Friday, November 29, 2013

The Limit of Progressive Power

Tom Maguire at JustOneMinute pushes at a subject that indicates the problem of the progressives today. Progs can register the voters and underclass to then game the votes for acquiring power. They cannot implement things because the power is directed only at the voting booth. Obamacare was rammed through due to a won election and then arm twisting and pressuring Chief Justice Roberts, but actual implementation by the same group? Hell no. Bunch of screw ups. If the cathedral is powerful because it mold's minds for voting and shapes opinions for voting, then their goal is geared to one vector: political power. They have been optimized to have success molding voters and their only success is with identification with the Democrat brand and winning elections.

A powerful means of progressives power is molding minds through the education system and forcing more and more people into the universities. These schools educate some, but mostly fill the others with third hand versions of original communist theories from the 19th century. Over a decade of progressive propaganda creates an entire bank of age 18-25 voters leaning left. This helps in November. Does it build a civilization? No. The newspapers guide the discourse through a false debate to get to the proper outcome in November. Are all options on the table for any policy move? No. A perfect example was the stimulus of 2009. The only debate was how much spending and what type of spending. No one considered creating a $750 billion tax cut that would step by step return to zero net effect after four or five years. Spending was the only means considered because it would create patronage clients, expand the number of government dependents and reward the coalition of donors. Because their power is to create left leaning voters and create means which will expand their vote, they cannot govern or maintain positive communities.

Creating the national situation where the left has a great starting point for presidential elections involved destroying California through Mexican immigration. It created a secure 50+ electoral votes, but it turned an amazing state into a feudal Latin American country. Somali immigration made Minnesota securely blue but has made the Twin Cities more dysfunctional. It is not just an immigration issue but an economic issue. The left can use their hold on media, education and regulation to destroy the internals of a state to swing it their way for political power. Destroying economic diversity and the livelihoods of middle or lower class individuals hurts a state's well being, but it benefits the left. Regulation can be written to benefit major donors, and it can be written to lean on an industry to bend to your beliefs.

A economic example of such a twist that turned purple states into blue states was the multidecade campaign against the logging and paper industry that turned Oregon and Maine into reliable blue states. Studies and plenty of academic papers have been written on the change in the American forestry industry and some even mention the effect that the decline in logging had on Oregon's politics. What few discuss is how the environmental movement lied about the destruction of America's forests. America's forests have been expanding since the late '40s and stable since 1900. Logging in Maine was on private land, but logging in Oregon was often on federal land. The reliance on federal land logging created court battles and regulation issues that the civil service and federal courts twisted to destroy logging in Oregon. Recall the fight for the spotted owl or the girl who climbed up and camped out in a tree to save a redwood? Federal land. Oregon loggers were out of luck, those employees left the state, whole businesses disappeared, the economic interests that rose were service economy related, and the state drifted left. It is reliably blue even in Republican wave election years. Maine logging was destroyed by propaganda pressure for the corporations to replant trees (as if they did not have land management departments), to end clear cutting and voter referendums were held on the issue. Maine is basically a forest with a few houses thrown near the coast, but voters were persuaded to stop clear cutting. Logging jobs dropped from roughly 50,000 to 17,000 which has a huge effect on a state of roughly 1 million people. This turned the reliably right wing north and eastern parts of the state into welfare using wastelands dependent on tourism and the government. It also destroyed a source of campaign financing that leaned right (still does). Maine is reliably blue now. Possibly related: Brazilian rainforest deforestation has accelerated.

Oregon and Maine are safely blue yet tease the right. Is Maine always fighting to keep their young, smart children from leaving? Yes. Is Oregon a fiscal train wreck with an income tax starting at 5% and jumping to 11%? Yes. These states have been manipulated into drifting left. It gives the left more power, but it does not improve the state. That is the problem with progressives. Every move is taken to secure ties to the state and improve vote counts without a consideration for what will happen. Obamacare could have just blocked off money to pay for high deductible catastrophic policies with insurers in each state, but creating a giant bureaucracy adds to the power as do contracts to dole out to private firms. I joked about this on Twitter, but those progressives who were happy to see the black vote switch to 95% Democrat, secure Pennsylvania and affect others (see the 2013 Virginia gubernatorial election), but it was not suppose to end with war zone ghetto neighborhoods, cities resembling Beirut and healthier cities organized in an apartheid manner. Liberals chastise gentrification because it upsets the power structure they have built in the cities. Cities turning into war zones benefits the left due to who remains in the city to vote, and who now controls the machinery for city voting in presidential elections. Everyone who votes counts, but he who counts the votes is more important.

These are all symptoms of the optimization of resources towards securing political power. It does not matter if northern Maine turns into an empty forest of depressed heroin and Oxycontin users. Break the tenuous black family into pieces with enabling welfare, but it gets you more current and future votes. Single moms are reliable voters for more government despite the monsters they raise for tomorrow. It does not matter if cities descend into war zones like Oakland and pre-Giuliani New York. Destroying the livelihood of loggers through lies about the state of America's forests is nothing if it nets you new congressional seats or a whole state. Turning the jewel of America into a dysfunctional Latin American state might be worth it is it means safer presidential elections for Democrats. It is not about good governance or positive policies because their policies are not geared towards a healthy society. That is not the goal. Progressive policy: the policy of securing more votes. Forward!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Hidden History: Labor Strikes During WW2

World War Two: The Good War. Rosie the Riveter. Everybody pitching in to beat the Nazis and Japanese. The American economy was the Arsenal of Democracy. Labor came through with a no strike pledge. Tanks, planes, trucks and parts were cranked out for all of the Allies by our manufacturing prowess. Everoyne was focused on beating those fascists as soon as possible. Except for the millions of labor days lost due to strikes at factories and in the coal mines.

Strikes had been on a tear in the run up to official involvement in WW2. They would return with a vengeance directly after WW2 ended (three days after the Japanese surrendered). The most fiercely communist were taking advantage of the ramp up in production to supply the allies to secure more favorable terms of employment. When WW2 began, the most fervently communist became the most docile and pro-war effort. The alliance with their Soviet brothers-in-arms had a galvanizing effect on output. The braintrust of the leading unions declared a no strike pledge, but this did not work. In a short period of time, the union mindset had so infected American workers that factory floor control was impossible.

There were many union strikes during WW2. Thousands of wild cat strikes that cost millions of labor days lost, but always in the words of our historians having "no impact on the war effort". Despite the no strike pledge, control at the factory level was not complete and many union workers went on strike during WW2. There were roughly 3,000 strikes in 1942 that idled over 800,000 workers. Even the coal miners (not part of the no strike pledge fraternity) got in on the act, causing FDR to plead with them in 1943. The Smith-Connally Act was passed to stop strikes that interfered with war production as well as force strikers to give warnings. It still did not slow them down as there were more strikes in 1944 than any previous year in US history. Check some of the links for the antics of the union men in America who worked in "awful" factory conditions while your grandfather served on a submarine, manned a tank or was a belly gunner in an unescorted bomber.

The US was not alone. Those Brits enduring the Blitz and at greater risk compared to mainland America saw unions fight for their rights and strike often. The Aussies had a major problem with this as well, with their union battle involving sabotaged ships and unloaded boats adn planes. Hidden for seventy years, the Aussie sabotage and acts of treason are recounted in a new book (hat tip Lead + Gold). Australian and American servicemen died because of them, and authorities had to call off the Allied military men from beating the longshoremen to death. This has been covered up under the cloak of a unified home front for decades. The white union vote was the backbone of the early Democrat machine when the focus was on economic egalitarian policy. They still are a huge campaign contributor today. The problem arises that historians and academics love to trumpet the victories of labor, so there is a Catch-22 about covering treasonous union actions. It gets swept under the rug, but even labor's records fo their great deeds records such events like "In September 1944, 20,000 workers struck for two days at the Ford Willow Run bomber plant against the transfer of workers in violation of seniority rules". Remember, no effect on the war effort.

Is it treason? Is this hyperbole? The war was won, tanks and planes were built and the war effort was not affected by this per the academics aligned with the unions. Maybe a day's work stoppage does not sound like much, but in aggregate, the stoppages of just one year amounted to what could have been 2,000 bombers if all workers were concentrated in bomber production. For perspective, the most B-17s the US had in commission at one time was 4,000. Those were the Flying Fortresses; the symbol of American power. Does an extra B-17 end the war sooner? No, but an extra 100 or 1000 could. Even spread out it can be a day or three difference in a breakout from Normandy. Tank spare parts, rifles, and even simple screw production for fighter planes all could make a difference. If every life and every miliary casualty is a tragedy, then what factory workers with draft exemptions, surrounded by women writing "Dear John" letters, did was treason.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ukraine Turns to Russia and China

Like a stolen bride, the Ukraine slips back into Russian orbit. Not my term but Reuters to make sure your mind is primed for mail order bride imagery of a backwards nation and not a worthy nation the West has been courting for years. The Washington-Brussels bloc is threatening the Ukraine the only way they know how: with money. This is because the Ukrainians said the pivot back to Russia is purely due to economics. The Chinese bought 5% of all of the Ukraine (roughly equal to Massachusetts) for agricultural use. The UPI labelled this as odd news, but looking a step back it is bigger news. Ukraine is defying the US-EU team in what may be an early step in the rollback of American progressive imperialism power.

Not wasting any time after the fall of the Soviet bloc, the US pillaged and looted the Eastern European and former Soviet pieces thanks to the likes of Jeffrey Sachs, Harvard, Robert Rubin's Treasury Department under Larry Summers' direct guidance, George Soros and other Wall Street firms. Harvard's endowment did not reach billions just by shrewd investments, raping the hard assets of a bankrupt region were needed. This was one of the premier the international crimes of the '90s that never is reported because Eastern Europe and Yeltsin's Russia embraced democracy while it happened. Anne Williamson's book never did find a publisher. On the political side, the US pushed for democratic reforms and NATO membership. NATO membership for the Ukraine made little logistical sense, but the US would hint at it for twenty years to antagonize its downtrodden rival, Russia.

The recent push to flip Ukraine into Western orbit was the Orange Revolution. The country politically looks split east vs. west, and there are multiple players at work. The opposition party that was aligned with the Orange revolution seems standard EU-integration, woohoo progressive ideas crowd. The Ukrainian elite in 2005 faced a normal post-WW2 threat. The American deal is familiar. More democracy for more money. That was 2005. The game has since changed, but the West is using the same tactics. Blackmail with IMF money offers. Smear the nation as a racist backwater right as it hosts a major international soccer tournament. Push for the release of convicted former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko (attractive female political prisoner). Standard Western pressure propaganda. Protests in response to this shift popped up out of nowhere immediately and involve imagery of the imprisoned former prime minister (flags may say paid by US State Dept
Protesting for American Media
 but they're made in China). Spot the CIA and Western NGO workers in protest pictures.

America still thinks the same methods will work as if the world around them has not changed. America is weaker in every regard, and the Russians and Chinese have made strides in soft power as well as strengthening their financial positions. America's financial position has deteriorated, and their solutions forced on client states in financial dire straits have been rather stern. Oil above $100 has flushed plenty of dollars into Russian coffers. Russia and China have both been importing hundreds of tonnes of gold (officially released numbers). China is rapidly turning their dollars into anything tangible with a recently announced $1 trillion loan program with African nations. Coming after their "respect all forms of government" speech, they just want to secure natural minerals and resources. It is an appealing alternative compared to the DC message of aid for progressive reforms. The Ukrainian land purchase is the same hard asset investment just a different avenue: food. Doing the deal and broadcasting to the world that they do not care the form of government a nation uses, Ukraine should feel confident that come financially difficult times, they can use Chinese financial resources in exchange for land with no questions asked what happens politically inside their borders.

Something even bigger might be at work. While it has disappeared from the American media's nightly news bullet points, the United States almost bombed Syria in an attempt at regime change. That was all at the end of August as the NY Times claimed the US should bomb Syria, even if it is illegal. A G-20 Conference and online uprising by the American electorate later, the war never got off the floor, Obama delayed, Putin swooped in, Assad breathed a sigh of relief and then Obama was calling Iran. This all happened within a roughly thirty day period. Another sixty days and the US strikes a generous first step deal with Iran about their nuclear program. If the talks were secretly going on for roughly a year, why go to the brink of war in August? A lot of favorable features for Iran with hard money payoffs and loose rules for them to follow. If the US is the leader of the other side of negotiations, how will they get Iran's patrons Russia and China to agree to stronger sanctions in the future? They won't. USG in retreat.

This entire Ukrainian episode of man to man talks and pivoting is happening in the wake of whatever happened in September that caused the US to back down. The US went from speeches to the UN on red lines, bombing with muscle and regime change to calling said regime's primary patron to cement sanction relief and slow down nuclear ambitions. Maybe the Chinese and Russians finally used a Suez option, as the Treasury Department's TIC data shows a steady decline in foreign purchases at a time where the FLOW of bond purchases matters more now than ever. The UST 10 year yield has crept up ever since taper talk and losing buyers would accelerate a rise in yields, bumping the cost of money for all loans. It is financial weaponry. It is effective considering the entire US recovery is built on ZIRP and government loans for auto and educational consumption. Our FIRE needs low rates to continue, the security of our corporations need that marginal buyer, the elite need it all to hold together for the current aristocracy to stay in power. The Ukraine defying the wishes of the US-EU crowd may be a solitary move, but it might be the first tributary of what becomes a steady river.

Gold Suppression Plays Into China's Hands

The move is relentless and has been going on for years. The news reports it lightly, and never draws conclusions about what it says about the global financial system. It is the great west to east gold flow. Some commentators note that China doesn't want to see gold drop with their recent purchases. That is smart thinking if you're an American media moron who looks only at today and the EPS of the next quarter. The Chinese are playing for the post-dollar hegemony setting. The Chinese are playing a bookend game on gold, taking advantage of American bankster greed.

1. China has been importing inflation from the US for over a decade, but has a giant domestic market that the US commercial banks want to penetrate. China buddies up with US banks that are suppressing the gold price. JPMorgan employed the last prime minister's daughter in what looks like an obvious buying influence racket. China can help the big banks now because their survival keeps the current US power structure in place. The current power structure is based on the petrodollar and low interest rates. JPM had the famous precious metals short and has been accused of metals market manipulation for years. Even though, per the commitment of traders, the big commercial banks are now long precious metals (JPM included), the game is set where other late to the game copycat players are scalping gold whenever possible. This has the secondary public relations effect of making the dollar appear healthy. Because the commercial and investment banks need the USG and the USG needs the banks (both need low % rates), the dollar's supremacy must be protected from any challenger (see gold, silver, bitcoin) by whatever means handy. Gold must be kept down with a slow, controlled march upward. JPM setting up long gold like the Chinese seems like a sign that the copycat traders will get crushed by the rise up while JPM profits with the Chinese.

2. This capping of gold allows the Chinese to buy gold at manipulated prices, which allows the Shanghai gold exchange (which delivers on contracts) to execute on gold contracts at a low price for Chinese authorities and investors. The Shanghai Gold Exchange has a high delivery percentage of all contracts traded. The Comex has a delivery percent of less than 2%. The New York centric financial world can trade paper, amassing whatever paper profits they want to scalp for the Wall Street brain trust. In keeping gold down, the Chinese who want to take physical get a deal. They are not playing for silly $30 swings up and down at openings; they are positioning for the long term. They get to use the masters of the universe to set up the "buy low" portion of their investment. Watch gold daily to see the monkeyhammer move early in the day, and then look at the delivery numbers later in the day in Shanghai. Brilliant.

China needs a slow bleed out of the US. They can't have the dollar go to the can too soon as they hold so many USTs, and they have not set the yuan up in position to benefit yet. China needs the dollar to stay in place for as long as possible while they accumulate gold, hard assets, legal claims to tangible minerals and prepare for the next phase. The current system works for them and allows them to amass tons of 'true' wealth. They only want this to stop when they say so. Using $1 trillion of their $3.5 trillion of reserves for loans to African development is an example of putting the dollars to work while they have value. The Chinese are setting up an oil futures exchange as they are now the top oil importer and have a strategic oil reserve to build.

They are playing the "consume with fictitious dollars" game that America has played for decades except they are buying hard assets not consumer goods with those printing press dollars. The Chinese are printing even worse than the FED is printing, but their printing snaps up assets. America's financial kings aid them in getting the most for their dollars. They have willing partners in JPMorgan and/or whomever because what loyalty does the upper management of those firms have to America anyway? If they truly are buying into the Chinese market by employing Wen Jibao's daughter for influence in service contracts in China now while their home nation sinks into third world serfdom, they are dumb enough to think that the Chinese will let them run the financial show for China in ten years. Let the Wall Street boys manipulate gold down in the paper market. The Shanghai physical buyers market will only enjoy a cheaper delivery price.

Monday, November 25, 2013

China Setting the Table for Saudi Petrodollar Change

The weekend, the US took a first step in an agreement with Iran with regards to their nuclear program. It is a bit confusing as the two sides did not even react the same about what was it in (right to enrich). There are a lot of good gimmies for the Iranians and not much beef for the West. The Iranians are even allowed wiggle room on enforcing changes due to constraints of their political system. It has also angered big partners in the Middle East Israel and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Following the Wisconsin Project's information, I lean towards the side that thinks the Iranians can assemble a few nukes now if they want and this six month window gives them more time. The Saudis have recently let it leak that they have nukes on demand in Pakistan (Sunni connection), and this agreement may force them to move in the next six months to flex their muscles. China is aware of this as well and is setting the table for the Saudis to end the petrodollar.

China announced they do not see a benefit to increasing foreign currency reserves any longer. They only said foreign currency reserves, not total reserves. China also announced moving to add oil contracts to the Shanghai Exchange. As I wrote previously, the Saudis just have to accept yuan only from China for their oil, and this would hurt the petrodollar enormously. The beauty of the Shanghai Exchange's gold market is that it is a physical market with a high percentage of contracts ending with physical delivery. The Comex has become a paper market, and the very strength of the West's market (liquidity) has been abused by the New York banks to become a game rigged for their benefit. The Western banking center has lost the other strengths they used to have relative to other financial centers, financial transparency and the strict enforcement of law. China wants to see Shanghai become a major international financial center, and the Saudis using the Shanghai Exchange would cement a quasi-petroyuan and give the exchange more liquidity and credibility.

This entire Iranian temporary agreement may end in six months with nothing else. It might be a giant blunder. It might also be a White House admitting that Iran technically has nuclear capability, and we must accept it. Another reading of this might be that this temporary agreement is really cover for the Israelis and Saudis to feign anger, publicly announce a shift away from the US, orchestrate a bombing run on Iranian facilities and the US quietly helps them out. The US could plausibly deny any involvement and denounce said run while applauding it. The US did sell fifty five bunker busting bombs to Israel in 2011. That could be the master plan.

The final phase of the petrodollar system has been in play since the American financial crisis of 2008 that was followed with no criminal proceedings. A system will work if the laws are enforced, and with no enforcement, it made the gaming of the system acceptable, wounding the integrity of it for voluntary players. The KSA voluntarily participates in the petrodollar system. A change does not happen quickly when security agreements are in play, but even the slight suggestion that a change may come will spark a reaction. The warming up to Iran may be a rouse or a quick blunder by an administration that only cares about politics at home, but it might be a new shift in the Middle East.

It might also be a sign of a new status for America. We have interests not allies, and nations aligned with us may start aligning elsewhere as our interests have changed. If America's power projection and status has changed, we will see more upheaval and a realignment of many nations. This will not happen overnight but no global reordering has happened quickly.

One Big Media Propaganda Method

Who (says) What (to) Whom (in) What Channel (with) What Effect - Harold Lasswell

Writing on Doris Lessing, I noted that it is not just the message but the messenger. Lessing could write critical books or essays on Rhodesia because she was a Rhodesian. Her Rhodesian identity was on display for readers of said media, but her identity as a communist was her stamp of approval by media gatekeepers and tastemakers. Lessing was a reliable tool to push the progressive theme, so she could be trusted for publication. Readers would give credibility to a Rhodesian criticizing Rhodesia, eating up what she wrote. Those evil Rhodesians can be made good if they just did not have such an awful social structure. Lessing is just an example of this big media method of the messenger sending a message along with the subject material.

The New York Times did this in the last Sunday with James McAuley's oped "The City With a Death Wish in Its Eye" about Dallas's role in JFK's death. Those pesky evil Texans were sending hate vibes to everyone, which caused a mentally off communist to shoot JFK. McAuley is a Marshall scholar studying at Oxford. He is also a Harvard graduate of 2012. The New York Times had a Texan tell you about evil Texas. Let's back up one sentence. McAuley is 23 years old and was given the NY Times platform. This might explain all of the scare quote usage. Jesus, it reads like a Tumblr social justice warrior rant. The message is still that hate filled, right wing bigots killed JFK, and this Texan right here says so, which means it must be true. Pay no attention to the cathedral approval (Harvard-Oxford) or to the fact that the Texan author was born roughly thirty years after the event took place in Texas.

Big Media does this with just about everything of importance. Charles Murray's thoroughly researched The Bell Curve was a sledgehammer to the blank slatist educational agenda. It had to be met with full propaganda force. The NY Times on October 24th, 1994 published an opinion piece on the agenda behind his tome. Within a week, NPR dragged out on October 28th, 1994 to be exact, a one Mr. Obama to call Murray a racist, defend welfare from the attack the book posed to it, and well, what exactly is special about Obama in '94? President of the law review and Harvard Law Graduate class of 1991. See genes are not responsible for intelligence, this black guy right here is living proof! Check his speech. Empty words, cliches and platitudes, wait, I'm sensing a pattern to this Obama guy's speeches.

One might argue that this happens in every documentary. Not quite. If you watch a documentary on say the jazz age, you will see several older white historians (90% of which are male) talking about the big themes and broad ideas. Then, the documentary will have a woman historian who just happens to specialize in women of the jazz age. They will have a black historian who talks about blacks in jazz. Substitute any American idea for jazz and that is every documentary, which reveals how old white men will investigate everything and not just specialize in their group's activity. Those documentaries select subject matter experts who happen to be minorities or women. These news articles are different. These bits of propaganda use a Rhodesian who left Rhodesia as a young adult to discuss Rhodesia decades later, a 23 year old Texan to discsuss Dallas in 1963, and a black Harvard graduate with no knowledge of science to discuss a book on genetics, biology and intelligence.

Those three are not experts but symbols. All three were sucked up into the education filtration system and vetted by the communists. The Last Psychiatrist's wonderful essay on Sheryl Sandberg skewered a major example of this. Sandberg's very status is the message of "work equals good, you can have it all" on women. Ideological conformity was confirmed prior to giving them a platform, and the message must be cathedral approved. Beyond the message, they themselves are a message. The evil Rhodesian can be molded to a good person. The evil Texan can be an enlightened spirit. The black guy can become an eloquent Harvard graduate. Anything is possible, if you just follow our guide to progressive political philosophy.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Anthropology Study of a Matriarchal Community

The IndyStar has been doing a series on the cycle of violence in Indianapolis. Today's article is a masterpiece of anthropological work without the journalist knowing it. The piece is called "Saving Damarcus", following a family of seven (two parents) in a rough neighborhood living at Hawthorne Place. Hawthorne Place is near 32nd and Emerson Avenue. The NY Times census tract shows the population has dropped 15% in the three census tracts bordering there, and the area is roughly 90% black. It is a long read but entertaining.

Brilliant Points
1. A murder opens the article but surprise surprise, nobody done seen nothing. No snitching.
2. A tornado destroyed Damarcus' family's previous apartment, forcing them to move to Hawthorne. Things were terrible, the neighborhood was awful, and they lived a rough life. Momma was out of work but she still found time to get pregnant with her new husband, bringing the kid total to five.
3. People are constantly beating and fighting one another for everything and anything.
4. People who cry that they will move out in 30 days become very picky home buyers. "Creepy basement, "beat up floors" and "dead roaches" are NOT obstacles to buying a home when your current home had a shooting right outside, and it was treated as a normal event.
5. The schools are grasping at straws to reward students that they declare "high honor roll" for attendance and good behavior.

Some might argue it is racist to call this a ghetto, but let me quote resident Tyeisha Tillman (Damarcus' mom) who said, "A lot of people around here are ghetto as hell". Not her with the neck tattoo, government assistance and history of bad decisions. This ghetto is a matriarchal tribe, and we know that it is without that label by the most interesting nugget buried in the article (pardon the poor sentence structure, the reporter is a journalist after all).

"The 271 teens and kids in the complex outnumber adults by nearly 100. And single moms dominate, with 164 women aged 18 or older - compared to only 17 men."

The children live with mom so it is matrilocal as well as matrilineal. This community with all its dysfunction has 181 potential voters. Checking the complex's demographics, that equates to 172 Democrats with 258 more in the pipeline.

Big Pharma Is Not New

Pharmaceutical companies have provided legal drugs for consumers for many decades. The advertisement above is from Upjohn who gave us cortisone, Xanax, Motrin and Rogaine. The above ad displays the manufactured products with no hint to any natural source for the medication. These products have a good purpose. There are good motives. Yes, advertising has increased significantly for pharmaceuticals. It is not the product that is the problem, it is the application of the drugs in our society at large. A society that needs to medicate 25% of its adult women may have deeper issues to rail against than the producers of tranquilizers and antidepressants. I you believe in not shooting the messenger, do not shoot the pharmaceutical makers.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Had JFK Jr. Lived

Americans love to play the JFK assassination counterfactual history game. If only JFK had lived is the refrain of so many Boomers, liberals and true believers. JFK gets turned into a more handsome and smarter Ted Kennedy, when he was nothing of the sort. He was handsome and glib, so Americans could forgive the horrible nature of his personality. Having the media cover up for his faults for decades with mythology and weepy eyed specials helps. That mythology, and the national emotional investment in it, made a far more plausible counterfactual a possible reality. Unfortunately, the arrogance of rich people destroyed it. Had JFK Jr. not flown at night when not instrument rated for flying and crashed, he would be president today.

Candidates do not seek donors, donor groups and interests seek candidates. JFK Jr. would have been an amazing symbol for the American left to use as a candidate. With his family, all he had to do was ask, and doors would have opened for him. He was in a favorable blue state, New York, and the state actually had a weak pipeline for top ticket talent around 2000. New York Dems had been crushed in the '94 elections and the Dems were finding their DLC funded footing so the bench was weak. There is a reason Clinton could walk into New York state and have no obstacles to winning their nomination for the US Senate seat. No one was in line. Let us walk through steps to get to JFK Jr's presidential coronation.
Landslide 100% female vote

1. JFK Jr. lands his plane at night after a scary ride and tells his wife, "I'm nevah fahking doing that again".

2. Uncle Ted talks to Jon-Jon about having a kid and running for office. Tells him, forget the US Senate seat opening up, just give a speech at the 2000 Democrat convention, and we'll find something for you.

3. JFK Jr gives speech at 2000 Democrat convention that causes media to orgasm, overshadowing everything else.

4. JFK Jr. does listening tour of upstate New York in 2001, makes appearances in NYC after 9/11, announces intentions to run for Governor, and Gov. George Pataki announces he will not seek a 3rd term.

5. JFK Jr. runs for New York governor in 2002 and wins with a never before seen share of the female vote. JFK Jr was made People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive. Jon-Jon was so iconic with women that Elaine Benes could not be queen of the castle and lost the bet in Seinfeld's famous "The Contest" episode. He was the dreamboat that caused her to lose control; recall she was paying 10-1 in that episode to participate. Tingles galore in the voting booth.

6. JFK Jr. declines to run in '04 ("too soon"), rejects Kerry's request to be the vice presidential nominee, but gives a speech at 2004 convention that causes the media to collectively weep tears for liberalism and use headlines asking "A Return to Camelot?". No one notices the geeky black guy who spoke the night before JFK Jr.

Crown Prince
7. JFK Jr. wins reelection in 2006 during the big sweep by Democrats nationwide, allowing the media to pump the success of New York's economy in the 2000s. JFK Jr. does appearances with Mayor Bloomberg about NYC's renaissance to appear bipartisan as well as law and orderly. Media starts discussing rebirth of liberal Democrats, and Boomers get their second wind on '60s nostalgia, leading to.....

8. Full blown '60s and "Camelot" propaganda. At a press conference with his attractive wife and two, small children behind him, JFK Jr. announces he will run for president. Everyone on the left clears out. Hillary Clinton cries herself to sleep because she knows JFK Jr. won't need her as a VP for the female vote.

9. JFK Jr. picks whomever he wants as VP (possibly that young black guy like his father would have dreamed, wait a "JFK-MLK echo") and can do no wrong on the campaign trail. It does not matter if he does because the video of Jon-Jon saluting his dead father's casket as a toddler is played 1,000,000 times and "The Restoration of Camelot" is all people hear for 18 months, leading to...

10. JFK Jr. winning in a landslide thanks to Boomers and women, purely for issues and ideological outreach to the female voting bloc. "Camelot Restored" is the theme to every media report during the first 100 days.

Friday, November 22, 2013

You Too Can Choose Who Killed JFK

It is the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination. The nuts are out to sell books on whodunnit. JFK conspiracies grew as marijuana use spread through the '60s and peaked in the '70s. Coincidence? I think not. The terrible movie JFK allowed Kevin Costner to butcher a southern accent as Oliver Stone's script painted a picture of the military industrial complex working with homosexuals to pull off the plot. Everyone has a theory. I believe Oswald acted alone, and Ruby shot him on his own. Everybody has heard a wild tale about whodunnit, and they are fun to discuss, so let's review the tin foil hat conspiracy theories.

1. Oswald acted alone and Ruby acted alone. (I support this.)

Pros - It's easy for there to be two crazy people out there in a nation of over 100 million. The real crazy idea is why did JFK ride in a convertible? In a 1000+ page book, Bugliosi lays out the evidence to support this.

Cons - It relies on there being two lone nuts who would be in position to kill the president and then enemy number one.

2. The Military Industrial Complex, CIA + Military orchestrated it.

Pros - Think Deep State national security. There were odd CIA connections with regards to Oswald and others in Oswald's circle. Dulles and the CIA were still smarting over the Bay of Pigs fiasco as well as Dulles' removal. The military was upset over the Cuban Missile Crisis and the trading of missiles in Turkey for the potential of missiles in Cuba. The military was also worried about Kennedy's commitment to Vietnam, but that is overblown by revisionist media types. The CIA has acted shady about the Kennedy assassination for decades. There is something there but for other reasons like Kennedy being a joke (we'll get to that later).

Cons - Oswald defected to the USSR and came back, which makes the FBI-CIA watching him make sense. Kennedy started a giant build up in the military, he was committed to Vietnam, and he allowed the CIA to operate freely in the 3rd world, killing whomever they wanted. Kennedy signing off on Diem's assassination was a nod to the military as it put their guys in charge of Vietnam. Even National Security is a bureaucratic process so the figurehead may not be as critical.

3. The Mafia did it.

Pros - Mafiosos were angry about Kennedy's betrayal after they helped him win in '60. Mafia guys joked they killed the wrong Kennedy a couple years later. Ruby was a low level mob guy. If they did fear for their entire system's future, they would have motivation to take a president out.

Cons - In all of the years of Mafia trials, no one rolled on the Mafia boss who called that shot. The Mafia also was not a sophisticated machine like the movies portrayed. No way do they pull off a big kill and no one let loose that nugget to avoid jail.

4. Oil interests aligned with Nixon did it.

Pros - The oil men were upset with oil tax allowance rules Kennedy was trying to alter. They also needed US imperial force projection to protect interests in the developing world. They knew that shady jerk had tons of contacts from his days as VP under Eisenhower organizing foreign coups and assassinations. If he helped them, they'd help him in the future for the prize he always dreamed of: the presidency.

Cons - Nixon was making money. After the California governor election loss, he looked like a dead figure in US politics. I like the motives, but this makes no goddamn sense considering....

5. Oil interests aligned with LBJ did it.

Pros - LBJ was a much closer tool to use in the Oval Office. Same set up as Nixon. The oil men wanted LBJ in power to protect their oil allowances. They knew dirt on LBJ, making him easier to control than the oversexed playboy in the White House. LBJ had resources and connections throughout decades in Washington as well as the underbelly of Dallas with the political machine to put into play that fateful day.

Cons - What cons? Sounds very plausible because of the oil interests, which for decades have been one of the last remaining individual sources of wealth and power outside the FDR created structure starting in the '30s. LBJ was the master of the senate, ambitious and a son of a bitch.

6. Anti-Castro Cubans did it.

Pros - Kennedy betrayed the Cubans at the Bay of Pigs, and then gave up on regime change after the missile crisis.

Cons - Not a lot of contact between Cubans and the figures in Texas unless you bring in the CIA, and would they allow that? Cubans might be stereotyped as passionate people, but passionate enough to kill the president over the Bay of Pigs?

7. Pro-Castro Cubans in the US did it for Castro.

Pros - Kennedy had tried to remove Castro. Castro gets his revenge.

Cons - See above. Minimal contact and what was there was through CIA, who wanted to remove Castro.

8. Deep State of oil interests and intelligence community did it.

Pros - This is the theory from Russ Baker's book on the Bush family "Family of Secrets". Dulles connects figures (some Cubans leftover from Bay of Pigs), as does Poppa Bush. It sounds plausible that the nexus of military intelligence and oil companies with international exposure wanted to remove Kennedy and had no figure to run against him in '64, so they would kill him and install LBJ who was more under the thumb of Texas' oil money.

Cons - Sounds plausible. Baker does a great job spinning the yarn.

9. The Soviets did it.

Pros - Oswald's weird time in Russia and even his Russian wife.

Cons - They were getting what they wanted out of the US with Kennedy alive, why would they risk relations and what they saw as an advantage by killing Kennedy?

10. MI Complex, CIA, Military, Texas oil interests, LBJ, Nixon, Anti-Castro Cubans and the Mafia did it. (My favorite to laugh at.)

Pros - I just listed every enemy of the rising left. Convenient for the left to spin webs that include every single obstacle to their progressive crusades. Combining all factions' interests, Nixon and former CIA Director Helms' own odd behavior and references to Dallas in '63 and Russ Baker's notes on the tapestry of all of these elements, it could be conceivable that they all could work together from prior exposure and common interests in removing Kennedy. LBJ invited JFK there to speak for him and Texas Democrats. Nixon, the CIA and anti-Castro Cubans went back to the Bay of Pigs and up through Watergate. Nixon infuriated CIA Director Helms when president on many things. One of the biggest pin points was his request for the Bay of Pigs file. No one would admit it, but what if this Deep State knew Kennedy was a pill popping, skirt chasing joke behind the scenes and thought him untrustworthy with the nuclear stakes suddenly at risk? People forget that it was Papa Joe Kennedy who wanted one of his boys to be Prez, and it would have been Joe Jr. if not for his death in WW2. The Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile negotiations and Berlin would not inspire a deep state in succession. Kennedy's foreign policy was crisis management, jumping from one crisis to the next without an overlaying theme. This Deep State committed to anti-Soviet communism may have worried the GOP couldn't herd the cats together to beat him (Rockefeller may have, but the GOP rejected him), and no means of primarying JFK in '64.

Cons - How do you keep so many people quiet? How goddamn stupid would any of these elements be to trust secrecy to one of the other factions when all of these factions have competing interests outside of what they shared? Wouldn't some of the figures that went down in Watergate give information up when arrested for that? As the Mafia was picked off through the following decades, wouldn't they have used this as a chip to save their hides? A follow up to this would be wholesale killing of many people involved, which means a double conspiracy.

Riffing on all of this, what if the joke is on us, the presidency had less power in 1960 and JFK was an unstable figure at the top? While there is the American martyr issue, there is also the "if only Comrade Stalin knew" issue. JFK living would have made Vietnam, the Great Society, Urban Renewal all work, but in reality LBJ took over, and everything else about the administration remained the same. JFK would not have changed the implementation and execution of those liberal ideas. Boomers and progressives can say everything went to crap because of his death as a coping mechanism for the destruction they wrought on the nation. As a martyr, he remains the young, handsome, and glib president who pushed us to go to the moon. The media covered for years, but they could not hold back everything. Even now we are learning about JFK's seedier sex and drug issues, and it freezes people from admitting he was awful.

The conspiracy ideas above hint at the idea that what if the "Wise Men" who finally told LBJ to cut and run in Vietnam after Tet knew JFK sucked, but feared he was so wildly popular for the masses that he'd be in for the entire '60s. A lot of decisions get made in the civil service and administration before they get to the president, but the big ones eventually gets passed up to the commander in chief. If the JFK that was a reckless sex maniac with constant back pains, popping pills to stay up with his best and brightest team was the real JFK, then maybe the Deep State arranged it, and it was good for the nation that he died. Who killed JFK? His own recklessness as exhibited by a man endowed with the responsibility of the highest executive power in the greatest nation on earth choosing to ride in a convertible.

5 Reasons Duck Dynasty is a Success

Duck Dynasty was a popular Halloween costume idea for folks this year. It also is a ratings giant. As a quasi-scripted reality show, it is cheap to make and has been a home run for the production company. The ratings for Duck Dynasty are pretty high. Why? Andy Greenwald at Grantland discusses honesty, charm, old timey values and people who like and love each other. He is so close. That is brilliant and elegant writing if Americans were that savvy. The ratings are 10-14 million watching, which today is a success but in a nation of 310 million is not a lot.

Here's why Duck Dynasty is a success: people like watching people like themselves. Duck Dynasty wins viewers because it is the only show I can think of where....

1. Men are men, women are women
2. People have families. Kids are wanted and cherished, not accessories.
3. Their faith in God is presented as positive
4. No gays
5. No minorities

There are no beautiful Latina lesbian doctors like on Grey's Anatomy. God and faith are not dragged through the mud. Manjaw careerist lawyers drinking cosmos are nowhere to be seen. They are a soil of the earth family not portrayed as violent, redneck racists wife beaters. They are family men, business men, and have wives who enjoy being wives and mothers. It may shock the media, but there are still 10-15 millon people in America who want to watch that for one hour a week.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Where Carousel Riders End Up

Decades ago, this woman mocked my mom's choice of having kids, being married and working. Being young in the swinging '60s and '70s rocked for her choices. She'd brag about boyfriends, bang married guys, and made the error that being a bitch = strong and independent. Broke a glass ceiling or two in the business world in major metro areas, but burnt out her welcome everywhere she went. Somewhere her kid grew up and yeah, not a good relationship there. She's retired now. Time wasn't kind to her. She can't compete with my mom because my mom is awesome at everything, and as the years went on, they know who won. The criticism of conventional family life ended, and the stories of wealthy boyfriends were replaced by memories of those guys. Where does the strong independent tough chick end up in her 60s? On social media with posts like this....

i have been very quiet politically on Facebook cause its usually not worth the negativity that comes back from those who can't deal with anyone having an opinion different from theirs. But here goes: 

I am becoming increasingly frustrated with the ongoing efforts of many in this country to push women's rights and equality back into the shadows. I can't understand why something so critical to the success of our country is so far off course. Then the light bulb went off!. We NEVER ratified the ERA amendment to the Constitution. How did that happen and why aren't we yelling about it? I know most women have options now that we never had when I first joined the movement, but when it comes right down to it, we have no legal basis to back us up. Women are great leaders and work as hard or harder then men, usually for less money and with less respect for what they accomplish. We women need to dust off our apathy and challenge those that would treat us as less.

Recycled ERA anger. I'd mock her more, but she is related to me. Cats? Yes. Genetic dead end? Yes. Anyone in her life? No. Delusional enough to forget that the "War on Women" had non-stop attention throughout the last two years? Yes. She ran out of married men, the looks are gone, illnesses have begun, no grandchildren for comfort, and the business accomplishments do not keep her warm at night. Social media mental masturbation is it. This is all she has left.

Choose wisely ladies.

Billionaires in Politics: Tom Steyer

How often do we Americans hear that money in politics is bad. Those Koch brothers are always scheming to buy elections. Corporations buying politicians. Pay no attention to union money. Does the average OWS sympathizer know Tom Steyer? Tom Steyer is a billionaire with an aggressive attitude about his pet dream, climate change, poured millions into McAuliffe's Virginia victory. He spent $8 million himself to paint the GOP opponent as a climate denier. Buried in the politico article is the quote from a NextGen turnout director that they needed to get an emotional response from voters that Cuccinelli was a wild man. They proceeded to paint his as an extremist on everything. This worked, per exit polls, as even conservative voters viewed him as too conservative. The rational discussion is that Cuccinelli can't do squat about the CO2 issue as a one term governor (Virginia has an odd limit) in Virginia, but the goal is to punish those who do not align with Steyer on environmental issues, Steyer has just begun is already listed as one of the top three individual donors for the 2014 cycle. Steyer is another symptom of modern democracy.

He is a huge climate change advocate and is against the Keystone pipeline. This is all while investing heavily in pipelines, oil and gas. He's cloaking protection of his economic interests in the currently cool blanket of climate change. Steyer's support for sustainability and climate change initiatives are the same as the Saudis supporting anti-fracking and anti-tar sands oil production. It's their entrenched position that is suddenly subject to disruption. Thankfully in the American system, money can buy protection and halt technological change. Similar to the banks advocating for expanding access to loans by poor credit risks and government programs to expand credit affordability and eligibility while charging higher and higher rates, Steyer can protect and advance his interests by covering it with green concerns.

Steyer is a Rubin man and worked under him in the risk arb department in the early '80s. He left Goldman to found Farallon Capital, which has grown to be the 12th largest hedge fund in the world. His fund was the first to reach out to universiites to tap that source of capital. Steyer managed money for Yale. Roughly 25 years after working under Robert Rubin, Steyer was a bundler for Obama's election victories. He was an early Clinton supporter, but switched to Obama. His donation history is a steady stream of money to the Wall Street wing of the Democrats.

Always check the NY Times wedding announcements, so you know who runs the world. Here is Steyer's wedding announcement. Dad was a partner at Sullivan + Cromwell, who advise Goldman Sachs and may be the legal team for Satan himself. Brother Jim Steyer is intimately linked between academia and the media with a special focus on the media's effect on children. He teaches at Stanford, and runs organizations that rate and guide media aimed at children. Maybe Jim is the guy in charge of forcing a progressive lesson into every cartoon and puppet show on television today. Considering his brother's interests, Jim Steyer might be pushing all of the green messages in those Sesame Street skits. Got to make sure voters in 2020 are primed from an early age.

Jim Steyer might represent the academic media wing for the left's brain trust, but Tom is a better representative of what has happened to the left. The new left that trounced the old left, fighting first in the streets at the '68 Democrat convention, then debating for hours on the convention floor at the '72 convention and eventually winning through the delegate and primary scheduling in '84 left the party's relationship with the productive economy so sickly that anyone could offer them money and be heard. Robert Rubin showed big business in '92 through '96 what was possible, and other industries followed suit. Steyer is just the next wave of those who hold the strings. Steyer does seem a bit more symbolic of the leftist tapestry in 20th century America. Tom Steyer is the product of the marriage between an Episcopalian and a Jew, working at the pinnacle of the financial sector yet controlling Yale's money and hiding true motives of financial self interest by vigorously leading the latest crusade to make the world a true heaven on earth.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Secret Reason Brave New World Feels Right

It's rather cliche now to say we live in Huxley's Brave New World. People on the right and left both say it, along with non-aligned who want to be above the ideological fray. The same things are cited:

1. Feelies - IMAX, 60 inch HDTV, surround sound
2. No more books due to no demand for books - Decline in reading
3. Soma - Widespread legal antidepressant use
4. Sex playgrounds for kids, monogamy mocked, hypersexualization of society - Same
5. People who never seem to age but die at 60 - Anti-aging treatments + plastic surgery
6. Abortion on demand, birth control provided for - Same
7. Atomized existence with no social connections - Meaningless social connections, atomized existence
8. Focus on consumerism to keep economy humming - Same
9. Traditional religion replaced by drug induced spirit sharing - Close to a contemporary nondenominational Megachurch service if they added E
10. World State managing everything + punishing behavioral nonconformists - Cathedral

There is something else, but no one ever mentions it. It's right there in the book. It's right here around us. The castes of Brave New World seem a bit real now. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Epsilon all mark the castes that do specific jobs, serve specific purposes and live in the rigid hierarchy that is BNW. The liberal editors at Wikipedia say that Huxley used conditioning and nurture more with caste crafting, but anyone who reads the book knows that there are many treatments, chemicals and other physical agents that go into crafting the caste members. Huxley knew nature and nurture would shape souls. Alpha/Beta fetuses are single humans while the others get multiplied to fill the world for their lower status functions Alpha/Beta children have complete, total development while the others do not. Alpha/Beta members are of a higher cognitive functioning level, but the others are not. Alphas/Betas are like those only children or small family units with massive financial, emotional investment and care. The others are similar to that family with one mom, four sperm donors, and eight kids. All from the same maternal genetic stock but practically interchangeable, so who cares? Using more polite phrasing, think of the k-selection crowd of our modern world vs. the r-selection crowd.

The special thing that ties this hierarchy together is the conditioning to love their role. They are brainwashed into thinking the world is just so, and that their position in it is great. Higher castes are thankful they are not lower but are tricked into thinking it is good that they handle the world affairs for the dum-dums. Lower caste humans are thankful they do not have the stressful, tough thinking jobs of the higher castes. This sounds like the self esteem coaching of modern America. The educational hurdle in America and assortative mating leading to the Belmont-Fishtown split that Charles Murray had written about and pundits are coming to grips with publicly have exacerbated this class stratification. So has immigration.

Admit it. When you think of how visually different the castes are in BNW, look at the average SWPL '80s party vs. a black party vs. a Mestizo Hispanic party vs. NASCAR Sunday gathering and how stark the splits are in just about every cultural marker way. The society of BNW has become real. Wedding receptions show how self-segregated groups are as well as the wealth and cultural differences that very rarely overlap. You start predicting the jobs of groups, the educational attainment, average Body Mass Index, illegitimacy rate and on and on until the caste mold is set. I know there are bell curves for groups, but the average for one group will be different than another. You can envision your landscaping crew down to physical and even social traits. If the gap cannot be closed through education, might as well pump their entire childhood with self esteem boosting messages to make them feel great about who they are and their tribe's identity. That is what they do in BNW, and that is what we do in American schools and toy marketing.

The Brave New World is here graphics will get reblogged on Tumblr, but like in BNW, the dissidents are few. Even the dissidents seeing BNW around us cannot bring themselves to mention the ethnic component to the caste hierarchy. The soft tyranny of a system providing you with never-ending amusements, food that releases brain chemicals like sex and sex wherever and whenever live or onscreen is effective when the mass of humanity is made up of Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons. Just like the world state that using biological and psychological means to mold the castes of Brave New World, our elites have used immigration, governance and public policy that encourages dysgenic breeding and socializes consequences and financial alchemy to stratify and craft a new American society. It is not a dystopian, speculative future anymore but the here and now.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If I was Jameis Winston's Spokesman...

Jameis Winston doesn't have an agent yet, but if I were a family member or go between shady handler that is an influence man for the family, here is what I would suggest.

We know there was an incident a year ago. Here is the police report. The girl decided not to prosecute but new information is reopening the case. Kobe Bryant is a manipulative jerk who got mixed up in a weird situation with a young woman. His police interview is probably the most honest he'll ever reveal about himself and his life because it was not a statement to the media. Kobe banged a slightly disturbed young woman and then employed a female lawyer who broke rape shield laws to scare the shit out of the young woman. It worked. Use the Kobe approach but think about modern America, the media, money and race.

1. He knows what happened so he knows what the victim looked like. If she was black, portray this as an awkward situation where consensual sex happened but now that he is famous and looking at an NFL career, she's looking for a payday.

2. If she was white, set up a tearful press conference and state it was consensual, but that the white folks are pressing their daughter to press charges because >sniff sniff< it's hard for a brother. No one cares about me. I mean, I hope to live long enough to see a black president. People are so mean to me. >sniff sniff<

Casting suspicions about the woman's motives will work if it went to trial. It's a shakedown by a sistah looking for some loot. Bringing up that the dreaded racism is at the heart of the change of mind by the victim and her family might scare the white family off entirely. After all, why press charges about your daughter's rape when the world may think you're a racist? Taking the offensive in the court of public opinion, even if gently framing it your way, would set the ground up for any possible trial.

This would work. The media would LOVE to play defender of the "falsely accused by racist whites" black sports star. They'd set their keyboards to "To Kill a Mockingbird" and let rip. Winston probably has nothing to worry about because there are enough FSU fans in Florida to make sure he'd be acquitted in any trial. This is the sick world we live in. Weird thing is this woman claims to have gotten drunk and take advantage. Maybe Emily Yoffe was onto something when she advised young women not to get drunk and get into situations where men can take advantage of them. I repeat, this is the sick world we live in.

Useful Idiot Doris Lessing Died

Doris Lessing died last weekend. She was an anglosphere communist writer that had peaked decades ago, but was lavished praise throughout her career. Did she really have a peak worth discussing? She was from Rhodesia, had attacked Rhodesia and celebrated Zimbabwe and it's dashed hopes. Zimbabwe is a known decline that a lot of Americans might understand if explained slowly and thoroughly thanks to Detroit, but this is not about Zimbabwe. Lessing is an example of the progressive soldiers elevated for pushing the proper narrative and themes. Lessing is an interesting cathedral priestess.

It is important that Lessing is a communist because without it, no one would know her. Lessing's angry screed at Zimbabwe's Mugabe is revealing for multiple reasons not just for Mugabe but for Lessing's career. Lessing cannot say the truth behind Zimbabwe's decline because while she is angry at the politically correct crowd that dodged criticizing Mugabe, she herself is a communist. She won a Nobel prize for literature in 2007 and published many works, which until today I had never read or heard discussed. She was a wonderful cathedral apparatchik, writing novels like The Good Terrorist in 1985 about a woman who is a squatter, eventually involved with organized violence and IRA members. They had the best of intentions, but went a bit overboard in execution. Being twice divorced and abandoning two of her kids gave her time to write plenty. She even wrote books on cats! There is The Golden Notebook that chronicles a woman who lived in Rhodesia, was a Communist and had love affairs. Sounds autobiographical, wow what creativity. I missed the great The Grass is Singing about a Rhodesian female farmer who is a racist, hard working woman that marries a nicer white. The hard ass is also a racist while the generally nice guy is good to the natives. The book portrays farmer culture as evil racists, blacks as good, and Rhodesia as backwards. To break it down, an educated, Rhodesian expat that was a communist had a book published internationally that portrayed the farmers of Rhodesia as horrible people living in a horrible society. Propaganda like that must have made selling economic sanctions against Rhodesia to the British and American people easier.

In a 2010 BBC radio show, she was considered one of Stalin's useful idiots. Stalin may have died, but her usefulness to other communists continued. She was praised and awarded many prizes and always published. The tastemakers praised her because she pushed the line they wanted published. She was non-conformist is the most progressively conformist way. Feminism of the unrestrained female sexuality strain, radical communism, abortion, anti-Rhodesian/apartheid themes, romanticizing leftist terrorism all were woven through her works. Her children's books involved the violence of the white run African nations. She was an atheist yet into Eastern Sufi mystics (proto-SWPL?). She rejected everything of the traditional Western culture in wonderfully progressive ways. Her fiction, focusing on women's issues, was a convenient vehicle to slip in other communist talking points. The fictional media space was just as critical as journalism in forcing the Western population to focus on breaking Rhodesia and South Africa. Why else would Bill Murray's Scrooged have a South African poster in the background of the scene at his secretary's house? It's there in the kitchen.

Lessing was a novelist, but for decades, a tool for the progressives. The New York Review of Books found it useful for her to criticize Mugabe and the PC crowd because she was a native Rhodesian, yet she had not lived there for decades. She had actively engaged in propaganda to bring Mugabe's rule to fruition. The entire PC crowd refraining from attacking Mugabe were the same people who manipulated the international situation to give him power. The recently departed Doris Lessing was angry how politically correct fools covered for Mugabe in 2003. Ten years later, Zimbabwe is a more vicious hellhole, destroying the former jewel of Africa. Why was it a jewel? White run Rhodesia did well for blacks physically but politically it was a horrible police state. Why and was it really a police state? Rhodesian white authorities worked well with traditional tribal leaders, just not teh Marxist trained young blacks. Did Mugabe's black nationalist terror crews have anything to do with it? If the quality of life, despite black nationalist terrorism, was superior to other sub-Saharan African nations, was Rhodesian rule actually a better choice than anywhere else on the continent? Lessing also mentions how great the infrastructure was for the nation, and Mugabe let it go to hell. What made the infrastructure great pre-independence? Why did it all go bad after independence and the end of sanctions in 1980? Mystery. She is sucha  rebel. Unconventional in conventionally progressive ways.

Lessing's criticism of the PC crowd and Mugabe is allowed within the liberal framework and with only the proper villains mentioned. Problems are not pushed to their origins. The causes might be too hard to bear or too problematic for leisure class, New York Review of Books readers' sensibilities. As throughout her career, her criticism was unconventional in a conventionally communist sort of way. It did serve a purpose though because it was in 2003. It's not just the message but the messenger. Here was a true communist believer from the afflicted land, crying for her "home". The land grabs were accelerating in '03, and this article was the start of the media's open criticism of Mugabe's regime. Mugabe's democratic rule had become despotic tyranny with rigged elections. He must go. Lessing had found a final purpose. As she had been used against the Rhodesians, she could be used against Mugabe's dictatorship. She went out with the highest of praise for a cathedral soldier, receiving a glowing, warm New York Times obituary for decades of wonderful service to the cause.

Monday, November 18, 2013

How BLS Rigging Explains Power in the US

The NY Post has released a story stating that the October 5th 2012 employment information was manipulated for political reasons. Zero Hedge is on it and rightfully gloating. This employment report would be the final one for the election as it would set the economic spin tone for the final month of the election. There was an extra importance to this report. It was released two days after Romney thoroughly beat Obama in the first debate. Did everyone forget the poll bounce Romney had after that, especially with women? This is the American left, it is always about politics.

Timing is everything and that report, cracking the psychological even if meaningless 8% line set the tone for that month. Did it matter? Hard to tell, but this was a tight election. Take a look at the general polling at that time. That report helped out greatly and set talking points for the next month, deflecting the attacks on the economy from the Romney camp. Everyone could get focused on what really mattered: the War on Women.

Still, the manipulation explains power in the American system:

1. Democracy means getting more voters lined up for you. White House fears getting the numbers.
2. The BLS releases a BS jobs number anticipating...
3. The media to spin the wonderful and improved numbers (outlier be damned) as proof Obama-recovery is working and just needs more time.
4. Without spending a precious bit of campaign funds, this would defend Obama from the prime attack by the Romney camp that would work on the middle voters and economy is the top issue voters.
5. Molding the minds of enough voters to sway things on that first Tuesday in November.

Need more votes -> civil service -> media -> just enough voters

Tell me elections don't matter, but I'll tell you this: the big problems wouldn't be different under Romney but one "fix" would be accomplished. Obamacare would be fully repealed right now if not first order of business it would happen now with the cancellation-website screw up. Romney + the House would set it up, and they'd lean on the nervous red state Democrats in the Senate (Pryor, Landrieu, Begich, Warner, Nelson, Manchin, etc.) to swing just enough for the 50-50 vote so Ryan could cast the deciding vote and repeal. Have a behind closed doors conference with insurance companies guaranteeing premium reductions for plan year 2014, and he'd look like a hero. Romney would do that.

Saturday Night Fever + the Death of Poor City Whites

For all the cheese and musical flash associated with it, Saturday Night Fever is a downer movie. It's about losers. It was also a late '70s flick. American cities' urban planning had cleaned out many ethnic whites from the cities with many who could afford it leaving for the suburbs. Manufacturing was still going strong but a lot of work had relocated to the suburbs. The cities had devolved and urban renewal was wrecking places like Coney Island. Saturday Night Fever was set in New York City, specifically Brooklyn, and NYC in 1977 was coming off the blackout, police layoffs, bankruptcy, Son of Sam and general dysfunctional behavior. Plato's Retreat had opened in 1977. Murders in NYC had risen from 482 in 1960 to 1622 by 1976. The city was wild and dystopian being stocked with criminals, schmucks, whores and losers. Saturday Night Fever is the picture about specific losers that would become ghosts in American cities: the ethnic middle and lower class white.

The working class whites who populated American cities were leaving or being forced out due to civilization's decline. Charlton Heston played the 'last real American man' in tons of '70s films. Travolta's "Tony Manero" character is the last metropolitan working class kid. His parents fight, his dad is out of work, his priest brother leaves the Church, his friends are going nowhere, his romantic interest is an annoying short skank or an annoying "thinks she's bettah than everybody in Brooklyn" chick (neither are hot), and he works in a hardware store. Integration and the immigration flood were already affecting Manero's crowd as evident by the gang they fight and the dance contest, creating a tension in daily life. His one time to shine is a few hours on Friday and Saturday night. King of the disco!

No matter how high he gets on the weekend, everything reminds him that life sucks otherwise. The chick who thinks she is better had to screw a guy in the office to learn the ropes. The skank he kind of dated ends up being a sort of sexual assault victim by his friends. His other buddy dies in what could be an accident or suicide, leaving behind a pregnant girlfriend. Tony's other buddies are even more lost than him; at least he can dance and has a job. The city is getting worse, and no one has a future because their present sucks. Looking ahead, that entire sphere of people will move or become swallowed up by the destruction of the '80s crack wars and stirrings of offshoring and immigration labor replacement. They were losers in '77, and they lost later, becoming virtually extinct.

Tony Manero and his kind wouldn't be in NYC or another major American city today. Their jobs are replaced by imported labor. The government city political machine has given cushy municipal jobs to minorities. Where they could afford to live, they don't want to live for fear of their life. The wealthy whites have sanitized the city for their enjoyment, militarizing police forces to use against threats. Saturday Night Fever is the swan song for the poor urban white class. If DeBlasio destroys New York, it will not be immediate event due to all of the money there. Whatever the outcome, they won't have Tony Maneros to kick around anymore.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Literotica's Top Categories

Literotica is a website dedicated to 1990s web design and erotic literature by Internet amateurs. It is pornography but for those who want to pretend they are not stupid Internet porn consumers. The website is ranked 956 for US websites per Alexa. Is there anything to glean from the work on display? A site this heavily trafficked must tell us something about the modern sexual world. World, not America, because US visitors are only half the sites traffic, and India comes in at 10% of total (might skew things). The most popular categories might be a first glance into the dark heart that is fantastical lust.

Erotic Couplings is a category that is all inclusive of one on one sensual encounters. Cruising random subsections by letter, it is standard fantasy situations of coworkers, friends who finally connect, an ex, a school scenario. Seems like '70s and '80s video pornography put to type. These are lost scripts from the "Red Shoe Diaries". This category has the most entries with 39,690 as of today. This is a bit cheating because this would be the most common. It is not a specific genre. What are those top genres? That might tell us what the people want.

3. "Loving Wives" - At 22,091 entries, married extramarital fun is a big genre. These stories range from the loser cuckold stories to swingers to wives who play good and bad tricks to wives who want to please their men. Looking at Alexa data, this site is overrepresented by men, so not a big surprise here.

2. "BDSM" - With 23,644 stories, BDSM is a popular category. Stories run the gamut from dominatrix filled, secret slave, light S&M, humiliation, higher brow artsy stuff to sicker torture/revenge stuff that may require a woman to service herself with fruit in public bathrooms because her master said so. There are sick people in the world, and Literotica reflects that.

1. "Incest/Taboo" - It is not even close. This category has 29,340 stories in it. BDSM and Loving Wives have roughly 50% more stories than the next two categories, but Incest/Taboo has 25% more than BDSM/Loving Wives. This category is full of lightly odd stories like people who have sex with in-laws to sex with a wife and her sister to totally disturbing gay incest. Just cruising the titles and short descriptions will generate a laugh, reading reader comments will stop the laughter.

These categories might be represented more on Literotica because they do not have exposure through traditional outlets. These might be the most popular categories because they reflect the desires people have that they wish to satisfy in the most anonymous of ways. The NSA might disagree on anonymity, but from the privacy of one's home, the Internet allows people to seek that which is considered deviant and taboo without shame or scolding. Literotica is still a popular site despite the '90s web design. Sex will always sell. It is hard to get worked up over these stories and what they may reveal when is selling S+M spanking dresses, plus size of course. Enjoy the decline.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Different Paths

"Approach when she needs a see-saw partner. Day Game to set up play dates."

Marriage is a terrible. Family life is horrible. Kids are more trouble than they are worth. Your wife will become a land whale. Don't ever marry. No one will appreciate all you do for them. It's a sucker's bet. Divorce theft. Think of all the hot 22 year olds you won't be banging, and with game you can keep banging them forever. This is the best way to live, the one true path and anyone not doing it is a fool, a sucker or a loser.


I need a purpose project like a surrogate activity to make up for the fact that I do not need to work hard anymore to provide material comfort. Learning wood carving, amateur photography, becoming a yogi, maybe even taking a sabbatical to learn the art of beer brewing sounds fun. Kids would take up a lot of time and impinge on my self actualization. Kids are so cliche. I don't think I can fit it in my schedule and still be true to me. I'm a big fan of Sting, not that I own any of his records or listen to his music, but the fact that he makes music and is who he is has had a big effect on me. This mocha is my special, secret blend.

Here's another one: whatever path you choose, always aim to be a better man. When you work on you and improve, better women will enter your orbit. This does include money because income is a ticket to pools of higher quality women. Ever notice obese people are spotted less frequently the higher you move on the socioeconomic ladder? Act confident and secure, and they will gravitate towards you. With game, you can secure a hot, young wife. Women love a winner. She'll love you and want to build a family with you. Women constantly seek their place in the status hierarchy of their social circle, and once you're married, they use "husband" as a proxy marker. If you're confident and competent, you'll be set with a very attractive wife for a couple of decades. There is a 40% chance of divorce (significantly lower if she is a college graduate, over 25 or a devoutly religious woman), but life is full of risks.

If it makes you happy, it's worth it. There are many paths in life offering different rewards. I'm not going to denigrate another path to affirm my world view revealing secret insecurity, as different paths are for different people. For men who do not want kids, you live in a sexual candyland if gamed well. We all have friends doing this in various cities, and America's cultural erosion provides more divorced, yoga toned women each year as you get older. For SWPLs, online capabilities and product costs make any niche activity doable now. Making your own hummus is easy now when 25 years ago, few knew what hummus was. I interact with SWPLs at many parties. Their energy and passion for what I consider stupid activities is breathtaking. These paths all have value and worth for those who put effort into them. Think of the rewards, pick your path and walk it.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Decline Democrats of "Got Insurance"

Got Insurance is a perfect marketing campaign for the people that the ACA was designed to help and aid for the left's coalition of victims. The entire campaign should be renamed the "Decline Democrats".

Unemployed men under 30.

Unemployed bros who try to golf but fail to do anything right.
Chubby single chick + her thinner engaged friend that can't stick to diets.

Chunky and minority women. Eat ramen crowd. No wedding rings.
Single woman with birth control. Gimmedats for single white women.
War on Women, War on Women, Sorry we didnt jail that rapist.
100,000 in college debt, living with mom, voting Democrat
SWPLs kayak.
Hispanics: because someone has to have kids for the Democrats.
LGBT + uninsured.
White older man in suit - Goldman Sachs rep.
That SWPL rode recklessly + blamed a driver that HE ran into.

You go girls!

Vaguely beige + only his mother cares about his health.
Tats, fats, only things missing are cats.
They do yoga once a month. No wedding rings.
Ad says "mom" again. A dad would obviously not give him a machete for a pumpkin.

Girl power reference since mom divorced + courts let dad off from having to cover.
The Democrats only view Hispanic women for their wombs. The last left.
Enjoy the decline.