Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Idea: The Social Media Serial Killer

Been a while since I had a movie idea, so here's a new one. People are afraid of the information they put out on the Internet. There is another pool of people who cannot go a moment without putting their life out on the Internet via a variety of social media platforms. The movie is an intelligent serial killer who uses social media to track oblivious women down and murder them, leaving behind an odd handmade doll behind that resembles them. We will set this one in SoCal, the killer will be an intelligent, loner Asian guy, tough female cop tracking him down, male love interest is a reporter, and the lieutenant who doesn't trust the female cop is a tough as nails Latino. Look, to get something made, you need to appeal to Jewish producer multicultural sensibilities.

Movie opens with one of those credit sequences where stuff slowly comes into focus and we're on a roadside with music coming from a car with its door open and a crime scene being set up. My Gawd, it's a murder. Next to the woman's body is a weird looking doll (see right) with buttons stitched in for eyes, but otherwise it looks just like the victim. The chick cop thinks it's a gift for or from the victim and tells CSI to bag and tag it.

The initial crime runs through procedures, but no receipt or bag is in the car with regards to the doll. The boyfriend doesn't claim to have given it to her. Cop thinks nothing of it, gives 48 hour update to her lieutenant with some commentary on low clearance rates making a comeback. We then get another scene with a woman murdered alone (similar vapid young LA woman) on the side of a road but she is talking to a man (the killer) as he approaches her and mentions insurance. Goes to grab her phone and he jumps her and it's murder. Cops come to crime scene and find another doll. Chick cop is called in. My Gawd!

This is where the crime beat reporter comes in who notes the double doll issue, and the cop mentions keeping it on a low profile. They have nothing to go on, and there might just be an amazing coincidence that the victims both received what looks like handmade dolls from the same guy. The cop looks into the case. We then get the montage of more girls killed with more dolls left behind. The reporter pushes the cop, and finally the lieutenant gives the green light to go public.  Montage ends with the city announcing a warning for a women who fit the profile. The reporter releases an article on the babydoll killer.

On separate tracks, the reporter is setting up profiles of the victims for a Sunday Series type for the L.A. Times, digging into their background. One family suggests he go through her social media stuff. A younger sister gives him passwords, and by chance he sees that her Facebook profile pic is her in the outfit on the doll. He then goes back to the other families and asks for that access as well. The cop on her track is investigating but can't connect the women in any way socially. The only thing is their physical profile: young, attractive woman in the LA area. They are all different types, but all are pretty. The cop has a treasure trove of social media stuff and work emails and phone records, but there are so many inane, stupid things for updates that it makes finding something critical. She then notices that they all had signed in at 4square and Instagramed a pic of their meal.

She gets a call from the reporter. and they do that "I figured it out" jinx move because God forbid just one person be competent. Reporter says he'll meet her at an In n Out Burger joint. They meet and explain their discoveries. There is someone who knows all of them well. It's a social media stalker. They are on it, reporter is close and makes that move (head tilt) like he's going in for a kiss (cliche), but female cop gets a call from her younger sister driving who just got bumped by a guy on the road and she is unsure if she should pull over since it is late. Cop sister gets panic look because sister is a social media attention whore and tells her to go straight home. Car keeps on sister's ass and bumps her again and signals for her to pull over. Flashes lights. Cop tells sis to look for plates. Can't see he is too close and can't see his face as it's too dark to tell. She sees her exit and guns it.

Cop and reporter both go to see sister in middle of the night. They end up asking her about her night. She checked in with 4square somewhere and then Instagramed a stupid duck-face selfie with her friends as she was leaving because the place was dead anyway. Cop, reporter and sister end up looking at her subscribers and followers. They then cross reference for similar names but get squat. Reporter then notices that there is a pattern. Some dumb Star Wars name followed by a number follows them in sequence on twitter, Dr. Who with a number on Instagram, etc. etc. Sister was number 7 on each account.

Cop looks for that username + 8 on the different platforms. Takes a look at who the person is following. The cops end up setting up a sting with vapid attention starved women number 8. There has to be a false alarm on the drive as someone tailing her has to not be the guy, but then of course the killer does come closer as she gets off the main drag. Insert one of those "Freeze Asshole" moments for the chick cop to say. Denouement is intelligent Asian dude ends up confessing and accepting the death penalty. Admits he agreed to death penalty because California will never execute him, and he'll have a cushier stay compared to other state prisons.

Just schlocky enough for the masses and topical. Get me Lionsgate on the phone!

Whitewashing Porn Performers

In the 21st century enlightened mindset, it is all good. Everything relating to sex is good, except for heterosexual male desire, and pornography will be endorsed by both men and women. Be sex positive. Be inclusive. Be open-minded about sex workers. You know why the media calls them porn stars no matter how lowly their career? If not porn stars, the only other applicable term is filmed hooker. Jon Millward decided to look at the Internet Adult Film Database and glean what information he could about the average performer. Stereotypes were challenged, and he puts a great spin on a seedy industry.

A review of his results. First, he does not note that the IAFD is not comprehensive, so what he gleans is what that crew keeps up to date, which is presumably good but still not an encyclopedia. Average male starts at 24, is 5'10" and 167 lbs. Average female starts at 22 is 5'5", 117 lbs. Average female is brunette with B cups and measurements of 34-24-34 (haha, the .70 ratio slender hourglass). Blondes make up only 33% of performers. Females racially break out as 70% are white, 14% black, 9% Hispanic and 5% Asian (1% other). He doesn't break down Hispanics into white Hispanic or not, sorry, but I bet we know the answer.

Things started to get interesting when he related data but drew safe, enlightened conclusions from them. With regards to interracial scenes,
Many women hold out on when they do their first ‘interracial’ scenes until the time and money are right, and interracial scenes are given their own category at industry award ceremonies.
As far as length of career,
Porn stars of both genders have also been progressively retiring earlier: in the ‘70s, men stayed in porn for an average of twelve years, and women for nine. Now men on average quit after four years, and women after three.
His opinion on type of sex shown,
Sometimes when I hear people railing against porn, declaring it as the downfall of society, a poison infecting masculine minds and demeaning female ones, I wonder what kind of porn they’re talking about. To me, porn seems a lot like sport.
Then there is his attack on Luke Ford's statement that most women perform in one movie and then are out of the industry because it is too degrading.
Do the majority (over 50%) of women who try porn leave it after doing one film because it’s so completely soul-destroying? Using my data set I knew I could find out. The actual number of single film quitters is between 10% and 30%. It’s difficult to settle on an exact figure, because it differs depending on how you sample the women, but one thing’s for sure: most women don’t quit after one film—in fact, the majority (at least 53%) do three or more. So, to update the quote with the facts, do most women do three films and then quit because the experience is so humiliating and painful? Perhaps. Or maybe they just don’t like it and stop.
He then claims that discussing the whys is beyond the scope of his essay, yet he was pontificating on every item he has described in the essay.

Where to begin? First, check your brain on porn before saying it is perfectly fine. The deluge of free HD streaming porn has definitely warped the sex lives of Americans if you bother to ask anyone, especially high school and college students. Second, watch the average boy-girl scene from 1984 and boy-girl scene in 2014. Tell me which is more barbaric. Third, watch "After Porn Ends" to see former big name performers recount their lives in and after pornography. It's a horror show, more so for the women as the men seemed to adjust better (go figure). That documentary might explain some things about holding out on doing interracial besides it still being a bit taboo. This link might explain about pay and waiting on odder items like anal and interracial.

Millward could have checked his data for progression of performers and told readers first time for X or Y. In "After Porn Ends", Mary Carey looks at the camera and explains how she can still get paid and string out her career at age milestones. She said at 27 she could do her first X, at 30 her first Y, and eventually she ended it with at 35 do my first black guy. Some female performers will do anything right off the bat, others hold out. Part of it is building a fanbase and then making bigger bucks for the "1st X" scene. Part of it is a woman will only do what she has to do to keep the calls coming. Start out in "tease" scenes. After a while calls stop, then do "girl-girl". After a while calls drop, then do "boy-girl" and so on and so forth with only her internal standards staircase as the obstacle. That is why the average age for more taboo (first anal, DP or interracial) is higher. Breaking down those type of scenes by women's race would probably be too uncomfortable of a revelation because the way pay is and who gets selected for what.

Now the real odd part where Millward's numbers do not add up. He states the average male quits after four years and female after three years. He then goes pedantic boss on Luke Ford's statement and instead of viewing Ford's statement of quit after one as a metaphor for the come and go quickly girls, he discusses the number that quit after one film. He says it is between 10% and 30%. He then goes on to say 53% of women performer in three or more films. That means 47% do two or fewer, and without knowing how many do three, it could be half of them quit after three (median = 3 films). How many women do you think film three in one weekend or week and then never do it again? I have to ask, when the average female quits after 3 years, but the average female (47%) makes 2 or fewer films, how are they stretching 2 films over 3 years? Did he use mean or median for average career length? It does not add up if the median women shoots 3 films stretched over 3 years. I request clarification because that sounds like bullshit to mask the chew them up and spit them out nature of the industry.

Pornography is going to be made whether one likes it or not. This kind of rah-rah "here's the average performer and look, it's all good" crap is what irks me. My focus is on the difference between the market in 1984 vs. 2014 as well as the cultural attitude towards it. If 1984 porn was what was streamed free and never-ending into your computer, the conversation would be different. If there was an online red-light district, the conversation would be different. There is no way to put the genie back into a bottle because the technology to shoot in high quality and share for all for free on the Internet is in your 3x6 Iphone. It's the desires of the consumer and standards of the producer that really are the drivers as well as the media's desire to forever expand sexual horizons.

*Thanks for linking, Captain.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Portland Ruined Its Eastside for Fairness

Decades ago when Oregon was a purple state with a healthy logging industry, the city of Portland decided to transform its eastside. The city wanted to use the undeveloped land to plan an amazing expansion of affordable housing. No one asked residents, and when they did there was pushback. No real reason for the development except for the fair housing act and developer & construction firm contracts. The focus then switched to affordable housing, and after several decades one can see that Portland ruined its eastside.

Portland's eastside expansion is like an evil twin to the development of Irvine, California by the Irvine Company. Where the Irvine Company carefully plans how it will build its villages and develops the housing supply for buyers who want to go to Irvine for the community, Portland developed the eastside for fair housing to meet the demand by the victim groups demanding cheap housing. This development was tried on the city's southwest section, but the wealthy inhabitants of southwest Portland fought off development. The eastside did not have such wealthy advocates, so developeprs and the city built the townhomes, senior apartments, apartment buildings, strip malls and stuffed them with section 8 renters and minorities. I am not assuming this because 41% of the city's eastside is nonwhite which is well above the other parts of Portland. On top of that, this same author of the eastside link above also wrote a four part series on the failures of the affordable housing initiatives and how blacks get squeezed out of good neighborhoods. Locked Out is the SWPL, weepy story of how blacks are locked out of good housing.

Portland's eastside with an Irvine approach could have developed into a nice, middle class suburb like many others across the nation as Portland's educational and FIRE economic interests grew after 1980. The neighborhoods could have been stocked with nuclear families raising cute little SWPLs. That is not what happened. The federal government set a mandate to be fair in housing, which turned into build crappy enough housing that even the poor could buy or rent, and develops saw an opportunity to build multihousing units to cost just exactly what the section 8 subsidy would cover. The entire program and development became a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to the developers, construction firms and property owners using oppressed victim groups as the financial conduit.

The complaints in the eastside article are from old timer residents who saw a good area go to waste as well as surveys that show eastsiders do not rate their area highly. The very poor who were crammed into the eastside create more problems with bad test results and crime that they need more services and public spending. The Oregon writer misses the point that cheap housing was accomplished, but the people that can only afford cheap housing and make bad decisiosn that destroy socioeconomic mobility often come with social dysfunction. As Chuck Ross has written, liberalism begets more liberalism.

A development like an Irvine village creates a product people want but sets the cost (spending) as the barrier to entry. We do not want to admit it, but the national obsession with property cost comparisons is to gauge and signal that a positive community feeling and similar desires are exhibited in that community. Spending the money to get into a neighborhood is a sign that you value education, safety and want to enjoy and contribute to those goods. This is what the left and underclass does not get, as they think, you get into the neighborhood and good living just happens. Restrictive covenants are gone and no one can openly advertise on that, so we have to substitute cash as the marker. If you organically save the money for 20% down and can afford a traditional marker, you most likely have made good decisions and displayed good future time orientation to show you are worthy for the neighborhood. All subsidization and lowering of standards destroyed that with the housing bubble and section 8 voucher program.

There is something at the heart of this that typifies the nature vs. nurture debate and school spending debates that is verboten in public discourse. Do the buildings make the neighborhood or the people? Liberals planning in that post-'68 world thought that if they just build cheap, new neighborhoods and cram the oppressed into them, they would flourish. Many on the right, whether pure skeptics or bootstraps advocates, knew then this was dumb, and have only been proven right with decades of data. It also is an example of the heart of our national problem where a problem spotlighted by the media (unfairly treating the poor for housing) has a remedy with backing from academic studies (environment, "safe housing = good later life outcomes") that becomes federal law with regulations crafted by the unelected ruins a section of a city 3000 miles away with the citizens having no voice in the plan.

Forget Bronies, Latest Underground Fandom, "Tankies"

You have probably read, heard or watched something about Bronies. Bronies are the grown men who love My Little Pony. They are a flavor of the month fandom that reads deep into the MLP universe and allows the experience to infest their life. Well get ready because there is a new fandom subculture to stare at like a five car pile up: Tankies. Tankies are grown men (and some women) who love the children's fictional universe of "Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends". These fans are smart, devoted and one may be living in your home just dying to come out. Having been to the underground convention hosted at a Red Roof Inn in Youngstown, Ohio, I can tell you all about them.

The split amongst the Tankies seems to be 99% male and 1% female (females are called Emilies). The majority of men walk around with an odd assortment of outfits and declarations of their love for Thomas and Friends (T&F). When asked for comment some were enthusiastic about their visual signs of devotion and hand made outfits.

"I prefer just to screen print my favorite engine, James, onto a t-shirt. For me, getting plastic surgery to my face so that I resemble James' handsome facial features is the key. Love the engine, live the engine", said Connor Danders age 26.
"I loved Thomas since I was a child, but as I grew older, I felt the pull of Gordon's stoicism and reliability. That is why I created this costume with funnel and proper wheel alignment that works down my sides (points to motorized wheels spinning along his sides). When angry, I let off a little steam by pressing this button," steam popped out his funnel hat contraption, "When pleased, my whistle lets you know I am happy," said Gordon Langford age 21 who legally changed his name to match his favorite train.
"I like to wear a conductor's uniform because at home I have a rehabbed steamie of my own. I live as if I were on the island of Sodor. I told my parents to not waste the money they saved for my college education on a useless degree and instead chip in for me to purchase an old steam locomotive for me to refurbish. I gutted it, turned it into a living space, winterized it, added a coach and live in it. Where? Oh in the back quarter of my parents 5 acre lot. I'm actually in a polyamorous situation right now with two girls I call my "cabooses". We live together. One is big into Victorian era stuff and steampunk so she has helped with decorating the coach, and the other is a former heroin addict runaway turned cosplayer who dresses up as the third season villain from Rainbow Brite that was on for one episode but had cool purple hair. Thinking you are a train is rather silly, but I humor these guys as it is their escapism from rather horrible lives. Yes, I live on my parent's property but not with my parents, and I'm banging two chicks, that's awesome amiright?," explained James Demers age 23.

A lot of Tankies had shirts, enhanced clothing or cardboard, plastic and metal outfits to customize a train. The fan envisions the train they would be and then makes it so with time and help from mom and dad. Obese fans, and there were a decent amount, often walked around in top hats and tails dressed as Sir Toppam Hatt, owner of the trains and a magnate of Sodor island where T&F is set. Many Tankies suffer from the same delusions as any American where even if something is not about them, they have to make it about them.

Tankies often push of the story and plots as opposed to just continuing a source of childhood comfort and amusement well into adulthood as a sign of infantilization. What is lurking behind all of their deep reads on this children's cartoon is just a reflection of their inner demons, obsessions and personal views of the world that they have yet to come to grips with and resolve in the walk from boy to man.

"Look Mister, when Thomas learns that the lemonade bottles popped due to his actions, he felt guilty for destroying the cake and picnic. He learned to follow orders and be really useful. We all need to learn to do as we're told and be useful," Jonny Anderson age 24.
"Teamwork is the most critical thing on Sodor along with being really useful. Where else could you learn lessons about looking out for one another and working together to accomplish goals? A school play or musical/ I don't have any singing talent and my speaking voice is too soft for the stage. Sure, sports would be an alternative but my single mom didn't want me playing football, and I had a minor bowel problem that flared up when I became anxious. I never really got into sports," Billy McMasters age 27.
"I rather prefer to focus on the technical aspects of the show. I am a supporter of the older specials and episodes with the models and figurine sets. Far more authentic than the digital animation of today, and it appears that the engines truly come to life rather than the immediate set up that this is a cartoon. Ringo Starr, George Carlin and Alec Baldwin, push the story along with the grandfatherly feel to narration rather than specific voice actors in the newer episodes. Alec Baldwin doing his Sir Toppam Hatt always makes me laugh and snort into my juice box. I have an entire train set with different Sodor sets in my basement where I film my own scenes and put them on Youtube. I've received 10,000 fan subscriptions, and quit my day job at Best Buy," Mikey Durfhauser age 36.
"Kids' show? What the hell do you call Thomas facing his fears in the abandoned works with rattling chains? Thomas had to learn that ghosts are not real and that it is not right to tease others. It helped me overcome my fear of compact fluorescent light bulbs. If they break, the mercury will not kill me. I just need to be careful disposing them. Thomas overcoming that fear was representative of everyday people overcoming their deepest fears," Brian LeCroix age 28.
"Sodor Island is the perfect symbol of British supremacy. It is a time capsule to what once was and what could be. The island has a perfectly closed economy that does not need to export or import, but does serve the mainland if needed. The island is dominated by mass transit, there are green spaces and conservation of trees, and the island is free of pollution. Deeper yet, the trains are all focused on being really useful. They all have a use and a place in the hierarchy of the rail system similar to the old British class system. Sir Toppam Hatt is the aristocrat who owns and runs the island. Percy is the mail train. Thomas is fast and smart. Gordon is strong and pulls the express. Many other trains serve specific purposes like repair, emergency relief and even shunting. This is truly anti-capitalist and more feudal in set up. The odd mash of periods is due to the books being written decades before the television show and lends a rather timeless feel to the show. One obvious note is the lack of any religious imagery. Sodor is a bastion for the old ways of England that could enchant the engines into consciousness. They are like the island wood fairies of old trapped on the island but living forever on the rails. Only a neo-pagan revival of England will save it from its dysfunction and restore it to the old glory that Sodor represents," random British Tankie, Phillip Remington age 23, who then told me about his 50 different job searches, faith in Christianity, then revulsion with Christianity, and when challenged about the multiple Thomas Christmas specials with Christian moral messaging, spazzed out and ran off.

Noticing a lack of diversity and vibrancy, I sprinted as fast as I could when I spotted a black male with a square box framing his face. He was open to questions despite a rather annoyed look. Being a journalist for the day, I only could ask him questions pertaining to being black and how blackness related to the Tankie culture, and he complied with only viewing the world through a black lens.

"How'd I get into Thomas? Man, my mom read in Ladies' Home Journal that kids loved Thomas, but noticed none of her church friends talked about Thomas so she figured it would boost my test scores or some shit, so she forced this on me. My dad was shaking his head whenever he heard the theme song, and I almost gave up on Thomas. Then one day, when a white teacher lady was telling me about the struggles of Nelson Mandela for like the fifth year in a row at my school, it clicked for me. Sodor Island set up their trains in an apartheid system. Steamies puff white smoke, get plum assignments and are beloved by Sir Toppam Hatt. The steamworks is staffed, clean and perfect. Diesels puff dirty black smoke, are mean, angry, bitter troublemakers and the dieselworks was a hellhole. They was angry and trouble because the system held them down. The diesels then had to manipulate the youngest steamie, Percy, and trap Thomas so that they could riot and take over the steamworks. They were rewarded with Sir Toppam Hatt fixing up the dieselworks. It tracks along with the mid-20th century black inner city riots followed up by government programs. I wear this frame around my head and all black clothing to mimic Neville. Diesel solidarity. Put a Da in front of Neville, and it'd be a black name. My mom was right about the show helping. I graduated from college and now work as a diversity consultant in the marketing department at Wells Fargo," explained Marcus Johnson age 23.

As the day wound down, I noticed some handsome fellows in serious gear. I walked over and was introduced to the small gay subculture within the Tankies. The burlier types dressed as engineers in jean overalls and denim caps and are called "coal men" or "cranks". The more slender types wore conductor outfits with a rather flamboyant flair to the blue uniforms and preferred to be called "whistlers" or "ticketers". There seemed to be a twink Brony present who was a boyfriend of one of the coal men. They broke out of catty chatting with one another to answer some questions.

"Oh my God, the gay subtext is everywhere in Thomas. First, how many trains are female? Like Emily, who is a total fruit fly, and then it's all males. There are some daddies like Gordon, and they always want to blow off some steam. Just the nickname, "steamies" and how they dislike the "dirty diesels" is gay enough for me. They all sleep together, love to shunt and pull one another, and whistle at each other often. They all blow their whistles at each other. Helloooooo! During "Misty Island Rescue" Thomas is missing, and he said if he was ever missing he'd "toot" for Percy. >wrist flail + eyeroll< What did Percy do when Thomas was missing? He hunted for that toot! When he found him in the dark tunnel of trash that no one had used in years >suppresses laughter<, Percy let out the gayest sounding "THOMAS!". This was all roughly ten minutes after Thomas delivered the extremely soft, lispy sounding "This is a disaster". Even Frodo and Samwise weren't this obvious.... Wait, you're saying it might just be childhood friendship and not homosexual romance? No, this is the story, we all watched it and thought the same thing. Gay!", said Steven Phillips 38.

There is a huge sense of camaraderie, as well as inclusion as evident by the one woman, one black guy and dozen gay men. Everyone has a proper space and proper place to quote the fat Sir Toppam Hatts who would comically intrude on Tankie conversations. There was a darker subculture that I was directed to check out in rented, adjoining rooms at the inn. These were the "Steamies". While steamies is the term for the steam engines and not the diesels on Sodor, the "Steamies" here are generally marijuana users who smoke weed, steam up a room, and then watch episodes. They prefer to eat terribly hard cookies and drink tea to stay in the British spirit. There are a myriad of rituals that different "Steamies" follow for watching episodes and smoking marijuana. They all user water pipes in honor of the steam engines of Sodor, and many have named their bongs, bubblers and pipes after different characters.

Thomas the Dank Engine

After a long day of chasing down Tankies and breathing in the air of Tankie talk, BO and hysteria, I did not have the energy for the two separate dance venues. One was a rave style event with invitations that encouraged people to wear their cosplay outfits and be ready for industrial techno music from mix masters who blend techno with tracks for the show. The other was a smaller dinner and dancing event for the five Tankies with girlfriends. A large chunk of attendees at the Red Roof Inn's north conference room were picked up at 9pm by their parents for long rides home. I spoke to one father waiting in a Volvo.
"When he told me he was into trains, I told him to look into becoming a locomotive engineer or working for a logistics firm. Ehhh, he said that was a bit dirty and that his asthma might prevent him from working full time. When he said toy trains, I expected he meant the large gauge models that even I played with as a kid, which got me excited a bit that he might go to a design school and design toys. Uhhh, he well, he ended up explaining the Thomas thing, and yaknow, at least he's healthy and happy. The toys are relatively cheap, and it's not like it's a drug problem. An upside is that he stopped taking Paxil," remarked Dan Thibault age 48.

What to make of the Tankie subculture? It is most likely an offshoot of the man-child concept expressed in a different way. Why not? The world does not ask that they grow up. Even if there were a million Tankies, that would be only slightly more than the balloon fetishists and not even half of one percent of Americans. We have a nation of 310 million people. There are bound to be a million that that will dive into any show with enthusiasm and energy. Many are searching for a community as former bonds have been torn apart by modern society and families have disintegrated. There are bound to be 1 million that would rather watch a children's show sober than pick up Dostoyevsky, connect in real life through white water rafting, rock climbing or any challenging physical activity or just grow up.

*This is a parody of Bronies. Tankies don't exist.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Vegans and Orthorexia Nervosa

If you ate a vegan diet and did not supplement with vitamins, you would waste away to nothingness and die from vitamin deficiency. This is why veganism was not practiced until recently once we had the technology and capability to provide clean and safe vitamins and know better how to gauge and measure our metabolic health. Veganism is a product of the modern, technological world. It is also an eating disorder, orthorexia nervosa.

This is all up for discussion, but review the two concepts.

Orthorexia Nervosa

Eating or mental disorder characterized by extreme and excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy. Dr. Bratman claims in rare cases, this focus may turn into a fixation so extreme that it can lead to severe malnutrition or even death. Another credentialed expert says that these people are obsessed with refining and restricting their diets per their own understanding of what foods are truly pure. Dr. Bratman believes the orthorexic desires to become pure, healthy, and natural. Orthorexics are unable to take part in everyday life. They self-segregate and isolate themselves as well as become intolerant of other people's views about food and health.


I'm not going to bother describing vegans because the above paragraph describes them perfectly with regards to their approach, view and avoidance of all animal products.

Vegans act like everyone else is mentally off, unbalanced, wrong or hateful for eating any meat and dairy products. Maybe they need to look in the mirror and admit their orthorexia nervosa. If they petition the government for orthorexia nervosa to be accepted as a mental disorder, they can start receiving SSDI and EBT. I would never tell them to eat shit because the extremists may end up doing that within ten years.

Nigeria Slowly Shifting to Yuan

Another oil player announced making a first move to hook their coach to the petroyuan train. Nigeria is seeking to diversify its reserve holdings and will raise its yuan holdings up from 2% to 7% in total. This is a small step, and Nigeria is firmly in the petrodollar sphere, but it is a significant first step. Bloomberg reports on this, but for all the fear mongering in the media about the dollar's potential drop in reserve currency status or the coming Wile Coyote moment I the mid-'00s, these slow, steady reports do not yield major pundit output in 2014. What could be different? The one quote from the Nigerian official is all that is needed to explain the situation.

The key quote is from the central bank official Kingsley Moghalu,
“It was clear to us that the future of international economics and trade will shift in large part to business with and by China,” Moghalu said. “Ultimately the renminbi is likely to become a global convertible currency.”

When Nigerian central bankers see it, it is incredibly obvious. Small step but an eye on the future. China has a mess on its hands from its credit bubble, as does the rest of the world, but natural resource producers continue this slow and steady shift of more money into yuan. Nigerian exports of oil to the US have dropped in recent years due to the boom in US shale oil development. Nigeria also faces collapse or break up as ethnic fighting and religious battles rise. Their own people discuss the value of splitting the nation in two (Muslim vs. Christian), so making nice with a different potential patron is a great way to hedge bets for any coming conflict.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Billionaires in Politics: Paul Singer

A lot of life is simple timing. Meet the right girl at the right moment for both of you, and it can be 60 years. If wrong moment for either of you, sorry. Same with investing. Sell too soon, buy too late, it matters. Unless you can buy help, then timing matters less. Billionaires supply money to politicians for favors in return both direct and indirect and even pet causes like the environment or gay marriage. There is one billionaire hooked into the GOP donor list that has been instrumental in fundraising and will help the GOP make the slide over to pro-gay marriage. His name is Paul Singer. Political evolving will only occur when our politicians feel secure that they can do so and retain their positions. Singer is a security blanket. Our modern, democratic system has allowed a man like Singer to extract income for himself and impose his will on the social system all because of the almighty dollar.

Paul Singer has been in the news recently for a speech at the Davos conference, as well as his newsletter ripping on our baking and political system with a shot at Bitcoin and boost to gold thrown in for sport. Singer's sport is running an incredibly proficient hedge fund. The man's returns are incredible for eschewing massive leverage and chasing distressed debt. The DailyKos puts it in glorious 8th grade language of how this nice, old looking man is a vulture who is a hater of humankind. This was for buying Congolese debt for $10 million and then wringing over $100 mil from them in the courts. Singer has done this with other nations. He most likely will pick among the scraps when the time comes for municipalities, big cities and states when America's bill comes due.

Funding candidates is his game, and he has taken a new step to help shape the national boat for social issues. His pet cause is gay marriage because he has a gay son. Singer helped found a Super PAC to hold millions for GOP candidates to support gay marriage. As opposed to Tom Steyer, who I wrote about previously, he does not intend to punish opponents of his pet issue but instead provides a cushion of donations in case a socially conservative funding avenue dries up on a GOP candidate. Lose $100,000 from social conservatives? No worries, the American Unity PAC will make up the shortfall. This is exactly the same system that Robert Rubin and the DLC started for Democrats who were traditionally pro-union and populist of sorts to abandon the working man and vote the neoliberalism, deregulation line. No need to fear the loss of union money as FIRE economic interest money will make up the difference, and kick in some extra to whet your appetite for future legislation. Politicians desperately want to stay in office, but they need those dollars to get the vote out, run ads, pay off cronies, so weasels can use money to shape the system per their wants, needs and whims. Does Singer support this PAC without a gay son? Probably not, and who knows if the ship drifts left as quickly as it seems to be moving.

Singer is a symptom of the problem. He is also a reminder that the money interests have not bought just the left but also the right. Singer was a supporter of Mayor Giuliani and President George W. Bush. Per Greg palest, Bush was instrumental in the Singer-Congo shenanigans. Singer wants his way now with gay marriage, and our system encourages it. With Singer's cushion, the GOP will find it easier to support marriage equality, and some might even find excuses for trans* surgeries in the Bible. Spengler's view of democracy being the triumph of money and through the means of the media was a prescient view of the democratic system when democracy was ascending roughly one hundred years ago. His fears and words could not find clearer examples of this grotesque exercise in will than men like Tom Steyer and Paul Singer.

The Tar Pit: Neoliberalism Public Asset Mining Comes to America

Growing numbers of Americans are disgusted by the current regime and general system of governance. Opinion polls point to dissatisfaction with system in total and even institutions formerly viewed favorably have seen trust and public confidence in them slip (SCOTUS). Our elite like this system though as it has allowed their rise and neo-Roman lifestyles. They will do anything to maintain the fiction and continue the democratic game in their favor. The next phase for maintaining the Ponzi, the poor governance and the mandarins has started lightly in certain parts of America. Privatization of public assets is coming to a city or state near you, if not already, and it is solely to plug the many holes in the S.S. America and keep the illusion shimmering.

I like to call this scheme Tar Pit Economics. The sabre tooth tigers might not be able to beat a wooly mammoth one on one so they band up and herd the mammoth towards the tar pits. Once in the tar pit, the mammoth cannot escape, and then the sabre tooths jostle amongst one another to pick off the meatiest scraps for themselves. After they are done, the vultures swoop in and nip off what they want with even less of a fight as the mammoth is dead. Our financial elites and well oiled private operators are the tigers, mammoths are our political elites, the tar pit is debt, and the vultures are late game vulture funds. The finance sector performs amazing services for the governments in the US (and globally) and slip them easy credit. The governments use easy credit to placate the population to secure power, not govern. The money allows them to avoid good policies and dealing with problems. The tar pit is the debt and spending that the governments need to maintain to preserve their power and status. Once trapped, they will sell off their best bits attempting to preserve their lives rather than walk away from a tar pit and fight the sabre tooths face to face and deal with the fall out. The vulture funds are the late game sharps that will earn high returns on those last scraps once the game is up and new regime is in place.

This has been done around the world as the dirty side of the Washington Consensus. Big New York banks loaned South America huge sums of money in the '70s and early '80s. Those nations could not repay. As part of their bailout deals, they received some loan forgiveness, but had to restructure their economies, sell off public assets, and remove trade and finance barriers. The old debt did not completely go away and was sold on a newly created market by fellows at GoldmanSachs. The process was repeated in Mexico in the early '90s, Asia in the mid '90s and Russia after the fall of communism up to their default. Most of these nations lose versus vulture funds that buy distressed debt after the bust because court battles over debt are settled in New York. Wonderful system we have.

This is here in America now. Many states and cities have governed purely for self preservation of the elite rather than good governance. Control the cities, rig state elections, rig national elections. They need that bank of registered voters to fill bags of straight ticket D votes in back seats to swing very close elections. Ask the GOP in Connecticut and Minnesota about bags in back seats. It is a good sequence, and it is why so many of our cities are blue even in deep red states. Do not make the cities livable, just fill them with blue voting meat. Dysfunctional Chicago has been at the vanguard of privatizing public assets. Chicago sold rights to parking meters for $1.16 bil. Now lawyers and media are still trying to undo the original deal. The deal was so quick (deal was reviewed for 48 hours) and bad that it nixed the privatization deal for the Midway airport. Pie in the sky take from Reason in 2009 here. The Chicago corrupt cronies want to nix the deal because Chicago blew through the money in three years. A seventy five year lease became a stop gap slush fund that lasted three years. Chicago could have raised meter fees, expanded hours, and enforced the meter rules stronger, but they chose the path of least resistance and no effort. Chicago is in the tar pit. They will eventually have to restructure or default on debt, and then the big money vulture funds will pick from the scraps and take them to court for huge returns (just as the Congo).

Public-private partnerships do not always have to be bad. Indiana leased its toll road in an entirely different manner. It was a long, formal request for proposal process. The money was explicitly designated for specific ends and some money was kept aside in fixed income assets. That money has generated a nice boost to the state's coffers. In the last gubernatorial election, the Democrat candidate wanted to crack open that fund and spend it. He lost, but it just reflects the spend to secure power stupidity instead of thinking long term. In a comical turn of events, because of the depression, the toll road has generated lower fees and revenue for the private firm than they expected. A rare instance of someone selling high at the right time and working for the government.

Chicago has to do this because of decades of bad decisions and papering over social and economic problems with just a little bit more juice. Rather than face consequences, the political elites are selling off a public asset like street space for 75 years and then burning through the money in three years because no one wants to make cuts. One could go through Chicago's budget and slice off hundreds of millions if one did not fear the consequences. We do not have the political will. It is the sign of our decadent times that we have the wish but not the will. Illinois is a state that commuted all death row inmates at once out of fear that just one might be innocent. Death row inmates who sat there for years housed, fed and entertained per their "rights". Cutting a hundred million off a budget and unleashing the underclass kraken is not on the menu for these spineless idiots.

The FIRE interests and Robert Rubin did not set off on this journey to strike good deals with cities. They needed desperate cities and counties just begging to stay in power and in power solely because of the river of meat. No one has to be a good citizen; just punch the hole next to the person with "D" after their name. That is how poorly governed our cities are and how poorly behaved our city residents are. The liberal elites pay a danegeld to the bottom tier because when riots occurred in the past, the media could blame the system, racism, poverty and a myriad of other excuses. They have been trained to riot and agitate because the old system was run by opponents, and the liberals have not figured out how to keep everyone in line safely now that they have control. Mayor Giuliani, continued by Bloomberg, did, but it required money, cops and aggressive police tactics. Those tactics that the left deplores and cries about for disparate impact and racism. When all other assets have been sold off and all other policies have been tried, the basic rules of law and order will assert themselves. Liberals may bemoan Giuliani today, but within 25 years, they will be copying his tactics with snazzy catch phrases to soften the baton strikes.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Counterprogramming for the 2014 Grammy Award Show

The 2014 Grammy Awards Show came and went. Considering the last twelve months in marriage equality drama, the awards show might have been a celebration of the victory in the Supreme Court for gay marriage. The show had the big send off number of "Same Love" by a white rapper, Macklemore, with a special appearance by desperate to be relevant Madonna and former hard, fat rapper turned bad comedy star/daytime talk show host Queen Latifah officiating a mass gay wedding for over thirty couples. Old traveling church acts might call it a tent show. This fit squarely into my prior post of the media only portraying gays in specific niches that make everything seem dandy. As counterprogramming to the gay cathedral performance, let us review another side of gay male tastes.

If the pent up demand for gay marriage has only yielded 70,000 married gay couples, then maybe marriage is low on the priority list. Gays are portrayed as always wanting to get married just like straights, but even surveys showing roughly 50% of gay men would want to get married do not bear out as only 40% of gay marriages are male-male. Factor in the gay male to lesbian population skew of 2-1, and gay men might not be motivated to marry. They have other motivations. This is not about bathhouses. This is not directly about AIDS. We just want to celebrate diversity and different cultures with this post. This is about the history of gay male nightlife of New York City like in the movie "Cruising" (no lesbians since they rarely exist for liberal propaganda).

Pardon the '90s web design but the site is old. I am surprised it has not been memory holed by the gay mafia. What do we have for history and activities at these establishments? Pure Quotes from the site.

The Anvil - Other drag performers were "The Famous Yuba" who was one of the first performers there and who stayed until the end. Loretta Fox, Dana Terrell, "The Long Legged Lady of The Night..."Arien West, Diana del Rio, The Amazing Electrifying Grace, Brandon Forte, and the MC was Chico Starr. Few are left today. AIDS snuffed out many of these stars, including Candy Stevens. Also Roy, the fan-dancer, and the naked go-go boys dancing, (and twirling from ropes suspended from above the bar - occasionally knocking over the errant cocktail,) made The Anvil the premiere after-hours venue. The drag shows featured intermissions of fisting and sex scenes on stage. All this while downstairs in dark cavernous underground backrooms hundreds of men would meet, greet, and "do the deed." Then return upstairs to continue dancing until 11am. It closed in 1986 with the city crack down on unsafe sex.

The Mineshaft - The most infamous sex club there ever was. It wasn't always pink though. But it was always greasy. The building itself started out as a meat packing plant (afterall, we are in the meat packing district). Upstairs, the front room featured a pool table and a bar, and a clothes check. A backroom, with slings, glory-holes, and a little stage area. Downstairs, were the "tubs;" huge tubs filled with urine soaked men, gladly receiving more

Uncle Paul's - In what now is Piece's Bar, in the 70's it was a notorious hustler/chicken pick-up joint. It usually had very old men purchasing for the evening, kids that couldn't have been older than 14 of 15.

The Toilet - Yes that really was the name, and oh boy was it an ever fitting name; what a toilet it was. You name it, and they were doing it there. Of course this was the wild 70's, (just slightly before the infamous Mineshaft) they were packing them in this dark and WET place. I stress wet because, well, it was truely a toilet. Lot's of water sports here. In order to enter The Toilet, one had to ride in a really creepy, dark, unmarked elavator that's door was entered directly from the street itself.

The Cockring/Christopher's End - At one point the club/bar was known as Christopher's End. Upstairs was The Hotel Christopher, that had to be one of the sleaziest hotels in 1970's New York. You could rent out a tiny, roach infested, greasy room by the hour.

The Locker Room/Stable - They featured line dancing, and played only country western music. It had a devoted following, but not enough to enable it to survive. It became "The Lockerroom," an after hours, BYOB, place with a damp cellar as a back room. On weekends this place was packed, with mostly hot leather and Levi's/leather men having sex until 8am when they closed for the evening.

The International Stud - Anyone that was there will tell you that it had the hottest backroom, with the hottest men, every night of the week. Consiting of two rooms, a regular bar set-up occupied one. Entrance to the other room required leather or denim attire. The bar catered to a "butch" crowd.

J's/The Hangout - It was known as a "pig-palour" a place where anonymous sex often occurred. The Triangle and numerous other "pig-palours" were closed in a massive raid on July 19th, 1971. J's opened in 1977, and it soon became a very popular sex-bar. There was a huge well-lit backroom, that seemed to be busy everynight of the week. In the 70's and until 1987 it was a regular liquor bar that closed at 4am, like all other NYC bars. In '87, after the State Liquor Authority (SLA) revoked the liquor license, J's became J's Hangout, an afterhours, BYOB club that stayed open until 8am. In 1988 I began working here and I worked here until 1993. Before being shut down by the City's Health Department (unsafe sex) August 5th 2002 J's Hangout, once again changed it's image. You could no longer bring your own alcohol, and they had converted it into a dance space. In the days before it was closed it was getting very busy again. Also, they had caverns (see pic above left) downstairs for (safe) sex, i.e. JO. On Mondays and Thursdays The New York Jacks (a jerk-off group) had it's crowded parties here on Monday and Thursday evenings.

I am not disparaging the businesses, just recording their existence so that people will know that they were there. Shining a light on the oppressed. Kind of like the gay dance club anthem "Break These Chains of Love", listing these clubs documents that fun was had before HIV-AIDS destroyed that era of gay culture. That is just in Greenwich Village. I won't spend more time listing the oddities of Chelsea and pre-Giuliani Times Square; you can check them yourself. Straights did have Plato's Retreat, but not many establishments really springing to mind like this for straights. I will give the gays credit for creative names, and I do wonder how blatant the anonymous sex at a place had to be to be called a pig-palour (sic?) vs. a regular gay club.

New York state has seen under 10,000 gay male marriages since government approval passed. Do you want to wager on fewer than 10,000 gay men going to these establishments in the same time frame? I bet there are more than 10,000 gay guys at these places a night. I am willing to bet more gay men hit these clubs up on one weekend than have married in America so far and for the next few years in aggregate. Television tells me the accurate reflection is two, young and hot gay men just dying to get married. Seems like two, young and hot gay guys going to a leather bar for watersports is closer to reality. Same love.

Media Will Not Make a Trayvon Circus Out of This Murder but Should

When I read a horrible crime story that is evidence of our decline, I usually tweet it. Just this week a horribly tragic crime happened in Oakland that deserved a slightly closer look. Seventeen year old Justice Toliver was shot in the apartment she lived in with her father and grandmother at 12:15pm on a Thursday. The suspect fled and has been missing for over two days now. The weapon has not been recovered. The suspect is her fourteen year old brother. It was first reported as a shooting over an argument about laundry, but a cousin, who lived above them and "isn't blamin' him", said it "wasn't over no laundry". In an age where every report gets the NY Times liberal narrative obfuscation and excuse making, it is interesting just how cut and dry the reporting is on this tragedy.
Justice Toliver

Justice Toliver, a fit and attractive young woman, was a seventeen year old mother of a two year old girl. Her brother, Mario Toliver Jr., was a fourteen year old father of a newborn. The same cousin who above doesn't blame the brother/suspect also said he was not shocked that he had a gun because that is what you expect living here in this day and age. The here is Oakland and it is now, so the anti-gentrification article that was focused on Oakland's changes looks even dumber. Defending gentrification should be the default setting for 21st century Americans. Gentrified areas do not usually have 14 year olds killing their siblings while both have small children, so let us gentrify the areas closest to our financial and arts centers. If outright shouting of racism or segregation is impossible to use, then the opponents of gentrification can rely on vague notions like authenticity and bein' real to defend the hellholes in American cities.

Family said she was your typical girl. How broken is an area or culture to consider a seventeen year old mom a typical girl. If a 17 year old mother of a toddler is typical, then typical is a horrible situation. Some reports say their mother was in jail. Typical girl and good boy are near knee jerk reactions by underclass families when tragedy strikes. The family also said they always got his back. How effective was that value your kin education if he shot his God damn sister? The harsh realization that the family must be aware of is that they did not even teach him to value human life, his blood sister's life, more than bleach on his laundry. Speaking of education, this shooting was at 12:15pm on a Thursday. No one has asked why they were not in school. No one. At seventeen, Justice may have graduated, but it is not like Mario had a snow day from school in Oakland.

If an editorial is written about this in the Bay Area media (none in Bay area papers about this as of Sunday), there will be the Mad Libs version of underclass tragedy. More services, good kids, income inequality, the system is against them, vote Democrat, because we need to gloss over just how terrible our underclass is despite the constant proclamations that everything is getting better. Consider all of the programs California has and the media and school's effort to coach up through nurture these kids. It is 2014, not 1964. Fifty years of ever expanding Great Society and social services programs has produced this. No one is going to admit that or throw out some other, tough love ideas. We know this just by comparing the picture used for the news broadcast vs. the picture used for the Internet post. One is seen by local news watchers, the other is seen by anyone willing to click the link and be an underclass voyeur. One was used for the initial report, the other for a 5pm newscast. Here are the pics, but we know how the media works. Same story, different victim. Reminder, these are the oppressed on whose behalf the progressive elite rule.

TV Still - Cash Money Homey + hand mimics holding gun
TV Still + Internet Pic - Same pic, cropped out $ + the hand sign

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Turkey, Bailouts and the Great Energy Game

Turkey is an interesting place. For a lover of history, it is the home of the great Byzantine Empire that lasted for a thousand years, overrun by the Turks. Forget the final fall of Constantinople, if only Basil the Bulgar Slayer had a son as a competent successor and the Byzantines had won at Manzikert you might be able to travel to the Eastern Mediterranean without fear of starring in Taken 3. Turkey has always been a land of intrigue and more is brewing now. Turkey's financial situation is dicey, and this comes months after mass protests against corruption within the regime. Another ball is rolling into play for the D.C.-Brussels axis and Russia-China axis to fight over. Turkey will need help, so who will do the helping and what will be the costs to Turkey's leadership.

Who runs Turkey? For decades after Ataturk, the military held real power. With the Cold War, the Turkish military was a great client for the Red Empire (Pentagon/US MI Complex) as a border state in the Commie-West divide. Geographically, it was key as the Dardaneles were strategically important as was Turkey's location at the belly of western Russia. JFK bargained away missiles in Turkey after the Cuban Missile Crisis, which was a huge win for the Soviets. With the Cold War over, Turkey's relationship with the US and role in the Middle East has changed. Erdogan's electoral victory was followed up by a military purge, of both men and mind (see: Ergenekon Trials), and the US has not made a peep to protect their old MI complex clients.

The purge of secular officials and military bras was pushed by the Muslimist wolf in moderate sheep's clothing Erodgan and his AKP party, but now fighting seems to be within the Muslimist ranks. Steve Sailer has been steadily noting the Gulen movement's use of test centers to place men in military and police. At the core of the Gulen movement, a shadowy religious thinker, Mr. Gulen, is the prime mover. As Sailer writes, Gulen also lives in the Poconos. Gulen is aware that the military is the key, as he who controls the guns can maintain control.

How does Gulen figure into bailing out Turkey? For over twenty years, Gulen has been linked with Erdogan, but a division is growing. The NY Times has taken notice. Gulen is a Sufi mystical thinker with universalist views. Look at his views on contemporary issues. He supports education, interreligious  + intercultural dialogue, critical of secularism but says Islam is compatible with government, pro-Turkey into the EU, anti-Muslim terrorism, anti-Gaza Flotilla, and even sees roles for women. Seems like a US State Department's wet dream for a moderate Muslim leader. Gulen would make a tremendous figure and spiritual leader to return to Turkey as part of the new leadership clique.

That is possibly at stake with a bailout of Turkey. The debts Turkey has incurred are held en masse by European banks, with Turkish debt making up 5% of Greek bank holdings. Turkey's bid for EU membership has stalled, which is due to the storm raging through Europe currently and, ahem, Turkey's poor record on human rights and slide away from democracy. Turkey needs a bailout but will it be US/EU funded or Russia/China funded? A recent problem is emerging market currencies depreciating so any sudden plunge could screw Turkey quickly. The FED and ECB are printing so many billions that this will not be difficult to cover, but the political ramifications at home might be a problem. Bailing out who? European banks perform bail-ins to cover losses? Looking at the electoral calendar might help gauge Western willingness to bid high.

Who bids higher to save them? If the US/EU wants to bid highest, this could come after a true crisis hits Turkey and they desperately need the cash. Needing cash might also mean regime change, which is where Gulen comes in. If you doubt this, ask South Korea how a financial crisis can change politics in weeks. Gulen himself need to take over, much like Ayatollah Khomeini, Gulen could create a position holding the true power, while leaving the current government structure in place for a more friendly looking, Western trained president as a face. The question becomes how much does State-CIA believe they can work with Gulen and use him to achieve what they want.

There is another problem, and this is where Syria and Ukraine come into play. Because Russia/China/Iran have seen their will be done by Assad remaining in power and the Ukraine turning to Russia, the last gas pipeline into eastern Europe not controlled by Russia or a Russian client is the Nabucco pipeline. The entire project was to run through Turkey linked to Caspian fields all the way to central Europe. The USG retreat forces the US/EU hand now, look at the extra pressure being applied to Ukraine and whispers of splitting the nation in two. The USG is scratching for half a loaf. Despite being covered at Zero Hedge months ago, Western media is now discussing the Turkey-Iran "oil for gold" scam, which is at the heart of the new corruption scandals. The article mentions calls for Erdogan to step down. If Erdogan sees that his position and his network of Muslim cronies is threatened by a US/EU bailout, Russia/China would make sense for him. If he doesn't feel threatened, then he can make the US/EU deal. If I were Erdogan, I would be worried.

This is a big ball, and it has knock on effects. The Middle East status quo benefits Russia and China, while change benefits the West. If the Russians did bailout the Turks, there are secondary effects. If Russia is in control of natural gas transmission to Europe, how fast does Qatar, which pushed the West to remove Assad for a pipeline through Syria, start talking to Russia about a pipeline from Qatar to Iran across the Gulf? Does Qatar alter the investment balance in their sovereign wealth fund? What happens with Cyrpus' gas fields? Does Turkey just overrun the other side of Cyprus? All secondary effects because what comes first is bailout or no bailout and who is in power? Erdogan and his clique have a Neo-Ottoman view of Turkey with broader ambitions. Those ambitions just might be realized by another friendly looking, moderate Muslim Turk and his band of cronies.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dating Tips from 1938

Take a look at dating tips from seventy five years ago. Now think of the sex advice, Carrie Bradshaw wannabe that wrote in your college newspaper. How much would you want your daughter to follow from 1938 vs. today?

Not really sure how dressing in front of a guy would help.

Makeup in privacy eliminates those sexy moments when a woman fixes her lipstick.

Posture is huge in assisting or destroying one's look and signaling interest. Gum chewing. Who does that anymore after age 13?

"Careless women never appeal to gentlemen" - Nice way to phrase what girls appeal to bad guys.

People forget how revolutionary and liberating the bra was.

This one is pretty funny. "Man needs it in driving". Hollywood Indian dialect.

Interesting to see that PDA was considered in poor taste and men did not like it. I love a woman's touch.

Don't manipulate men emotionally into saying things. Sound advice.

Good not to discuss other dates with other men. "Men deserve, desire your entire attention".

"Don't talk about clothes". Different decade, same problems.

Anti-drinking message with the thought that men want women to be dignified all evening.

No brainer no matter the decade.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Islam's Baby Problem

Quick: list the following nations in descending order for fertility: Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the United States of America, Libya and Iran. Gut instinct would be to list the four Muslim countries first, then the US and for fertility, the numbers of the Muslim countries would dwarf the USA. You would be wrong. Per the 2013 CIA Factbook, Saudi Arabia is at 2.21, Turkey, 2.10, Libya 2.09, the USA at 2.06 and Iran at 1.86. The culprit is fertility itself, not the lack of trying or family and social structures that encourage more children. Cousin marriage is to blame, but the media wants to focus on Islam.

Iran having one of the lowest, if not the lowest, birth rates in the Islam world has become the center for infertility treatments in the Muslim world. In 1999, Ayatollah Khameini issued a fatwa allowing infertility treatments, which was out of step with the rest of the Muslim world. This may have been a practical decision looking at the collapse in birth rate in Iran before other nations. If Iran's fertility rate was enough for the Ayatollah to toss aside religious doctrine and welcome medical advancements, it may have also been a factor in the quest for nuclear power and weapons.

The Foreign Policy article is obsessed with the machinations of clerics and the mechanisms for approving different treatments. While constantly telling Americans that they need to understand those enemy Muslims (substitute Communists for Cold War articles), the article makes every effort to point out the otherness of Iranians and Muslim couples wishing to have kids. While forever portrayed as restrictive and reactionary, the articles cites the regime's openness towards fertility science. Clerics debate bioethics, consult the Koran and medical research, and make decisions. Change the religion and this is no different than our legal system and fertility clinics in Massachusetts. No one dare writes if the Muslims are oppressive selectively because some of the things they repress do destroy society.

The road less travelled the author could have walked down is revealed earlier in the article and never mentioned again.

IRAN, LIKE OTHER MIDDLE EASTERN COUNTRIES, has an extremely high infertility rate. More than 20 percent of Iranian couples cannot conceive, according to a study conducted by one of the country's leading fertility clinics, compared with the global rate of between 8 and 12 percent. Experts believe this is due to the prevalence of consanguineous marriages, or those between cousins. Male infertility is "the hidden story of the Middle East," says Marcia Inhorn, a Yale University medical anthropologist and a specialist on assisted reproduction in the region. Couple that with a shocking, multidecade decline in the average number of children born per woman, and it means that fertility treatment is needed in Iran more than ever.

What is cousin marriage? How often does it happen in Muslim countries? Do Muslims do it globally or just the Middle East? For those answers, see HBD Chick. Male biological infertility, cousin marriages so high that a Yalie blames infertility on cousin marriage and couples unable to conceive at double or more the global rate. The Foreign Policy report focuses on the what (minimally) and then discusses the government reaction to solving it. What about the why? Marcia Inhorn seems open and useful for exploring that issue.

Like most American problems, the why is harder to discuss and might bring up dangerous thoughts. If cousin marriage is at rates not seen in the West for over a thousand years in the Muslim world, then there might be more to the Muslim-West divide. Mentioning the cousin marriage rates of Muslims in the UK could bring up salty assimilation problem thoughts. If cousin marriage leads to more clannishness, the entire representative democracy experiment looks even dumber in retrospect. Cultural relativism would take a hit if a media outlet mentioned Afghanistan's 50% cousin marriage rate. This simple problem, infertility, could be a springboard for a much bigger discussion about West-MENA relations, but let's not have that. Let's just focus on those icky male clerics making arbitrary decisions and relying on their old superstitious book for guidance on how to solve a medical problem.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Random SFW Sex Media Links

I had to carefully word the title to throw off the bots. When I was looking into the HIV shutdown of the porn industry, STI testing and useful idiot James Deen, I ran across some links that seemed interesting but I had little clue what to do with them.

Porn Retirements

Jenna Jameson, who left porn after she sold her website to Playboy for millions, is now back webcamming and looking to perform in porn again. Seems like the drugs, bad spending and divorce money drains got to Jameson. This came a couple of months after another performer retired in tears, Jenna Presley (age 26). Maxim had her listed as a top 12 pornstar in 2010. At least Jezebel is giving some pub to Jameson's walk of shame back to the industry, but I doubt anyone in the mainstream media will comment on it. Just like they stay silent on the porn stars who catch HIV but don't cause a shutdown, the suicides or early deaths. Jameson was a super successful performer, and even she cannot escape the industry.

These announcements reminded me of another former glamour nude model who showed up in Playboy and was a Penthouse Pet of the Month that retired, crapped on the industry and there was not a peep from the media about the industry that they enable. Here is Erica Rose Campbell's letter to fans roughly 6 years ago announcing her retirement. All she did was nude model and those Playboy strip and dance around naked flicks that used to be on Pay Per View scramblevision style. She retired because she found God, but if you know her family also coincided when a horrible tragedy occurred and her experience as a nude model was used in the appeal by the convicted perp who victimized her relative. Campbell's brother was a friend of a friend. Interesting stories like Ron Jeremy and established porn performers going to glamour model shoots cajoling and enticing them to shoot hardcore scenes. One of the hooks was "you can just do solo and girl-girl". What will they do Ron after the phone calls for those scenes stop?

Sick Mind of a Cuckold

Some female performers are tighter about who they work with due to STI testing. They have their "suitcase pimps" that work out their deals. Some suitcase pimp are the husbands. This link to a blog for omega males and their hot wives. The interview is with a guy who is his pornstar wife's agent, photographer, videographer and all around lackey. It is kind of disturbing to read the twisted mind of a guy who considers his perversion an all encompassing lifestyle with a wife who entered porn after age 40. Reading his comments, the guy comes across as wishing he were in the place of his wife having sex. Younger men, all races, gangbangs, it does not matter to him. Snooping around, I found interviews where she claimed they both engaged in swinging, she defended his manhood and she said he has lots of sex. In the interview linked above, it sounds like he just watches.

I blogged about cuckold porn before because enough people tweeted about it. The porn is completely different from the actual sickos engaging in the practice because of the audience. Cuckold porn is mostly just cheating porn. Cuckold enthusiasts are a super small subset of married couples. The McKinsey Institute, which promotes all numbers of perversion, lists swingers as 4 million in North America (2-4% of married couples). Hotwifing is a smaller group within the swinger class. Donald Ley at Psychology Today wrote some essays on cuckolds as he was researching a book. His reasons for the men pushing "hotwifing" line up with a lot of the amateur, armchair psychologist tweets of Arronski. Gay thoughts, masochism, wanting to think they have a wife worthy of banging, weird "king" feeling, and a variety of stupidity. These guys make up maybe 1% of guys out there. They are sick losers.

It is weird that such a small subset of men would make such a juicy target for Heartiste. It seems rather redundant since his audience automatically considers them omegas. Why bother? Well, a good thing to do when promoting oneself is to find the antithesis of your market and style and constantly contrast to it. You think those ambulance chasing lawyers targeting minorities with ads during Maury Povich have a grey haired white man in the role of "insurance claim denier" for another reason? Cuckold fetishists are demented losers, but their kink, other guys banging their woman, is the direct opposite of that Game lifestyle where you go out to bang a lot of quality women. Ultimate loser giver compared to ultimate cool taker. Nice clean contrast.

There is something else at play, and the Last Psych essay on the Guinness ad and men not being men fits in. Men, and women, have roles to twisted up now or unnecessary compared to days of old that men flounder, have forgotten how to be men and are incredibly insecure about their masculinity. These dumb cuck fetishists are small in number, not worth anyone's time, but they are a useful stand-in to say "you are not a real man". Men have a word to say to one another when a friend pulls some shit, "don't be such a faggot", which is why every sports coach across America calls an underperforming or weak player that word in practice. It is a direct assault on your masculinity because you know what it really means, "you're a weak entity who gets banged by other men". When criticizing gays, we must be careful now (plus, Game/PUA overlaps enough with gays to make things awkward.). You also would have your website purged if you constantly made fun of gays and typed "stupid faggot" non-stop, but no one will bat an eye if you insult men by calling them "stupid cuckolds".

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Wendy Davis and the Entropy of the Left

Technology pundits discuss the singularity with a few even mentioning that we are actually in the singularity already. With the space between tech accomplishments compressing does this make social phenomena compress in time as well. Can politicians spontaneously form out of the ether and then self-combust in a shorter span of time compared to days of yore? Wendy Davis might be the first example of national attention and flame out within a six month period. Davis is currently caught in an interesting situation where the lies and storytelling that allowed Obama to become a modern, progressive hero-god are crashing down on her with a long, documented paper trail. This all happens because Wendy Davis is an example of the unrestrained degeneration of women in public life, political opportunism run wild, harmful and unchecked identity politics, and the entropy of the left.

Davis came to national attention because the liberal media thought it heroic and useful fuel for the war on women propaganda to spotlight her pointless filibuster of an abortion law in Texas. Special focus on her pink Nikes. The pro-choice protests took a weird turn (Hail Satan chants), and the law banned abortions after week 20 (month 5). At week 20, a sonogram will show someone the little human in a woman's uterus, fully formed and most likely actively playing. This was her heroic stand: supporting a woman's choice after week 20 to kill a child. No one thought to discuss the merits of that law, just Davis' toughness in facing evil, white male dominated Texas. Vogue ran with this within two months with a sexy looking profile of Davis and how she was going to run for governor and turn Texas blue. No one stopped to ask about any qualifications. She was just a hard charging woman for the right team. Sexy because the curly haired brunette from Rhode Island sure turned into a leggy blonde from Texas.

What was there to dig on Davis? Davis pitched her life story as a single mom who paid her way through work and scholarships to a BA at TCU and a Harvard Law degree. She was tough. She was single and doing it for herself. Not quite. Davis was married, a mother and then divorced. While still with her first husband, her dad introduced her to the man who would become her second husband. She was a single mom for a few months, moved in with mom and then married Mr. Jeff Davis who was 13 years older. Mr. Davis supported her through Harvard. In 1996, Republican Wendy Davis credited her husband for supporting her through school. She had been a struggling mom, but she was a grateful wife, then. Davis eventually divorced her husband, right after he made the last payment on the loans for Harvard. When they divorced, her husband was given custody as it was "not a good time" for her to be a mother. In an odd twist, her husband was granted custody of their child together and her kid from her first marriage whom he had no biological tie to, which in family court is incredibly odd. What family court in America even considers giving a man full rights at all? Protecting the child-mother bond is usually the prime directive. She is either extremely flawed or she voluntarily gave her kids up for what? A political career. This is the strong woman the left wants to run for that female vote.

What is the 21st century left but identity politics masking half baked Marxist ideas and bankrupt economic policy that farms citizens for dollars? Davis is pure identity politics. Just for a quick recap: using men to pay for schooling, pawning your kids off due to political ambitions and fighting for the right to kill the unborn but being in great shape at 50 and having a Harvard Law degree makes a woman one of the good strong women. Being governor and attacking oil companies for royalty corruption, being a mother, wife and still looking good at 45 but not having an Ivy League degree and being a Republican makes you not really a strong woman. Davis vs. Palin. One is to be elevated. The other is to be mocked. Only in the chaos of modern women and our negative society is Davis the example to raise up as good. It's not what you do as a woman, but do you support liberalism and all its works. At least Clinton was a mother and pretended to be a wife.

Davis would be an evil woman if not for her political party switch in 2007. Davis switched from a Republican to a Democrat in the wave change year and as W's approval ratings tanked. This allowed her to run for state senator instead of waiting for her "time" in the stacked red state GOP dominated land of Texas. She saw an opportunity, and she had a packaged mythology that would appeal to the left's identity politics. Attractive, educated divorced woman who was a single mom. The story is so cliché for their voting blocs. Like the minority puppets for Wall St's manipulation of the left that appeal to low information identity voting, Davis appeals to the single women voting bloc. Her qualifications for governor of a state, let alone Texas, are laughable. It is simple Democrat playbook rules today, but in a sane world, even the Democrats would want to stop this newbie with a checkered past.

The right is not free of this (see: Marco Rubio), but the joke is that they nominate the "next in line". Not quite, but even Davis' opponent for governor in '14 is an established and vetted candidate, Greg Abbott. If the GOP were as shallow as the left, they would dump Abbott and run Spanish fluent, half-Mexican George P. Bush for governor. They do not work that way. To take a step back, this might be because as the outer party, to be successful on the right, a figure must prove some worth in actually making the trains run, systems function and programs work. Fundraising and campaign work are part of train scheduling. They do not have the cathedral behind them, so they need skills. The left need not worry about that, so they can pop whatever figurehead they need at the moment to hit the voting bloc bingo. Try to bring back Reagan Democrats and win some of the South, nominate Bill Clinton. Facing an incumbent running a war that has some success, nominate Vietnam veteran John Kerry. The '60s nostalgia and progressive comeback needs a new Camelot, nominate Barack Obama. The media will give them a margin for error to win, and the bureaucracy will take care of the work.

Davis has no shot. She will not win. Her polling numbers with Hispanics are weak, and that was before this history fiasco. The left might be able to paint her loss as the evil patriarchy beating back a strong, independent woman, but Davis' lies and blatant opportunism would make even Rachel Maddow bite her lip. This is the chaos and entropy that fills a system when it has control. The left runs the media, so they need not worry about gaffes or oddball inaccuracies. If Obama could fudge his way to the White House using ID politics and hope, cannot others do it with a slightly different paint by numbers?

There was a small background checklist for Davis' campaign, but the left's system of power did not care that she was a Republican in 2006, had a checkered past or had no record to use for a campaign platform. She just fit the bill in 2013, and they let their system do the rest. This is 2014 where high heels, abortion, and being the right kind of voting woman is all that matters. We're at this point because of a system that just needs more bodies to show up on Tuesday. A system where what boxes you can check off matters more than what you are inside or your performance. A system where the very role that the identity group normally performs is not the right role, but must be the role that the media wants you to perform. You fit their system, in their role, in their way, at that moment, filed down to a perfect piece for their machine at the right time.