 electoral votes - Obama won Pennsylvania by 309,840 votes. Obama won Philadelphia County with 85% of the vote (Philadelphia is in Philly Co) by 492,339 votes. Philadelphia had a functional illiteracy rate of 22% in 2003 (want to guess if it's higher or lower now?). UPDATE: Other source puts it at 34% in '98.

Michigan - 16 electoral votes - Obama won Michigan by 449,313 votes. Obama won Wayne County, which has Detroit, by 382,032 votes. Detroit has an adult functional illiteracy rate of 47%. We could add in Flint, Michigan, which has similar voting results and not quite as bad illiteracy rates to flip this state.

Wisconsin - 10 electoral votes - Obama won Wisconsin by 213,019 votes total. Obama won Milwaukee Co with 67% of the vote by roughly 167,500 votes. One in six Milwaukee residents are functionally illiterate. Not enough to swing the state, but as states move from safe to lean to toss up, money gets spent there. Big domino impact.

We could do this with almost every swing state in America using functional illiteracy figures and vote totals. This is all spitting into the wind because who doubts the Democrat party's ability to find a bag of votes in a trunk if needed. Victory is at the margins as in what marginal voter did you bring in. Illiterate voters, dead voters, or pre-filled fake ballots, it doesn't matter. Those elite eloi are so smart to be able to get the moronic morlocks to vote power to the eloi so they can help the morlocks. It'd be a shame if the morlocks numbers reach a critical mass for instability and rapid decline of the precious, enlightened society that the eloi manage on their behalf. Maybe the eloi will have their robot guardians by then? Maybe they will have such control as to create complete segregation, but because they control the media and academia, they will justify it? If not, well there will be trouble. Pay attention to those race distribution maps, and plug in some wealthy playground cities. Nice islands you got there Manhattan, San Francisco, South Beach.... it'd be a shame if anything were to happen to them.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the linkage. I looked up Illinois. Democrats usually carry Illinois by 500-650K votes. They win Cook County by 900K-1mil votes, and Cook Co has Chicago in it... and Chicago has a functional illiteracy rate of 37% (in 1998).

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Colleges Going Broke

In his Moneybox blog at Slate, Yglesias blurbs that small, private schools can scale themselves down to sustainable levels so that they do not go out of business. Some colleges are in danger of closing. Whoop-tee-damn-doo. Philosophy major Yglesias thinks it is pretty simple since they are sitting on a lot of awesome real estate that has gone up in value. OMG, just downsize! Maybe Matty Yglesias could look up old Bradford College that had been in business for nearly 200 years when it closed its doors in 2000. Could it be the product? What he fails to take into account is the college system, which is as agile as a three toed sloth, the product, the consumers, and basic economics.

Colleges don't change. Seriously, what change is there in the degree a Millenial earns vs. their Boomer parent. It's the same 4 year BA with worse filler for credits. The only thing about the product that has changed is that you get better dorms and cool stuff like gyms, rock walls and more gyms. The real product: the ticket to the good life and good jobs. That product is now harder to find, and schools are having trouble justifying the high costs when the job placement rates are worse with each graduation class. His good point is that small school are especially sensitive to it, and it's so amazing that fewer have failed. Gee, Matt, why? Maybe a multi-decade, debt slavery scheme that is coming to an end might explain the rise and hopefully soon, fall of schools. Maybe Americans have caught onto the "go to college or you're a loser" brainwashing trick your media friends pulled for decades.

Small colleges are more sensitive to enrollment. Small colleges do have smaller alumni networks to fundraise from. How do you get kids to go to your generic college versus another? Bradford lavished student aid on students and built brand new dorms to entice students to stay on campus rather than commute, thinking they could attract wealthy enough students to start minting coin. It didn't work. Maybe a brilliant mind like Matt could see that when private schools can take advantage of low interest loans and dole them out without dipping into the endowment, they take their tuition check and shift the risk of non-payment off to the lender. Cheap loans make it possible to raise the costs for everyone, thus reaping more money from the kids who don't qualify for any aid. Yglesias cited a black school closing, and another for cutting jobs (nice, pointless Occupy protest pic). What is the benefit of going to a crappy, historically black college over getting a degree online? Is it worth it over a degree from a subsidized state college that can provide the same party atmosphere? Looking at black employment levels, probably not. Another problem is that the student loan game has reached mass awareness that the loans are non-dischargeable and are not worth it. The students at the margin who picked a private school over public and absorbed the cost is disappearing.

Education is a product that is finally facing disruption. HR departments are starting to accept online degree programs as legit, which is the key since HR decides who is interviewed let alone hired. If consumers can get what you are selling elsewhere with the same results for cheaper, they will take their dollars elsewhere. All bad business models eventually meet their end. College is no different. Like the first defaulters on housing loans and first sign of the housing crisis was in hot spots with the worst borrowers, schools at the margin are the first to feel the pinch. Small private schools and historically black colleges sound like prime targets. What happened to the beautiful old buildings and new dormitories in Haverhill, MA that formed Bradford? They were sold to a bible college with some help from a billionaire donor from Oklahoma. In the heart of progressive Massachusetts sits a little bible college making money that was selling a good enough product to raise enough funds for a lifetime. It's the product, and no amount of sold off buildings will make up for a bad product with marginal consumers.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Obamacare in Action: Transfer Your Wealth to Insurers

Obamacare made it over the Supreme Court hurdle, and companies are rushing full bore into implementing, designed, administering and executing on the new rules. Plenty of economic and financial writers mention how Obamacare is a sop to the insurers or that it is going to create a de facto single payer system administered by private insurers for a profit. There is the other side of analysis (usually on conservative sites) that explains Obamacare as a Trojan horse for a future single payer system. I doubt the lawyers of America will allow that as a single payer system destroys the current medical malpractice system. A recent discussion with medical insurance guys has me leaning towards option one now, as the insurers are too damn smart and wrote the law themselves. The insurance companies figured a way to shift tax dollars and your wealth into their pockets without providing you a good or service.

Obamacare's implementation has been terrible, partially due to concerns over the Supreme Court decision and partially due to it being a government program. The insurance companies have been hard at work on this one, so rest assured, this will get handled appropriately enough for them to make a buck and the liberals to see insured lives increase. There were roughly 30 million Americans without insurance. Some by choice, some by stupidity, and some by the horrible system of capitalism. Recent news reports have spotlighted the practice of employers dropping nonessential employees to under 30 hours per week to skirt Obamacare rules for requiring employer paid coverage as well as hiring only part time employees. This makes sense for them from a cost perspective. Will these employees go uninsured? No, because then they slide over to the exchanges and the government subsidy programs. Some uninsured people will just pay the fine, others will pay the fine and start up an HSA, but some will want coverage. Insurance companies are just waiting for them there.

Insurance companies right now are designing programs that meet the government's bare bones bronze level coverage that only costexactly what the government subsidy is. There will be higher level coverage, but these marginally attached employees will have to pay actual dollars for those above the subsidy line (not happening). The focus is on getting the minimum coverage to fulfill government regulations but to only cost the subsidy. This will provide crap coverage, jack up everyone else's rates and not make anyone healthier, but it benefits insurance companies. The insurance companies are taking your wealth turned into tax dollars, using the government mandates to create a new, required pool of customers for them. >Sarcasm Alert< You're not going to believe this, but there is a big pool of Spanish speaking uninsureds. The goal is to make a simple, stripped down plan that will be easy to market in English or Spanish.

Crony capitalism at work to push the progressive agenda. Libs pretend they are helping people's health situation. The focus is on access to health insurance, not even health care or being healthy. The insurance companies have a new pool of risk to cover and make money. Through the mandates and subsidies, the pool of risk is forced to be a buyer at a set price. It could be higher, but why set it higher when you could scare marginal buyers away into the ranks of penalty payers and not insurance consumers? As a penalty payer, they don't send the money to insurance companies, but to the federal government. All the insurance company has to do is set up a crappy insurance program that gets the dollars from the underclass and uninsured. The uninsured are just the conduit of taking your money and sending it to the insurance companies. This will get recycled back into the government system through taxation of profits and lobbying.

Movie Idea: Alicia in NYC Wonderland

Hollywood is s festival of schlock. We know it's crap and even they know it's crap. Scratch that. Some of them know it's crap, as Spielberg and Lucas are warning of a coming implosion. Here is an idea for an independent film that wouldn't cost much. It's kind of like a remake, so some dumb producer will support it, but it's a bit different. Let's use "Alice in Wonderland" as a skeleton for the movie, but set it in modern day New York City and flesh it out with the characters of NYC. We have to think what will be appealing to a lefty producer who most likely is Jewish and might be gay. Read on for the details if you wish.

"Alicia in a New York City Wonderland"

  • Modern day NYC - Movie is one long day in city.
  • Alicia is Hispanic girl (Mexican) from Washington Heights, maybe 8-10 years old.
  • Chesire cat is played by one actor (Hispanic guy) who shows up that is always doing a different shit job in the city.
  • White Rabbit is the name of the trucking delivery company her father works for, therefore, Alicia's following of the trucks is the plot device that moves her from different spots.
  • We'll have short scenes where concerned parents are trying to get cops help, praying for her return, eventually going home and waiting.
  • Minorities, a gay element, and a NYC setting, what producer says no?

Start of the day is Alicia on Staten Island with her parents visiting friends of the family. Normal kid-parent friction. She goes down to sleep for the night mad at them. Parents love her blah blah. She sets out early next morning to high tail it. She takes early morning ferry over and has weird conversation with old man (the door from AinW). She gets to ferry terminal in Manhattan, and like many runaways, realizes how dumb her idea was. No one knows where she is, and she has no cash. Can't figure what to do. First bump in with Chesire guy, as maintenance guy in terminal. He gives her some words, she plays close to the vest, and she sees a "White Rabbit Delivery" truck. Her dad works for that company. She decides to follow it to hitch a ride. Alicia's journey is up the island of Manhattan to home in Spanish harlem (hmm, this is like Alice in Wonderland crossed with the Warriors).

Tweedledee-Tweedledum - Two Asian guys in Chinatown with names that phonetically sound like the tweedle twins. We'll make them gay, and they give her a ride up the island a bit. Like the tweedle twins, they are obsessed with logic, manners and recite a story they memorized. They will drive horribly. She gladly gets out the car with them in Central Park. She sees a "White Rabbit" truck parked nearby and walks to it....

The Alice is Big in the House Scene - The truck is delivering refreshments for an event. Alicia is in Central Park as there is some children's special event going on. Everyone is in costume and passing around candies, cookies, drinks, etc. General goofiness, and then she'll piss off someone because she's bigger and older than many of the kids and is tossed off the west exit of Central Park.

Snooty Flowers scene - Alicia gets collected up in a swarm of 3rd world looking kids, and is ushered into a swank apartment building. She and the other United Nations looking kids enter a sweet apartment with a bunch of 40-something, single white women hanging out having a party. The kids all sing one of those lame "We're all different, yet we're all the same" songs, and at the end of it, Alicia realizes that these ladies have all adopted these 3rd world kids. The hostess asks her where she is from and where her mom is, but once they find she is a random Mexican-American, they escort her out, oblivious to the irony of 'their' children.

Caterpillar - Alicia walks a bit and hears some weird Indian style music. She gets closer and sees it's white trust funders smoking from a hookah. A young woman beckons her in, and the crowd gives her the "Who are you... where are you going" routine, which she answers with straight answers, but they don't get it. They are stoners constantly discussing the higher transcendent crap. She looks out the window and see a "White Rabbit" truck. Leaves as caterpillar crowd, (we'll have them make weird connect 4 type physical configuration) gets weird. She misses truck but bumps into Chesire guy who is building super. He recommends she reach out for help. Alicia too independent and stubborn. Keeps walking and smells something good, which brings her to...

Mad Hatter Tea Party - Alicia comes to a store run by a SWPL guy with ornate facial hair and a stupid SWPL hat. An androgynous woman (March Hare) can be his business partner at their boutique tea shop. They talk absolute non-sense and are hyperobsessed with tea, never answering her questions ("Can I use your phone?") and never giving her any tea. She's getting into the triple digits for street numbers, so she knows she's getting closer to home. It's still light out, but she's hungry. Meets three brothers, Ace, Deuce and Trey, who will take her to their mom....

Queen of Hearts - Alicia meets Queenie with a heart tattoo who is a big black woman with tons of sons. She has many dressed in red. Queenie (should it be LaQueenie?) claims to be the HBIC of her building and block. She is excited to have a girl around as she never had a daughter. Never offers help. Snaps on her sons and even hits one or two. Eventually she asks Alicia if she wants to ball. Alicia doesn't play but says she will if she can get an escort home after. Queenie challenges her to a game of HORSE, bragging of her ball skills which sounds funny because she's fat. She claims she was good before her first kid (Ace). On a playground court, she is a maven and gets H-O on Alicia. She even makes "ho" jokes about Alicia. Alicia's nearly in tears and when Queenie takes her next shot, you hear an airhorn sound. Queenie misses and goes nuts on the boys. Alicia looks, and sees the Chesire guy behind the wheel of a large truck. He smiles. It's Alicia's shot. She closes her eyes and throws it over her head. It goes in. She thinks she's got Queenie. Nope. Queenie saunters over and says that is her closing shot. Goes to take the shot, and then we hear gunfire. Everyone scatters. Bodies going everywhere. Alicia confused and mixed up.

We see her in the front seat of a vehicle as it pulls up to a house. Guy on radio mentions dropping her off. Arms pick her up and bring her to the door. Her parents do that talking fast Spanish excited and happy thing. Lots of thanking God in Spanish. Reunion is sweet. Her dad says "Thanks Cesar", and Alicia looks back to see who dropped her off. It's Chesire guy, and he's driving a "White Rabbit" van. Come on, I set you up here with that one. You knew it was coming. She thanks and hugs him. End the movie. It's a happy ending.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Wake up, and then wake up and excite my son because dad is home, not just mom, so it's party time. Eat breakfast with some music on, and laugh at which songs make him dance. Play 'clock-clock' where I put him up on the counter so he can play with the radio. Put him down, let him run around playing. Maybe we play with his megablocks, building a city. We'll use his chalkboard to do 'teach' where he reads letters and numbers I randomly write. He's pretty sharp for 2. He'll ask me to draw a chicken, duck, bear, sun, dog and tree. He's gotta eat and watch a show. After his nap, he'll play around, and get out in the backyard. He'll entertain himself with occasional help. He eats dinner. Eventually, we'll repeat the cycle from the morning, blocks, teach, show, whatever. We'll get mom in on the act and go for a walk. If I get behind the stroller, it is to pop a wheelie to get him laughing. Mom will bring him up for a bath, and dad will unwind. Mom will get him ready for bed, read him a story and then tell him to call for dad, "Daaaaadyyyyyy". Half the time, I come in immediately, and other half, I walk beyond the doorway like I can't hear him, "Someone talking?". He laughs every single time. I make it in, give him a high five, hug and sometimes tickle him if he rolls around. I put the stuffed polar bear (Evgeny) on the edge of his crib, which he throws out like he's a rebel. We close the door as I hear him say "Night night, love you". That is not Father's Day. That's every weekend.

Marriage is not a monolith. Fatherhood is not a prison. Life is what you make of it. Yes, this is idealized, self-serving family man propaganda, but this was false choice, self-serving bachelor man propaganda... but I won't flop so terribly that I need to add a clarifying update. Plus, my paragraph is true. I live a blessed life.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Help Syria? No, Help Rich Arab Partners

It has been a long propaganda campaign by the US media and the administration to prod and push the American public into supporting military intervention in Syria's Civil War. The little dorks at have jumped into the act as well. There has been discussion of atrocities, which turned out to be by the guys we will support. It is about toppling a dictator to install democracy, which will put another Islamist party in power that is aligned with Al Qaeda. No one with any reach outside of Zero Hedge has discussed what it is really about, which is a nice, fat natural gas pipeline for the Qataris (links 1, 2). We will not get the gas, but we support this because the Qatari and Saudi billionaires are in our billionaire dollar bloc.

In the second link, Zero Hedge does a great job of explaining why the Assad regime stands in the way of Qatar and Turkey's ambitions to transport and deliver gas to European markets. This is a win for Qatar as the Saudis do support the Islamist rebels, but they do not support Qatari gas exports. The entire Nabucco gas pipeline system, which Turkey has the control center piece to, is a way for non-Russian gas to make its way to energy hungry European markets. This is a win for Europe as they get cheaper natgas, and can't be threatened by the Russians (loss for them). Israel wins by destroying Assad, which will weaken Iran. Al Qaeda and Islamists get a win, what? This is a win for America because.... wait there is no win for the USA. This is just a required duty of running the Global Protection Racket. Qatar is home to a giant American Air Force base, which we built after we moved operations out of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and Qataris are massive purchases of US debt with both of their sovereign wealth funds in the global top 10 (if you consolidate China's). Those funds also buy up a ton of debt and equity of American businesses. We need to recycle that money. How will the Qataris get more? Export more gas!

This truly is a conflict we should stay out of due to the bigger picture issues. Left them keep killing each other. Russia and China have their client states in the MENA, and so do we. Turning Syria from an Assad regime to a collapsed state like Egypt, just ties them to our camp and pisses off Russia/China. The natgas issue will anger Gazprom/Russia. Do we want to upset the two countries that are amassing gold reserves and agitating for a realignment of the internal monetary order? Our elites most likely don't care because we're top dog and will always be (idiots). The financial elites and State department must have pitched globalization to the Military-Industrial complex as a way to foster more need for intervention and limited kinetic action to increase revenue streams and stabilize earnings. Plus, the MI corps get new buyers of weapons! What happens to Iran? If they lose Assad, it hurts them, but it also sends a message to beef up all defense measures and quicken work on nukes. Iran has an election coming up, and they had riots the last time. Hmmmmmm. Bigger historical picture: it's a shame the Romans didn't work with the Persians for peace and to power share in the Middle East, creating stronger communities and defenses cemented for centuries to rub out Mohammad when his band of roving warrior cousins started to expand.

The American people do not want to intervene in Syria. They don't want immigration reform either, but our bought and paid for political class does. Just like the billionaires playing the tunes and calling the shots in domestic deals, so it goes in international affairs. These Arab billionaires are dirty bastards, but they are aligned with us, and our dirty bastards. Let's give three cheers for globalization. We make others billionaires, they become part of our economic system, and then we have to show up to flex muscle when they ask for it. This really is just an overt step in our involvement in Syria. There is a theory that Benghazi was our coordination point for running guns and equipment to the Syrian rebels since Gahdafi's death (Google it). We all know how right many conspiracy theories have been proven the last month. Sit back and enjoy the show. We're about to see if a Russian and Chinese proxy can defend against US support when given time to plan a defense. Despite Saudi and Qatari billions flowing to rebels, Assad seemed to securely have the upper hand, which is why Uncle Sam is jumping in. Only time will tell, but remember, this is for a Qatari emir and his natural gas.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Naomi Wolf Doesn't Get Snowden

"The Almighty says this must be a fashionable fight. It's drawn the finest people." - Stephen in Braveheart

I still am feeling out this Snowden guy, but man oh man, are the chattering classes of elites on guard. Liberals seem to be half and half, but you at least now know which of your friends is a pure statist and who has liberal principles. You can tell the necocon vs. conservative/libertarians as well. It's been fun to witness. The big split seems to be Boomer vs. everyone else. Was there any doubt the Boomers would get prickly? Waddling into the mess is Naomi Wolf. She has a nice, cathedral apparatchik smearing of Mr. Snowden and needling of his motives, his life and even into his soul. Maybe she'll turn out right that he isn't who he purports to be, but reading her little bitch-fest, I could smell the Boomer over whiffs of journalist scum.

Wolf cites how Snowden is super-organized, used slides for a presentation, he is calm, throws out what may happen to him, how the police state would want this and oh no, his cute girlfriend is always shown in pole dance poses. Naomi, step outside your pampered Jewish pseudo-academic life and take a look at Snowden from a POV who may understand a Millenial man and dislike the system. Shot with a great cameraman and of high quality? Naomi, there are teens with Iphones who shoot better than TV productions from 10 years ago. Time flies and tech advances. Snowden is super-organized because he is a product of our education system and involved in IT and government contracting. You dipshit Boomers didn't teach us to critically think and form our own opinions but we put together tons of presentation projects (thank you Powerpoint) and were rewarded on crossing ts and dotting is. IT and government contracts engage in the same monotony. The guy's been trained to use slides.

From an interview demeanor standpoint, you don't know this because you're a journalist/academic hack, but Snowden's calm because he's not a neurotic Jew (familiar to you), and he isn't a Boomer who will overemphasize everything to make it more important. He might also be on some anti-anxiety meds like so many men now. Snowden mentions the possible end to his story to inform people of his risk because people have become desensitized to stories as we all think everyone is getting paid to tell their 15 minutes (hint hint, you media types did this). Yes, the police state may want this. That is your best point. His hot girlfriend is paraded out in scandalous pics because the media is defending Obama and wants to smear Snowden as involved with a skank therefore Snowden is discredited. It's like showing Trayvon's 12 year old pic despite him being 6 foot 1 and age 17 when shot, just in reverse. See: Snowden bad for going after liberal system, Trayvon good for being black. Am I explaining this in simple enough terms? 

See, Naomi, it makes sense when you aren't an aging Boomer beyond one's prime who spent decades deep in the media. In fact, let's review a book you wrote. Check your Wikipedia page. Here's your roadmap for a fascist movement to destroy a democratic state (italics are mine):
  1. Invoke a terrifying internal and external enemy (terrorism, changing in form DHS ads)
  2. Create secret prisons where torture takes place (check)
  3. Develop a thug caste or paramilitary force not answerable to citizens (check, minority gangs)
  4. Set up an internal surveillance system (check, NSA-DHS-FBI-IRS)
  5. Harass citizens' groups (check, IRS targeting Tea Party)
  6. Engage in arbitrary detention and release (check, indefinite detention)
  7. Target key individuals 
  8. Control the press (check, hey that's you)
  9. Treat all political dissidents as traitors (check)
  10. Suspend the rule of law[28]
Sure enough, you mentioned that list as happening after 9/11. Because you're a dyed in the wool, liberal hag used to package the message to aging Boomer women, idiots were fearful of that Christian theocracy that always seems right around the corner. Sorry, didn't happen. What's weird is your 10 step program has been followed by the current Obama administration, which I bet you support. The control the press part is key, since liberals control the press, they can tell people that the right is always out to get them when it's the left that's already in the driver seat and only temporarily slowed when the GOP holds the executive. I bet if Snowden had done this in 2006 with W in power, you'd be sucking his toes.

There are many good Boomers out there. There are many who served in Nam when they couldn't get a draft deferral or had a bad lottery number. Many got chewed up by downsizing and outsourcing. Many raised families and did a good job. Another bunch of Boomers tore at the fabric of society and tried to overturn the entire system only to sell out lickety split for big bucks in the '80s and '90s. You assholes threw Molotovs at cops, soldiers, whomever and laugh about it at picnics 20 years later while lording over us for decades with zero tolerance suspensions from school (Pop tart shaped like a gun? SUSPENDED!). You guys don't have principles, and sold out so long ago and for so little that a Millenial walking away from a nice piece of ass, Hawaii and a six figure salary is beyond your comprehension. I hope Snowden isn't a paid Chinese spy, because that would reveal a new ability for the Chinese to get an espionage leg up on us without having to resort to Chinese engineers and scientists (Los Alamos, anyone?). Even if he is a spy, he is pushing into the spotlight (if it can stay there) a serious topic. Even the Oathkeepers support the discussion. Snowden isn't going to be like any whistleblower you know because the world has changed since Ellsberg, and we're talking about shooting the devil in the back here, not blowing the whistle on a tech firm or a financial corporation. Naomi, I shouldn't be so hard on you, but like a lot of Boomers, you just don't get it.

Your Choice: Batman or Superman?

Completely devoid of new ideas, Hollywood is trotting out Superman for viewers again. The last reboot kind of sucked from what my friends told me, but there must be too much revenue potential for Hollywood to wait and relaunch it again. Superman is a great story, but America seems to have moved beyond it because we love the anti-hero now. It's part of our devolution. Whenever a Batman or Superman movie comes out, it makes me revisit the Batman or Superman choice. What did you read as a kid? What type of comic fan were you? As a great deleted scene in Pulp Fiction explained, you're either an Elvis or Beatles man. You can like both, but ultimately, you'll pick one over the other. Who you got, Batman or Superman? It probably reveals more about you than the character.

This isn't about adult readers. It isn't about the beta fantasy BS, because comics targeted kids. I enjoyed comics growing up because I loved to draw, and I had a young uncle who would let me read his. He'd make up a character, and I'd draw how I imagined him. Video games and comics can bridge 15 years. He and I both liked Batman, and for the same reasons. Batman is born a rich kid who suffers a horrendous tragedy. Rather than live a life of decadence, he channels everything into fighting crime. He is obsessed with fighting crime to avenge his family's death. Almost all of his opponents are psychologically damaged individuals, like him, and usually intelligent, like him. He has to out-think the villains. He's complicated, and he is just one man applying himself. He's human and vulnerable. The citizens don't even appreciate his efforts, but he feels it is his duty as a leading citizen of the city to try to clean it up to an ungrateful, declining population. He works at night, using the shadows to his advantage. He has to hide his face. Any man could choose his path but only he did.

What is Superman? Superman is an alien, orphan raised in a safe, small town who has these magical powers he never knew he was born with that make him invincible, powerful and able to fly. He is unique. No one can be like him. Not just in being a one of a kind orphan, but in abilities. His foes can never match him physically, but they can outsmart him. His foes are pathetic, with the exception of Darkseid. Luthor is a brilliant concept but has no power to challenge him. He fights crime in the security that he can't be beaten. Actually, his only weakness is if a scrap of his home planet, where he is really from, somehow makes its way to Earth. He doesn't hide his face when doing his good works and is complimented and loved by his city. He graciously serves mankind. I can see how a reader can get into that, but they better be 10 years old.

I'm already slagging on Superman people with that last line, but it does seem more appealing to kids. If you're a kid drawn to Batman more than Superman as a kid, maybe you have a darker home, maybe some rougher stuff happened, or maybe you know evil is always going to be out there so you have to fight it. Your choice of Batman or Superman probably says more about your childhood than you as people change their tastes. How many kids grew up liking Luke Skywalker more but switched to Han Solo after some years? Although President Obama says he a Superman fan. The Superman opening will sell plenty of tickets, but that first weekend will have a different crowd than an opening for Batman films. It's just part of who you are.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lifetime Abortion Incidence + Black Marriage

The cathedral does a good job of choking off some information. I scoured the Internet looking for "what percentage of women get an abortion in their lifetime". It was a bit difficult to find, but a study in 2011 said the cumulative abortion incidence for American women is roughly 30% (300 per 1000 women by age 45). A source for data in 2008 says it is around that figure as well. This might be under reported due to self reporting when women get one done, but it is the best we have. Couldn't find that stat broken out by race, odd. I started searching for this after having a talk with a black friend about the Gosnell grand jury testimony. She mentioned how the GOP tries to reach out to black women but then demonize the stuff they like, proceeding to list a bunch of gimme-gimme government programs. Abortion was one of them. I then played dumb and mentioned the variety of things about abortion like "it's sad rough of a life it is for so many black women that they choose to end a life rather than raise it" and "isn't it weird the libs always put Planned Parenthoods in the hood". It didn't sink in for her. Her lesson for me didn't sink in until I did the search. The abortion incidence rate is a measurable figure that is a clue to the black marriage problem. It may point to black females disqualifying more black men.

If the lifetime rate is 30% of all women, but black women get abortions at a rate 5x or so higher than white women and only make up 12.5% of the female population, what is their lifetime rate? It's got to be higher right? We know that roughly half of all black pregnancies end in abortion, but what if it's a similar number for black women getting abortions? What if the number is freakishly high like 60%? Something that is that common might move from being considered a "grave, serious choice" (liberals use this phrasing) to just another form of birth control. Just another form of BC is the argument used by some social conservatives that abortion acts as BC for irresponsible women. Cons want you to think that the decision is nonchalant, therefore women are horrible thinking this way about new life while the libs mention it is as grave matter and only a women in a tough situation would turn to abortion. You, middle of the road voter, will support it if you think every woman getting an abortion is searching her soul before doing so. If abortion in the black community is that widespread, it leans towards the just another form of BC, not serious choice side. If it does, then this is another government paid for good. If it does, then the aborted baby is not your child but a burden or obstacle for you.

Sorry for the abortion paragraph tangent. The marriage problem came up in a comment thread on GLPiggy. I mentioned that instead of purely viewing the declining marriage rate of blacks as men withdrawing but of them not being up to snuff with drop out rates and criminality factored in. If you read the Black Boys Report, the high school completion rate since 2000 (nothing earlier) has consistently been under 50% with some years under 45%, so if you meet a black guy under 30, there's a 1 in 2 chance he didn't graduate high school. Should we blame black marriage rates declining with an education fact like that? Another commenter mentioned men being disqualified by the women, and even Heartiste mentioned it is a 2 way street. I kind of laugh since the Roosh Forum is full of fantastic, college educated black guys bitching about black women and my workplace has a clique of wonderful, flawless black women that bitch about the lack of good brothers. It is a two way street, but what facts may tip us off as to who is more to blame. Aborting children at absurd rates in relation to every other race does have socioeconomic factors at work, but it is the ultimate sign of women saying "You and your seed are not worthy".

If a matrilineal and matrilocal community uses abortion that much and marriage is a problem, then the marriage problem may lend credence to the good brother shortage concept. The entire culture condones the killing of new life on a rate far outside the norms of other ethnic groups, and their fathers are treated as disposable units to subtract or add on mom's whim. A man is assigned no value and excluded when mom says so. Hell, his seed is worth so little that half of the time his children are aborted. Social conservatives, right wingers and generally everyone who is not a white liberal points out the harm that rap's glorification of thug life as well as movies have on black youths, but what of the immediate message of a child's father not being worthy? The constant flow of men in and out, men who don't succeed at the rate of women and are semi-attached must consistently send the message of useless men. This has to affect the value assigned to men and the expectations of their role in the family. Fixing the decline of marriage is a multivariable situation. There are many things that will have to be addressed, but it will help everyone to admit that both genders are contributing to the problem.