Monday, June 30, 2014

An Anti-dollar Alliance to End US Aggression

We Americans are probably in the early parts of the Fourth Turning as Strauss and Howe explained it. As a crisis period is 15-25 years, we are still in the early stages. I have wondered before if the massive injection of Mexicans into America in this cycle changes their theory, but we will see if that accelerates or decelerates things. This cycle's economic keystone has been the economic and military might of the US based on guns and the dollar. Now that the dollar system has faced its first core shock to the system and the empire is overstretched and bloodied, challengers see its weakness. The Russians now have a pitch for their non-dollar alternative to others, "Let's set up an anti-dollar alliance to end US aggression".

The Russians and Chinese have slowly been building the infrastructure for a non-dollar system as well as amassing gold. The tough thing is selling this system to others. Couching it in terms immediately for an end to the Ukrainian problem, which anyone in the know started the moment the Ukrainians wanted to sign one deal with the Russians, allows it to frame the Russians and unaligned nations as victims of US foreign policy aggression. This is a pretty easy sell to a world that has seen the US move from missionaries a century ago to airborne robots that bomb supposed targets today. It can also be an easy sell to big players in the dollar recycling system like the Saudis.

Unreported by big US media as Secretary of State John Kerry flew around the Middle East being rebuffed and insulted, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to discuss the Middle East. The Saudis asked Bandar to step down recently, and this rapprochement between Russia and the Saudis feels light years away from Bandar's threats to Putin last summer. To be a fly on the wall for Lavrov's visit. This is after al-Faisal visited Sochi on June 3rd to meet with Lavrov and Putin. The Saudis spoke of a need to maintain the territorial integrity of Syria and the integrity of Iraq as a peoples. The Saudis could be more concerned with their regime stability now and do not trust the US. They are not a homogenous nation and witnessed what the US did with the Arab Spring. The Russians (and Chinese) might be able to offer the type of security the regime wants. Keep in mind the Saudis sent billions to the Egyptian military junta and the Russians are making friendly with them while the US still chastises the military leaders for being harsh with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The Saudis have disgusting traits and behaviors on the global stage, just like the Iranians and just like the Israelis. From their point of view, the US leviathan has to look like a drunken, steroid enhanced teenager between Ukrainian forays, the Libyan mess, Syrian debacle and now Iraq, all in a period of antagonizing Iran but negotiating with Iran. Some of this is aligned with Saudi interests, so how does it look to nations outside the Middle East? The Russians can discuss an anti-dollar alliance to stop aggression and know nations will be receptive. Aleksandr Dugin's description of the West's imperial forays and behavior as the "kingdom of the Antichrist" has appeal to religious nations. The Chinese calling for respect of different forms of government for different nations has appeal compared to the one system fits all democracy + progressive buffet message of America. These are small steps and clear signals to the non-Western nations who make up the resource pits of the American empire. Empires do not end in a day, and the American one is no different.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Baskett Case - Life of an E-list Athlete

Oh to be a professional athlete. The refrain of little kids and some grown men. Chances are fat, slim or none, whichever you prefer, but not much of a payoff. Baseball and basketball have few spots in the majors, so if you don't "make it big" you get to sell insurance or give motivational speeches. A lot of guys who played minor league baseball also have a college degree, and by golly, get picked for jobs needing people skills. Maybe because idiots who deal with them will be impressed with their status as 9th round pick for the Cleveland Indians. The NFL has more spots. If you make it as a pro, you too can marry a Playboy Playmate. At least that was Hank Baskett's dream.

Baskett was an undrafted rookie who played a few years for the Iggles as one of McNabb's bum targets and then was last seen muffing a surprise onside kick in a Super Bowl. He married one of Hef's "Girls Next Door". The skank one with fake guns who kind of looked like a sporty, prettier Chelsea Handler (I preferred Bridget, the 3rd wheel with real breasts). A quick exit out of the NFL by age 28, a reality show and 2 kids later, and he's Mr. Kendra. She is their revenue generating stream now. His net worth matches hers, yet his salaries never added to much. Probably means she was the sugar momma. A has been by 30, but he got to bang a Playmate back in her prime!

What's he doing now? Trannies! Seriously. No accident as Hank touched you know what. Even though this he-she has had a ton of work, there is still that uncanny valley where you know something is wrong. Something looks "off". Baskett kind of has Kendra in a vice though because if she was the breadwinner, and she is now in her own E-list capacity, he leaves with half and child support. Even though Baskett is an E-lister, the hollowness of sports fame was revealed in an unusual place decades ago. O.J. Simpson's trial had details of the famous sports star with a movie career and NBC sports commentator gig that showed the boring life. In his mid-'40s there was glamour and wealth but there in testimony from Kato Kaelin and others there were trips to McDonald's, arguments over picking up kids, dry cleaner trips and boring middle aged man stuff. This was a legend! I'd watch it Hank, the divorce could give her career a second wind in the US Magazine sphere.

Good thing so many of our young boys are deluding themselves with dreams of sports stardom. What a payoff!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Mad Men Gender Real Talk

Mad Men's first half to the 7th season went well. There were nice small moments, some good solid episodes and a few wrinkles of creative introductions or exits. The SWPLs will lament the departure of funny but stereotypical Jewish Ginsburg and the struggling with his gayness Bob Benson, but get over it. The writers snuck in that scene where Bob picked up some gay friend from GM (played by cro-magnon Glen Goolia) at the police station for making a move on a cop, framing this as the horrible struggle gays endured back in '69. Ah yes, so horrible that they arrested a gay guy for cruising a bathroom. He even got beat up! Yeah, because that always happened. There were consistent bits in this episode where the message seemed more catered to current SWPL ladies watching the show rather than reveal the picture of ladies in 1969. "The Strategy" was subtly telling women of today the truth with a closing dose of "don't worry about it girls".

This is something I have typed before where Mad Men shoehorns the problem or behaviors of today into the past. There was the episode where Harry and Pete had the "racist-not racist" argument. There is the high percentage of divorces for the mid-'60s upper middle class, which is not quite historically accurate. This episode felt similar. Peggy, the intrepid glass ceiling breaker has one of those "oh my God, I turned 30 and I have no man" moments. Female viewer Spider Sense was set off. That's me some of them thought. Small other tidbits were there to remind women that the career track is a garbage barge portrayed as a yacht. Peggy reveals she just turned 30, lives alone with a fat kid (if Julio was really from the '60s he'd have been rail thin) visiting her whose mom doesn't care about him, she has no man, and worst of all her work is not valued and no one cares. Megan walked in all easy breezey and everyone lit up. No one cared about Peggy's work or deadlines. That is the secret girls. All that work will not matter. Men still care about cute, friendly, feminine and companion issues. Don't bother telling us about your exploits as a junior banker. We do not care. Peggy breaks down because she realizes she has nothing like other people with families and despite her success, it doesn't matter compared to a Megan. Don gives the "I'm not worried about you" speech. An unmarried 30 something in '69 NYC would have been uncommon, but we can allow this exception. The comfort to female viewers is Don, reassuring handsome older man, is not worried about her and honestly, Julio's mom is a mom but doesn't give a shit about him. Family is overrated, do not doubt that choice of career over life, but hey, we know you're worried single 30-somethings in Manhattan.

The Joan bits were ridiculously shoehorning modern problems into 1969. Consider how ancient Joan would've been being a first time mom in the maternity ward in 1966 at 36. That is a deleted scene I would've loved to see. In 1969, Bob Benson offers her an arrangement to be his beard for him to work at Buick, so her son (biologically Roger Stirling's) can be taken care of and have a male role model around. She turns it down because she wants... love. Bob explicitly states (paraphrased), "You're pushing 40 and a single mom, this is your best offer". Now how many viewers are probably watching that and feeling the Spider Sense tingle that this is them. Divorce rates in the mid '60s were still low. Remarriage rates were much better in the '70s compared to today, especially for someone looking like Joan with a degree and some cash. The back story for Joan looks more modern as well. She has had two "procedures" (abortions), messed around with older, wealthier men (Stirling), banged other guys in the office, and her appeal has slipped. Multiple times in the last dozen episodes she has thought a man was hitting on her or interested in sex for business only to be turned down. Go back and review the actors; not handsome men. She is losing her fastball. Oh the spider sense must have been on 11 for ladies watching at home in her situation in 2014. Don't worry gals, there she is with handsome Bob Benson making a proposal and still wanting to try to be straight, Yup cosmopolitan ladies, even your gay friend will want to try it out with you. Still you are completely in the right to reject him and seek love!

Both women receive reassurances or have their problems framed as if they made right choices that broke wrong, but it is easy to switch it on them. Joan, you could have landed a fantastic catch when you were 40-28-40 from 1952-1962, but you used the looks and enjoyed no commitment. Kensey reminded everyone you were 30 in 1960. That hurt. Roger left his wife for 20 year old Jane, not 30-something you. That was sting number two. The last guy enchanted by your goods was a fat jerk from Jaguar's dealer association. Keep chasing love. Didn't work out for you. Peggy, damn woman, you spent time banging married Pete. You wasted time with a journalist loser whom you moved in with rather than received a ring from, so yes, you wasted your 20s as well. You cannot blame your career as you did have chances. Nothing worked, and partly it was your faulty decision making and selection process. The show has portrayed the glass ceiling issue and sexism from a female friendly point of view, but like all stories there are multiple ways to look at it. This is Hollywood so obviously, it is female friendly. If it were not, there would be a peer for each of them that they have rejected who would be the crawl back guy come season 7, and he'd already be hitched to someone younger. For a Hollywood production, this episode, while giving that rub on the shoulder reassurance, still laid bare the reality of these two leading ladies' situations in a fictitious 1969 that many female viewers at home are going through in 2014. There is career joy and material success, but there is also aching loneliness and yearning for emotional fulfilment.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NCAA Coaches Deserve to be States' Top Paid Public Employees

"Look at me! I'm on a soap box! College coaches of silly sports are the top paid public employees in a vast majority of states! What a sick society! Let me preen in my SWPL righteousness. I care about important things." That is your average non-sports fans whining about college coach pay. None of them think it through as it is just a club to beat people with regardless of facts. It's not the coaches. It is that amateur football and men's basketball are gigantic tax free money making machines for the universities.

Name me another employee in any state government that has as great of a return on investment as Alabama football coach Nick Saban? Alabama's football team is worth +/- $100 million dollars. Each time Alabama has made a BCS bowl game, it has earned his conference over $15 million, $30 for the last championship game they went to. Sell out home games non-stop. Who else is doing that? Governor? DMV division head? What state employee compares? No one creates value in government jobs as they are all a transfer of wealth from taxpayers to tax takers. Hiring Nick Saban boosted Alabama's bottom line, and has been the best invested they ever made. Even mid-tier big conference football programs see good returns like Iowa and Kirk Ferentz. He earns $3.65 million per year, but the last BCS bowl game berth nearly paid for the extension itself.

Forget college professors. A STEM professor could bring in grants, but not the year after year return a successful coach can earn for a school. What do college professors do for their money and tenure? My cousin in a tenure track position teaches two courses and must get at least three articles in a peer reviewed journal in five years. That is eight hours of teaching, with specific books required by the department head, a few office hours, hours grading papers, and then writing her articles. Wow, wicked tough. One of the journals was easy to publish because they had so few people submitting articles. One year down, one article done. Make her a millionaire. Look at that map again. The northeast has non-coaching jobs as the highest paid government employees because their state school sports programs are awful (notice Connecticut with UConn basketball is an exception).

Big time college sports is a sick system. It also earns billions. Those billions keep all the crappy sports in business. I would rather see major sports programs clean up who they recruit (no rapists for starters) and properly deal with criminal athletes rather than cover for them. I am in favor of not paying all players, but only players who have their likeness and number jersey sold (escrow accounts in trust until age 25). Additional hypocrisy is the nation bitching about Marxist professors who do not teach anything useful, state governments being corrupt, inefficient leviathans and the entire university system being a racket yet pointing and shouting about coach salaries. At least these coaches deliver because if they do not, they do not have tenure protecting them. Grandstanding about coaches earning millions might make you feel good with your SWPL friends on social media, but think it through next time before regurgitating the colorful graphic.

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Blank Slatism + Race Hustlers Force School Anarcho-tyranny

The media reports on some student being suspended for dumb things every week. Little Jimmy chewed his pop tart into the shape of a gun. Suspended! Joanie brought unapproved sunscreen for a field trip. Suspended! Mikey used his fingers in the shape of a gun to go "pew-pew" at a passing airplane. Suspended! There is common sense outrage from the masses who read those news reports. This is completely idiotic and reveals the lack of nuance and the issue of intent. Intent has virtually vanished from our legal system with corrupt anarcho-tyrannical practices. It now has permeated down to our schools. Race hustlers and growing diversity is why.

This will be a small defense of the administrators and teachers while a condemnation of the system. These teachers and principals could easily brush these small little things away. Sadly, they have rules and codes of conduct. They could let Jimmy or Mikey off the hook. A sitdown with them to explain why they should not do this or that would be constructive. When a 6 year old brings a toy gun to school accidentally and turns himself in to still get suspended, there has to be something deeper going on for the school to immediately follow the book. They could have seen that and given him the toy gun at the end of the day to bring home and told him "never again". They cannot because the new focus on school suspensions' disparate impact.

The suspension pipeline to prison is a phrase NPR used once to describe it. Because we cannot admit that groups commit crimes or are aggressive in school more than others, we need to say it is racism. Black Boys Report used to be a great resource for real minority drop out rates. Now they have shifted their focus to also report suspension rates. This is right on cue with the government and media's focus also shifting (hmmm, coordinated, but how?). A school has to suspend white toy gun boy because it helps the suspension numbers look better. A school has to suspend white toy gun boy because if they do not, what happens when D'brick'a'crass brings a toy gun in on purpose and horses around with it earning a suspension? His momma and the local Al Sharpton will come down saying "das rayciss. Ju let dat white boy bring one. D'brick only brought it by accident!". Next stop would be a lawsuit and possibly settlement.

Nuance is gone when the vague cries of racism and disparate impact are in effect. This is partly due to the feminization of our education space (just look at grade school reading lists), but this is more due to the melting pot. Because intent and nuance are erased due to the cry of racism that wins in government courts and the media space, we get ridiculous suspensions of any tiny infraction. This is the system we are in, and education employees are caught in it. We all will probably look back on this in 50 years and wonder what kid of sick bastards could say they were "just doing their jobs per the rules". On the bright side, America's children can grow disgusted by anarcho-tyranny at a young age. All system overthrows need a young vanguard.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Of Course Common Core Does Not Educate Kids

Everyone hates Common Core. Everyone but the progressive mandarins. David Coleman, Jewish Ivy Leaguer, has since moved on to be in charge of the SAT. Jeez, wonder what changes are in store for the College Board tests. People are fired up, well the people who care about their kids education. Not people who answer yes on phone surveys that they value education, but people who are engaged in their children's schooling. They post links on Faceborg about Common Core idiocy. Teachers rip it as more dumb educating to testing and bemoan how it takes away from real teaching. They all miss the point. Common Core is not about educating students. Common Core is about social indoctrination and passing the dumber and dumber students through system.

Of course, Common Core has civics and other lessons that push the current progressive thought. Is this any different than the last seventy years of education? The overt nature of the brainwashing is what is different, whereas in the past they tried to be a bit more subtle and still celebrated dead white men. That is weird though, because even in the '80s my teachers were telling me the Marxist or Zinn line that history was about the little people and others, not just the great men of history. The progressives need to brainwash consistently because the channels for distribution (Internet) and possible exit (homeschooling and private schools) have loosened their ability to control the masses. Why else would a 20 year old black male rape a white woman over 80 during a robbery? It's not sexual attraction. It's taught hate. He needs an education and media system to tell him to hate those with white privilege.

The subject everyone mentions is math. Yes, the math is taught incredibly dumb, frustrating parents. Here is an example.

Solve for 211 x 3
The kid then is suppose to write it out like so: 200 + 200 + 200 + 10  + 10 + 10 + 1 + 1 + 1

There are also simple subtraction problems that involve having kids set up a grid:

Solve for 42 - 11
The kid is suppose to do this: (Imagine squares for the Xs)

11 + X = 15
15 + X = 20
20 + X = 30
30 + X = 40
40 + X = 42

The kid adds up all of the X spots to get the number.

"OMG that is so dumb!", "Herr derr, how dumb is that!?!!?", and "It takes 3 seconds to do it the normal way", are often seen when people mock this math. Step outside your k-selection bubble, outside the middle to upper class bubble, outside being someone who can do math. Think about Mayson the trailer park white kid, La'un'dry in the ghetto or Jesus in the barrio. Those methods above just saved their ass. Now all they have to do is COUNT for multiplication. For subtraction, all they have to do is get to the 5s and 10s and everyone knows how to count by 5s and tens. Sesame Street does it from day one. I specifically used these examples because I have seen them mocked. Look at them again. Notice anything. No carrying a number on that multiplication. No "take away" model on that subtraction problem. That is where dumb kids often make mistakes. These new methods are time consuming but golly, they'll get it right.

These methods are dumb, but they are intended to help a disadvantaged kid just get a right answer. Keep that kid in school. Not your kid, that kid. Is that kid becoming an engineer or doctor? No. These false self esteem boosts will hit reality when algebra, geometry and trigonometry shows up. "But I was so good at math at 8!?!?" will be the lament. Your kid or an Asian immigrant's kid will take care of that. The goal is to shepherd them through school with enough positives that they do not drop out. They are giving grade schoolers high honors for attendance now in ghetto school districts. Once a high school graduate, they can go to college and get credentialed. Do not worry about their SAT scores stopping them from going to university. Good old David Coleman will dumb that down enough, and the system will have all new debt slaves. We may eventually reach a point of 100% of high school students going to college while we get lapped by every OECD country in scholastic aptitude.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Confessions of an Open Office Inmate

Have you heard of the open office concept? If thinking outside the box, syngergies, mindspace, brainstorming, exploring the space, trust falling and other business slang could be put into architectural form, it would be the open office. It is awful. It hurts productivity. What retarded manager bought into this pitch from the HR fatties or consulting firm? Has anyone ever hired a consulting firm, then said, "thanks for recycling old ideas but no thanks." I am now a corporate prisoner in one such layout.

Just two weeks ago, I was sitting in a nice, large area with seclusion and a great sweeping view from a relatively normal distance from the ground. I am now in Bentham's panopticon. In an underhanded way, this is probably to destroy all goofing off of the hard workers out of fear of being reported while the shitheads who do not care will goof as normal. Why do I thin this? Human nature plus two weeks of observations.

- Being 28 floors up offers a great view but seriously, it is a bit weird. I'm in a box in mid-air. It feels like such an artificial construct. Not sure if I can do the space capsule colony guys. Probably need a lunar or Mars base to live in; at least a ship that generates gravity by spinning.

- Any release I had from laughing at you funny guys on Twitter is gone. Then again, reviewing twitter feeds after work, some of you have degenerated into "more reactionary than thou", which is lame. Guys, if half your tweets are posing, you look like a douche. Never go full Assimov.

- The assholes who call home often or Skype WITH THEIR KIDS AT HOME waste an hour a day at least. Skyping with your kids at home. What is wrong with you?

- Fat people who eat small lunches but graze on junk all day. One cabinet drawer is the chip drawer for a fattie. She stuck a bag of chips in the drawer. Opens drawer, leaves bag open, and munches all afternoon.

- Wow, the world is full of unattractive people and people who were attractive but let themselves go. Give me back my high walls.

- Executives walk around asking why it is so quiet and why people aren't collaborating. Look at their ears, everyone has headphones and ear buds in to block out distractions.

- The volume of everyone's phone speaking voice dropped 20 decibels. This is a good thing because I work with some loud talkers but it hampers business calls because tone and emotion are gone. We've all gone robotic.

- Socializing or even discussing business things has dropped to nil. The collaboration thing has backfired. Because most business talk ended in a social bit. No one wants to risk narc potential now because everyone else will hear.

- If you talk to a direct report, everyone will hear how they goofed up. Before, you could pull them into your high walled area and have a quiet conversation. Now, 3 other people will hear how they derped something for the fifth time.

- If you ever doubted being a cog in the machine, this set up drives it home. Some thirty year vets at X level used to have offices or very secluded cubicles. Now they are just at the same desk as a newbie. We do not value "human capital", just work faster.

- Can't wait for that return call from prospective company X.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Great War Read: The Radetzky March

That feeling hangs heavy in the air. Decline. Decline and an inability to arrest it. There is a theme of inevitability to the decline and looming crisis when people talk. Are we in the crisis already? I would say yes, but that the "There Will Be Blood" period of the crisis is still a ways out. After the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved after the Great War, it was easy to see the end of the empire as inevitable. Maybe there were fixes possible but not executed. The literature and historical works about the empire right after the end portray the decline as a slow one with an inevitable finish. One such work is The Radetsky March. If looking for a story that may echo what you feel is the American decline, read it.

I am digging deep into the way back machine as it is a book I had to read in college hen taking a history of the German peoples course. It was one of those literature assignments where the professor assigns a book over 300 pages to read on Wednesday and expects it read by Monday for class discussion. This is not just about the Great War, and it actually barely touches it. Its' about a great power's decline thru one family. It is also male centric with two characters' mothers dying leaving them to be raised solely by men. It felt like reading An American Tragedy with the detailed descriptions and heavy handed symbolism and mood.

It focuses on one family. Grampa saves the Emperor on the battlefield in a slightly blundering way. He is elevated to the nobility, and this pushes the family up the social ladder. He does not allow his son to become a military man, but his son pushes his grandson into the army to emulate Grampa. Decline is evident from the way the empire works to formalities to the simple way people behave. Sound familiar? Grampa saves the Emperor and all the grandson can do is save a portrait of the Emperor from a brothel. The elderly soldier of formalities has a grandson who drinks, duels and gambles his way serving his nation.

The author is an interesting story as Joseph Roth is an Austrian Jew who left the nation to be a socialist writer elsewhere, and then after Hitler came to power, he left for France to be a bit of a monarchist and apologist for the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Read this book and see if some of the themes of decline and comparing your life as a man versus your grandfather do not sound familiar. There is not  a lot of action in the book, and as I referenced Dreiser's "Tragedy", it is a bit slow and boring at times. The very end has the section with actual military exploits, but by then, you know the ending that is coming. This was written after the end of the empire. There is only one way a nostalgic, depressing tale about a dead empire can end.

Far superior, multi-post review of the book is here.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's Applaud the Coming Russian-Chinese Rating Agency

One cannot just build a new monetary regime overnight. It is hard to even create an alternative to the current regime in short order. There are multiple steps along the way to be taken that reveals what was the strength of the dollar system. The US dollar system had liquid markets, a currency the world could feel confident using, a strong enforcement of rule of law, rating agencies with a shred of dignity, and a fantastic infrastructure for the marketplace of lenders and borrowers. One by one those pieces have either deteriorated or have become fun house mirror reflections of their former glory. As the BRICS keep pushing for more say in global money matters, the Anglo-Euro bank regime keeps stiff arming them. If they cannot get to the table, they will make their own table leaders like China and Russia have been officially announcing such moves. One move recently discussed was the announcement by Russia and China of an agreement for the creation of an apolitical rating agency.

Old timers with credibility from fixing the last dollar crisis like Paul Volcker are calling for a new Bretton Woods. Linked to gold again? If so, that must explain the Chinese and Russians buying at a healthy pace since Greenspan was at the helm of the FED. A new system relying on tools of the US financial infrastructure like Moodys? No. Moodys, S&P and Fitch were handmaidens to the housing madness with their AAA rubber stamping that lasted AAA until it became junk overnight. Extremely complex mathematical models or just plain old corruption? As the short Reuters blurb notes, they are also tools for the USG system. Russia was downgraded to just above junk for a sovereign rating when they annexed the Crimea. Russian government debt to GDP is 13%. For reference, the American debt to GDP hovers around 100%, and that includes recent GDP adjustments.

This is important just for neutrality and honest ratings if you look at what happened to Egan-Jones. Egan-Jones was one of the national recognized rating organizations. They have a different business model and a reputation for being tough but fair. Through 2011 and 2012, they cut their rating for US federal sovereign debt from AAA to AA+ to AA to AA- when QE3 was announced. How did the government respond? From Wikipedia:

The SEC warned Egan-Jones in October 2011 of a possible enforcement action.[9] On April 24, 2012, the SEC charged Sean Egan with numerous offenses including: making false and misleading statements in the firm's application to become a Nationally Recognized Rating Agency, violations of conflicts-of-interest and record keeping, and falsely stating that he was unaware if his paid clients were long or short specific securities that Egan-Jones rated.
The SEC charged them with misrepresenting their very application for becoming a nationally recognized rating organization, which would mean they could strip them of their rating powers. This would effectively kill them as a business. The SEC cannot jail anyone from Goldman or Citigroup for anything, but this little rating agency got the jackboot. Egan-Jones fought back and remarked how the SEC has done nothing against the agencies that goofed on the asset backed securities of the mid-'00s. In early 2013, Egan-Jones settled with the SEC. Their punishment is that they are "barred from rating government and asset-backed securities as a NRSRO for at least 18 months". In other words, nice house you have there, pity if anything happened to it.

This is the kind of corruption within the system that displays the misuse of power of our masters. The bad press from downgrades from the one agency that you could not corrupt entirely like the big boys, and you send the SEC on their tail. If this bothers American financial players, it must bother foreigners even more. This is why the Russian-Chinese idea will have appeal. The Russian-Chinese duo know they need the tools to encourage countries to possibly switch from the petrodollar system. A nation that may switch from the dollar system or reduce their use of the dollar may have an unfortunate and untimely downgrading event. If they have a positive rating from this alternative system, investors who work on autopilot and even active bond managers will not feel that heat to dump the holdings. An apolitical rating system is the kind of superficially neutral sell for countries and private entities to use rather than the big Western firms. If they provide fair and apolitical results that do not reek of corruption, they will see more customers. Even better, they will create a competitive alternative that could force the Western firms to shape up for clients. Brick by brick a new system will be built.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Documentary Review: Let the Fire Burn

Some documentaries show you the decline of civilization as the subject. Others reveal it indirectly. They do not see how their work will run counter to their goals. The Documentary "Let the Fire Burn" is an anti-system film, but it is not entirely sympathetic to the traditional progressive underdog. This documentary is on a group called MOVE that was a black liberation movement that preached primitivism and rejection of modern technology. No, this was not in Oakland in 2012 but in Philadelphia thirty years ago. It was pretty crazy, and this documentary does a great job at revealing the problem of our modern society and how things are sliding down.

The documentary uses all archived video clips. Nothing new. It was an interesting way to present the subject. While editing and clip selection will reveal creative bias, the use of actual film from the conflict and aftermath created a sense of objectivity to the film. MOVE was founded by John Africa whose Wikipedia page explains is semi-literate at best that was charismatic and founded a cult. How did he speak like a Marxist college kid? Well, he founded MOVE with a white liberal Ivy League educated, college lecturer. Basically, the white liberal found a black guy echoing his sentiments, and then decided to use him to found a movement to make a difference in his naïve mind. They went back to the land yet stayed in the city because John Africa wanted public attention. This was a mixed race group until the firefight with the cops in '77. It became all black (one white woman) after that. Eventually, they piss off the blacks in the neighborhood enough that the police move in and eventually another firefight leads to a burnt down "base" and dead revolutionary movement members (kids included).

This is great to watch for the video of Mayor Rizzo calling out the commies for their hypocrisy as well as saying that only in a democracy would we put up with this garbage. True, hmm, democracy is the problem. It was great to see the black mayor elected to represent "e'erbaaaahday" eventually be the one to send in the cops and burn them out. Video of the militants practicing their courtroom antics and acting was tremendous and straight out of the communist playbook. Use the courtroom as a political stage. It was also fun watching the militant ladies who survived use that wonderfully Hollywood black '60s-'70s militant cadence to their speech even when confronted with them becoming criminal informants when they were threatened with death by the MOVE organization. You know that speaking style "My bru-thas and sis-tahs, do NOT seek that which is NOT the ta-ruth". Is that a class in African-American studies programs? Cliché revolutionary cadence and vocabulary 101. The militant act is like a robe one puts on before hitting the spa.

Signs of decline are evident in seeing the skinny, regular guy cops of yesteryear versus the either fat or muscular and beefy quasi-army cops of today. They were regular joes. Crime has changed and so has our police force. The other immediate sign of decline is heard not seen. The neighborhood MOVE was in was described as a blue collar black neighborhood. If you had closed your eyes when neighbors spoke at the city hearings, you would have heard professional and even eloquent sounding individuals, expressing their frustration at MOVE and the city's pussy-footing for years. The city councilman was shocked that it was blacks angry at MOVE and not whites. In old video, during one standoff you see that it is not blacks giving MOVE food to hold out but a bearded white guy. The blue collar blacks just wanted a quiet neighborhood to raise their families. Pull a handful of blacks from an all black neighborhood in Philadelphia today. Tell me what they sound like and if you can understand them.

This documentary is roughly ninety minutes. The fringe cult that MOVE was as far as abrasiveness to society and the police as well as their primitivism is a bit more common now. SWPLs and leftists embrace all things labeled green and natural. Technology is considered dorky and dumb or even evil unless it gives them more cat gifs and porn. The left's dumb ideas of the '60s are still in place today, and those not in place are still used as examples of what we should be doing. The even worse part is that if you look at how MOVE was handled. It was obviously a group of kooky individuals holding a neighborhood hostage and endangering children, yet an evil, white Mayor (Rizzo) who was "too confrontational" punishing them, did not eradicate them. Years later, the system lost the will to deal with them, and the burn out was an accident that got out of control. If you look at how MOVE was handled, you now know why cities handle gangs the way they do. We have lost the will, and I would argue even the desire, to properly deal with dysfunction.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Documentary Review: Portrait of Wally

Most documentary suggestions come from my SWPL friends. One was "Portrait of Wally", described to me as a wonderful documentary that is like a detective story. Tracking down Nazi plunder was how it was pitched to me. Not quite. Tracking down Nazi art plunder is best handled by the book and documentary "The Rape of Europa". Check that documentary out for interesting stories. This documentary is another piece of nonfiction to throw into the pile genre of oppressed Jews emerging victorious and feeling bittersweet over the 20th century. This documentary is in effect a wonderful propaganda piece for the victors of the Portrait of Wally legal battle.

For background, Egon Schiele was an Austrian artiste associated with Gustav Klimt. In my amateur opinion, Klimt is superior to Schiele, and Schiele was just a young guy drawing and painting naked women. Not work I'd consider worth millions. Lea Bondi Jaray had an art gallery in Austria in pre-WW2 Vienna. She had the painting. She claimed it was part of her private collection. Her gallery was Aryanized, she fled the country and supposedly gave it to Friedrich Welz who Aryanized her gallery because it might have meant death if she had not. After the war, she sought compensation for her gallery confiscation as well as sought this specific portrait as it was her private collection. Rudolf Leopold had contact with her, then bought the painting himself from the Austrian museum and added it to his collection for decades, being shady with the history of the painting. Lea Bondi Jaray gave up seeking the painting and died well before the lawsuit (late '70s).

Flash forward to 1997, and the Museum of Modern Art is putting on a giant Schiele exhibit specifically from the Leopold Museum. Magically as the exhibit opens, the intrepid NY Times reporter (Jewish) on the scene is approached by a Jane Kallir (her 2nd wedding announcement is unintentionally hysterical) about a possible Nazi connection in the exhibit. The NY Times then publishes a long, passionate article on the exhibit and the complex Rudolf Leopold, leading the very article off with the "Portrait of Wally" struggle. Of note, Jane Kallir is the granddaughter of the art gallery owner that Ms. Jaray wrote letters to about her lost Wally. District Attorney Robert Morgenthau (Jewish, and yes grandson of the Treasury Secretary) tries to impound the painting on a whim (he admits he had no case), which is then overturned but the Feds step in to keep the painting in America. Key Feds interviewed are Sharon Cohen Levin (Jewish) and Bonnie Goldblatt (Jewish). At the end in 2010 just before Rudolf Leopold's death, the painting was returned to the heirs of Jaray but bought back from them by the Leopold Museum for $19 million. It hangs in Austria with a week or two in New York.

Here's the biggest problem with this dispute: was the picture listed in the gallery's inventory? We never find out. A simple inventory listing would have answered this and framed the dispute in a clear light. Germans and Jews are both pretty good record keepers.

We do not hear that detail because this is about portraying an emotional struggle of good vs. evil. Instead, we get evil Leopold and enabling, quasi-Nazi Austrians conspiring to steal away the poor little lady's picture. This documentary harps on the "fact" that Jews were outside the establishment in Vienna, which is laughable if you read the works of Jewish writers Stefan Zweig and Karl Kraus. Jews were a part of the establishment and the major patrons of the arts. In the last quarter of the 19th century, Jews in Vienna (157,000 by 1900) took advantage of emancipation and opportunities to be leaders in banking, industry, medicine, law and journalism. The entire economy was based on capital from their banks, which were based in Vienna and wait for it, mostly linked to Jews. Rothschild created the Creditanstalt that performed both I-banking and commercial banking, inspiring imitators. After Freud's rise, Karl Kraus wrote with his sharp pen, "The Jews control the press, they control the stock market, and now they control the unconscious". They were the establishment. They also were still different which is the case for Jews in every single nation they live in partly due to religion, partly due to others and partly due to their nature of self segregation. This outside yet inside the establishment issue might be the reason why Zionism was born in Austria and roughly 30,000 conversions to Christianity took place (mostly in the upper classes). Wait, no, forget these facts. Listen to the documentary, the Jews of Austria lived in the gutter and were stamped on by evil Austrians relentlessly throughout their existence. This is not about truth; it is about emotion and one side being righteous and victorious.

The documentary interviews many people with the Austrians taking a variety of positions from Leopold knew to it's complex and could've been a mistake to "ve know nutzing". It is obvious Leopold tried to obscure the painting's past. On the other hand, the Jews see Leopold as a greedy, Mitlaufer of the art world. This is as they admit Morgenthau's move to impound the painting had no basis in law, and hold multiple law enforcement positions, riding high in the American system if you will. No one ever questions how this is in effect one woman and her heirs' word over the word of a dead man (the Welz guy). She gave the painting, which is odd since most fleeing Jews sold their paintings. The painting is not part of the gallery despite many gallery owners decorating their homes with pieces out of rotation from their gallery.

19 million?
It's not about money. This isn't about money. Money ain't an issue. You hear this throughout the documentary from the family. Oddly enough, the painting was valued at $2 million in 1997, but somehow the settlement was for $19 million in 2010. In the words of the most repulsive sounding heir (some heirs sounded genuinely emotional and sympathetic), Ruth Rozanek chuckles and says "no one got rich" off of the settlement. She did know the lawyers got $6 mil of the award. Doing some math, the 50 heirs would have received roughly $250,000 from the settlement. That is a pretty good shakedown that even Jesse Jackson would raise his glass to. The Portrait of Wally case though is the ground breaker for Holocaust art restitution.

In summary, this starts with an exhibit coming to America. Coincidentally, the granddaughter of a friend of the victim approaches a co-ethnic NY Times reporter with tales of Nazis, who leads her article on the entire exhibit with the horrible tragedy (all one woman's word). The legal machine starts up with no basis by a co-ethnic. Co-ethnics hold different law enforcement positions. The dispute lasts years, and finally when awarded the painting, which we are repeatedly told is all that matters, they turn around and sell it back to the Museum for roughly ten times it's estimated value at the start of the dispute. At the very end, there is one heir who gives the "this ain't about tolerance, bitch" speech after he was angry at the speech from Leopold's elderly wife on transferring Wally. Hey, he was not a Shoah victim but he can inherit that anger while wearing a three piece suit. It is a wonderful split claim: we're eternal victims yet $19 million settlements do not make anyone rich. I watched this so you do not have to. I'll re-title this documentary, "Transatlantic Jewish Multimillion Dollar Shakedown".

Friday, June 13, 2014

A Father-Son Marathon Team

Happy Fathers' Day to the dads out there. Best gift is being left alone for the day, but if you get pestered by your kids, deal. If your dad is still alive, see or call him. Grandfather still alive, see or call him. It might be annoying but they did things for you that were annoying to them in the past. A pretty awesome dad is this guy. This father-son duo was a staple at the Boston Marathon for decades. Their story is pretty cool, and if you consider the details shows not just an interesting parent-child dynamic but how times in greater society have changed.

The Hoyts were seen every single Boston Marathon for three decades. Dad ran the 26.2 miles and he would push his disabled son in a special rig in front of him. All 26.2 miles. He ran one armed. He steered the chair. He did not slack. He hauled. I saw him run two years, and when they come your way, everyone is clapping and if they are not on their feet, they rise for this duo. People yell for them. You see that and it hits you that 1. you have no excuses in life, 2. holy shit that old guy is on a mission, and 3. love. You might get the chills. What is amazing is how it almost did not happen. To see how we have changed, when this loving dad approached the Boston Marathon about running with his son they told him no. From the article:

The Hoyts knew they had to keep running. So they had a special racing wheelchair made for Rick, a streamlined three-wheeler that wouldn’t keep veering off course. Then they began doing longer races, and eventually set their sights on the Boston Marathon. Race organizers turned them down at first but finally relented, although the Hoyts got no special treatment. They made us qualify in Rick’s age group,” Dick said, “and that was kind of tough because Rick was in his 20s, I was in my 40s, and they were using Rick’s age for us to qualify. And that meant we had to run a 2:50 — hard!”
 They forced him to qualify with his son's age after rejecting their requests initially. What Massholes! If this happened today, first, he could get a charity spot if he paid to run, but second, they'd give him the thumbs up and help him along. Not 30 years ago. They forced a middle aged man to qualify as a young man since his son who would not run and just be a "passenger" was that age. He did it. Another item of change is how he had to have a special chair rigged decades ago to run with his son, and now SWPLs with mass manufactured jogging strollers show you technological and demand change.

Whether due to older people living longer or just people keeping their disabled children and not sending them to homes there are far more disabled people in our field of vision now. Thirty years ago, my high school did not have any ramps and was a multi-building, open campus so a kid in a wheelchair was out of luck. Football team members took turns carrying a wheelchair bound girl I know up the stairs (liberal narrative busted). By the time I was there in the 'mid-90s, ramps were at every building. Until the 1990s, the Boston Garden had wheelchair bound fans come in through the service entrance like a food deliverer.

I typed no excuses because when you see this old guy run by, you realize that if you have your basic health, what is stopping you from doing anything? This old guy is pushing an adult over 26 miles at a quick clip, messing up his running form by only being able to use one arm to run. I would watch the Marathon when I lived in Natick, so it's early on in the race. Some people have already hit their first wall. Others are moving like well oiled machines, maybe slow, but steadily moving. My wife said out loud about the duo, "How does he do it at that age?". I never answered, but I know now why.

When you find out you're having a kid (assumption: k-selection types reading this), you get pumped. When you find out gender, you do the future "this is their life" (this is what gays have a hard time with; no one assumes their kid will be gay). Gattaca babies will come because everyone wants a perfect kid. They might just say healthy, but they have a laundry list of what they hope for and specific gender birth order as well. That list grows the more people think about life. I have disabled relatives. I know life's cornucopia of obstacles, so all I ever want are healthy babies. Even then, you take what you're dealt.

When Mr. Hoyt found out his son was severely disabled, it had to floor him. If you read the link, the umbilical cord around the neck was usually an extremely bad sign before doctors knew better, so the Hoyts were hit with it from day one. No one prepares you for that. You think you did something wrong and go through the grief or shock acceptance cycle. Those parents have my sympathy, because in the back of their minds is "what happens when I die?". A friend of mine had to console his wife for weeks as their daughter went through testing for cerebral palsy. Turned out she had extremely weak core strength so physical therapy was needed but no CP diagnosis. For a month, he grasped what parents of disabled kids go through all of the time. Imagine you're Dick Hoyt and your kid who can't walk or talk types to you "Dad, when I’m running it feels like my disability disappears", what is going to stop you from training? It was their thing, and his gift to his son. Sure, you are not pushing your kid and running sub-3 hour marathons at middle age. Your dad didn't either. I bet, put in that situation, many of you and your fathers before you would find a way to run together. So call your dad.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Media Finally Discusses the Cartels

Incredible news. The media has broken its silence on the killing cartels and multiple outlets have picked up on the psychopaths that hold rural Mexicans in terror. The media is talking about the head of the cartel hit squad for the Sinaloas. Hold on... wait... Sorry, the media is only reporting on the fact that the Sinaloas have a squad of contact killers because their new boss is a hot chick with an Instagram account. There is a cartel war going on with massive tentacles of corruption in both the US and Mexico, creating a refugee situation in the American Southwest, yet the media cannot be bothered to discuss it. The only thing that gets them to pay attention is a pretty girl with a gun. It's a Tarantino-Whedon wet dream.

Might I add, that she is a good looking mother of three. She can afford cosmetic surgery, but what she has had done is excellent. Of course I have pictures for you to view. Cartel hit squad MILF glorified by the media and celebrated by idiot feminists on Tumblr is my strike zone, maybe not. Maybe it is all a hoax (appears possible). Claudia Ochoa Felix will take care of the rest.

A curvy woman in latex is awesome

Leg into ass tucks really well

Horizontal stripes add to the shelf effect

Da me la leche

Hit madam with Instagram accounts is cyberpunk

Nice hourglass

She works that vampire look. Muy blanco con boca rosa

Future orphans

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hidden History: The French Mutinies of 1917

Soldiers laying down arms. Soldiers saying enough is enough. Soldiers protesting the war because it has no just cause. Talk of revolution. Disobeying orders. Killing officers. Boomer nostalgia over Vietnam? No, this is about the French Army Mutinies of 1917. In the spring of 1917, the French Army faced a widespread revolt within its ranks. Few people discuss this mutiny, but it is part of the Great War storybook that is swept under the rug. Few books are out there about the mutiny, and one film is sort of based on it, which is amazing because the essence of the event is so left. Maybe the lack of attention is that the mutiny did not stop the war, and the leadership responded to the demands of the men in the trenches.

This mutiny occurred after the Nivelle Offensive. This was another offensive that gained nothing in the face of automatic weapons in dug in defensive positions that typified the war. The Germans had made changes in communications, reconnaissance and had worked a flexible defensive reaction to offensives rather than their old hold all ground approach. The offensive failed and soldiers started to lose it. The government called it collective indiscipline, but as many as half of the French divisions were non-functional. Had the Germans any inkling of what was going on, they could have sprung fast and probably pushed onward to Paris with French soldiers melting away, returning home. That is what men were angry about: conditions, the deplorable fighting for nothing, leaves, better food, and an end to it all.

General Petain reacted to the men's demands and delivered on promises. Men were rotated home, leaves were granted, and many of the items the soldiers argued for were addressed. There was a bit of a political element with the later period of the mutiny, but Petain took care of this. There were also court martialed soldiers and executed soldiers. Here is where the hidden part comes in. The archives were sealed until 100 years later. In a few years, we will know everything as historians will have access to all of the mutiny records. Maybe that is part of the reluctance to create martyrs and heroes out of the mutineers because what if the only men executed were men who killed fellow soldiers?

Avoiding this little nugget seems normal in the vast expanse that is history, but how many inconsequential diversity history bits are pushed on school children? This is an anti-war history bit. Children learn of fragging officers in Vietnam. The hard lesson might be that leadership responded, but the war went on. People power did not matter. What were the French fighting and not negotiating for in 1917 anyway? Were Alsace and Lorraine that hot? Maybe. The war went on because unlike the Russians and their deserting, mutinous soldier, the French had plenty of material goods and food to calm their soldiers down with. Anti-war soldiers could be bought off, and that is a lot harder to pitch than martyrs. It is better to focus on the plight of the men in the trenches, not that they finally rebelled and when they did, relaxed for a few baguettes and some R&R.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

What's Up With Gold?

It has been pretty quiet on the gold front. Quiet on the front pages. Russia bought 28 tons of gold in April. Those economic sanctions have been wicked tough on them. Modi won an election in India with a friendly view of the gold industry, which should change global demand. QE still exists, albeit in smaller form with ZIRp still in effect. Gold just trucks along around $1300. Sometimes up, sometimes down. Maybe a mystical force is playing with it. Better clues are in Germany receiving only five tons of its gold since the FED's announcement they would send it back in seven years. Even better is what is happening in China.

The Chinese want to turn Shanghai into a global financial center on par with the world leaders. Schemers can spot a scheme, and the Chinese seem to be onto the COMEX. The COMEX has turned into a pure paper market for metals, with cash settlement often and little gold delivered. How else are the boys going to play on Wall Street on behalf of the FED? The Shanghai Gold Exchange is positioning itself to become a global player. They are reaching out to producers, not just banks. This is yuan based, so this helps push the yuan into the global convertibility realm further. It is a physical market with trades involving delivery. No naked selling, which might have been a hindrance years ago but now, in this era of skinning sheep on Wall Street, has a value. This is all on top of Indian demand that will most likely spring back with a vengeance this summer.

But why bother? The stock market is at all time highs. Is not the economy in year six of the recovery? The jobs market has rebounded... or not. As long as Yellen keeps the printing press going and rates at 0%, the game can be played internally. The problem is the amount of dollars outside of US control. All countries have their problems, but only one is the center of a monetary global order. External actors will ask for what they consider their earned seat at the head of the IMF-World Bank table. Collapse may not come, but change will and how much the American elite is willing to endure to remain captains of the world will determine how harsh the great reset will be. As much as the dollar price of gold is being capped, I'll put my faith in the people buying gold. Forget the Russians buying 28 tons in April, year to date 787 tons have been withdrawn from Shaghai. That is nearly six times Chinese mine output. Their economic data may be dodgy, just like America's, but moving nearly a thousand tons of gold in 5 months will make me think gold has higher values coming in the near future.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Cashless Society in Fiat World

It appears that the Israeli government is looking to move the Israeli economy to a cashless economy. The link mentions other nations are considering this as well. The Israelis are uaing tax revenue, the black market economy and money laundering as excuses. While those are good excuses, anti-money laundering efforts sound weak when banks caught red handed with cartel money get slaps on the wrist. There is something deeper this protects governments from: a loss of confidence.

Zero Hedge rightfully harps on the surveillance capabilities a cashless society would grant the government. A central authority could track the transactions of any questionable individual, preventing anything subversive. The digital aspect would be a much easier sell after decades of widespread credit card use and technology advancements at the consumer level. This would also fully actualize the printing press = a computer idea Bernanke discussed years ago.

In a cashless society with a central bank, the unit would be infinite in quantity. It would be a reverse bitcoin. This would be easy to manipulate and expand to cover any problems in the system from big players. In a confidence crisis, people go to hard money, but in the absence of it or stratospheric cost, they go to cash. This first move is a signal of lost confidence. Might a cash heavy world spark not just a loss in the government's money but the banking system? Cashless solves that. Bank runs are eliminated as a concern.

This will be interesting to watch because the trends are moving away from petrodollar security. Outright collapse may not happen but change will come. Israel may not pull this off, or they might ans act as a guinea pig for the rest of the dollar system. A cashless economy would be a wild step to keep the current aystem in place just a little longer to keep the current elite in place and farming the population for money.

Friday, June 06, 2014

70th Anniversary of D-Day

If you can go to the beaches, go before France collapses or the Muslims take over. Check them out. The topography is off because of vegetation growth, but the beaches are narrow, and at some points, the rise up that cliff looks so steep. The towns are still quiet, rinky dink towns. Driving out there, you'll see a bombed out stone church or old farmhouse. At the British landing beach where they built the artificial harbor, the giant pieces that created that artificial wonder are still there. A great book on the invasion is Ambrose's book. It was recommended by one of my grandfathers that served and went in D+2 or D+3. If you do ever go, pay attention tot he massive re-organizing of the ground that the bombardment of the coast performed. Holes big enough to swallow you up still there. Be sure to walk the entire length of the cemetery. Realize that's one cemetery for one campaign for one nation in one theater of one war. Civilization is built on a mountain of skulls that men sacrificed for you.

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Money and Geopolitical Links

Lots going on in the world. None of it on page one. That is reserved for racist octogenarians, Kardashian weddings, terrible five terrorists for one deserter deals, bloated or dying (your pick) government scandals (pick any: Obamacare, VA wait lists, fraud, etc.), and the stock market's continued rise. All time highs! Buy now! Anything going on that would be worth a read and review? Sure.

In late April, the Treasury made an announcement warning about the student loan crisis. The average student loan load of $30,000 would not be bad in a growing economy full of jobs and if the loans were used for school, but we know better. That the US Treasury is ringing the bell about this means that they are seeing worsening internal numbers and this is years into a supposed recovery.

Interesting theory proposed that the US chose war in Libya over Gadaffy's abdication. Left unsaid is the weird issue of needing to kill off these tin pot dictators now compared to the old days when the dictator would be allowed to leave the country and finish off life in exile. The exile option was a nice one, so why did the leaders of the international order do away with it? Is the need to kill off the oppressive figurehead or administrator so great that we must allow it? Does that conviction, imprisonment and execution allow for a cathartic group experience that helps with moving people along to a new phase in their nation?

Isolating Russia is not going well. Austria signed a Russian gas deal. Russia and China signed the $400 billion gigantic megadeal that has been in the works for years. Russia is diversifying their consumer base, so where does this leave Europe? Might want to rethink things Merkel. Why does the Russia-China deal matter? It has Japan eyeing the Russkis for energy, and the Saudis keep sending guys for meet and greets in China. This is also after Putin said "us" in reference to China and Russia securing their gold and currency reserves. Say it with me and Vlad, "multipolar world".

Assad was re-elected in Syria with 88.7% of the vote. No link because less than a year after ABSOLUTELY HAVING TO GO NOW, the press doesn't want you to think about him.

Yes the poz runs deep in even our military, and yes, the promotion track is carefully PC cultivated. Still, when under 25% of cadets stand for the president at their graduation, their commander-in-chief, that is a horrible sign. I had to find video, so that's why the link is to a conservative US-F-Yeah-A site. Powerline does a compare and contrast between Obama and W, and that was in 2008 with massive Bush fatigue everywhere. Obama followed the SOFA in Iraq, did a small surge in Afghanistan, and has used our Air Force for entanglements. Maybe it is thede signaling, considering the demographics of our officer corps. Maybe there is something else at play. Either way, it's not a good sign.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Two Great War Great Reads

The centennial for the Great War is rapidly approaching. Who will mark the booming of the guns of August? The non-fiction as well as fiction of and about that horrific struggle and aftermath is usually overshadowed by the love affair with the Roaring Twenties, the Turbulent '30s and World War Two. There are gems, and gems that stand firmly with feet in the old world gone by or "The Proud Tower" as Tuchman's book of the pre-war era was named. It was an age of kings and titles, and when Europe had a sense of honor that one hundred years later, looks gone for good. If you have the time, read Under Fire by Henri Barbusse (here and here for free) and The Last Days of Mankind by Karl Kraus.

Barbusse's work of fiction was based on his experiences serving in the French Army. It is gritty, brutal and anti-war in mood. Barbusse looks at the war as a horrific mistake created by old institutions gone mad. This is interesting because it was published in 1916, so that early, the madness point of view had set in. Trench warfare has a way of damaging the myth of gallant warfare. They should have known early when Gallieni used taxi cabs to send troops to tip the balance at the Marne and save France that this would be a different type of war. Even though Barbusse is angry with militarism and the foolish tragedy of it all, he loves France and the fighting elan of his fellow troops. It helps to be part of the side defending one's homeland from invasion.

Kraus' book is actually a play, and not available online. Kraus was a journalist and thinker in Austria. There is no love for the fight, the war, or the leadership in his writing. Considering the entire war a conspiracy between the corrupt leadership of the monarchy, Kraus paints his cast of characters as greedy jerks abusing a dumb mass of individuals. He does not think the war just or Austria good. His view fits well for our time as Americans look at the bipartisan War Party leadership, sending troops wherever and whenever for whatever purpose. Kraus was a monarchist and defender of the old order, but he hunted down corruption and the Jewish dominated press of Vienna. Kraus himself was Jewish, but had renounced his faith and mocked the nascent Zionist movement in Austria at the time. Kraus is an interesting character and quite quotable.

Liberals do not know how to treat or approach Kraus, which is why you may not know him. Barbusse went full Communist, so he is acceptable. Kraus is a different cat, and sometimes the cat scratches you if you pet him too long. Read enough Kraus, and you see his disdain for the masses, the press, cronyism and democracy. That is probably why few discuss him. This work is not widely available, but you can still find it on Amazon; used and expensive. Barbusse's book you can flick through on your e-reader. If looking for a summer read with ahistorical flair, pick up either of these two books. You can read both and compare to men both opposed to war but with totally different points of view.

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Democratic Invisible Primary

Just like the GOP, the Democrats have their invisible primary. The Democrats right now are a bit different from the GOP, in that they have one candidate and then a bunch of losers. While the GOP establishment, party leadership and strategy are jokes, they do have several competent governors that could make a run (Christie, Perry, Jindal, Walker). The Democrats have Hillary Clinton, who is a symbol and pop star type more than an executive. There really is no one else, which is why their invisible primary season has been quieter. Still it is good to review.

She Can Only Lose It, Again

Hillary Clinton - They just have to keep her alive. Keep in mind, this is the fourth straight presidential election where people wonder if she is going to run. She has been protecting her flank by saying ridiculous voting right's stuff to blacks like 1955 Alabama is coming back to prevent a repeat of 2008. Hillary is a terrible campaigner, so she will have to deal a knockout blow quickly if someone like the Wildcard or Flirt is in the race.

Roadkill Division

Vice President Biden - Courting the Jews. While Clinton was recovering from her "concussion" in spring 2013, Biden spoke before AIPAC (Never AGAIN!) and in front of another Jewish group praised Jewish culture for immense contributions. Without them, we wouldn't have gay marriage he said. Biden has dreamed of the presidency since he came to Washington. This is why he chose VP over Secretary of State in 2008. He knows that part of beating Hillary is having the Jews behind you. Just ask Obama. I do not see him cobbling together the Jewish-black-under 30s coalition that Obama road to battle Hillary.

Governor Cuomo - Current white governor of New York going after guns and being friendly with gays. He also knifed public unions. I do not think it happens for him, which is a shame. He seems more competent than every other option here.

Governor O'Malley - Pushed through gay marriage in 2012. That's it. This guy is a clown.
There are no other governor types, and the party's former governors just out of the political process are far too centrist for the primary voters. Ahem, they are also white men like Cuomo and O'Malley.

The Wildcard
Mayor Bloomberg - If Hillary bows out, I think he wins it. Even if she ran against him, Bloomberg is polished enough, he could take her. Do not count him out. He wants it so badly. He has been everywhere in the invisible primary season. Bloomberg also just blasted Harvard and other universities for being repressive of conservative ideas. He will appear normal to many voters. Watch his moves right after the midterms.

The Flirt
Sen. Warren - Vagina substitute for Clinton. The OWS sympathizer. Coming out against the banks. Will have short record, but a record of being hard charging for consumers and little guys. Harvard Law and a vagina but none of Clinton's baggage. What more does the cathedral need? Think of a debate before a Super Tuesday where she hammers at Hilary for being in the pocket of TBTF and Bill's administration allowing deregulation non-stop while she throws a reference to occupy or getting railroaded out of the consumer watchdog spot for being too sympathetic to little guys and an enemy of the banks? The base will eat it up. In all seriousness, would you put up with her for four years if she destroyed the TBTF banks? ... You're still thinking about it.

The VP Stakes
The Favorite - Senator Tim Kaine. White guy from Virginia. Swing state is what will matter for Clinton. She may worry about having the entire ticket be too odd, but if she does not...

The Ambiguously Gay One - Senator Cory Booker. He is a sharp, charismatic 40-something who just hasn't found the right girl. This spot is if Clinton fears she needs the black vote desperately, but what if the ignorant base voters force him to come out and this backfires on Clinton as blacks stay home rather than support a gay? Booker lost Newark's mayor race the first time.

The Hispanic - Julian Castro - Yes, the minority puppetry is this transparent. An interesting thing is happening with Castro right at the moment. The Obama administration is trying to move him to head up HUD. Lawyer, ceremonial mayor, and now HUD head, wow, what is up with that? Why not run for office in Texas if he is an awesome candidate? The progressive system wants Castro to dig into the Hispanic vote. Problem is, Castro is just a ceremonial mayor of San Antonio. His move to HUD reveals more about Texas than about the left. They need him in a spot that they can then layer gravitas on him, but he cannot win a state wide election. If they thought he had a shot in Texas state wide, he would have run for Congress this year to set up for '16/'18 statewide or versus Cornyn for Senate this year or Cruz in '16 or Abbott in '18. Texas' GOP bench is deep, and George P. Bush will be land commissioner with a future eye on any statewide opening. Selecting Castro for VP in 2016 would be example #5,327 of the decline in the administration of our republic. Not speaking Spanish is the icing on the cake as they will actually be selecting a guy for his skin tone and last name.

This is the circus part because the real work is done behind the scenes. Why else would the progressives control the media, academia and the civil service and leave political positions up in the people's hands?

Monday, June 02, 2014

Clinton's Stroke, Sorry, Concussion

Eighteen months ago, the GOP was pushing for answers about Benghazi. Hillary Clinton was preparing to leave her post as Secretary of State. She also fell from dehydration and suffered a concussion. This concussion was sued as an excuse to avoid testifying before Congress, but then the old dame showed up and answered questions in an unpolished, non-Clintonian way. This concussion came up recently when Karl Rove brought up slight concerns about Hillary's age and health and set the Democrats on fire for 24 hours. Playing the part of good husband, Bill came out and defended her. Nothing passes the smell test when looking at this as a concussion, but it does pass when looking at this like a stroke.

I am not a doctor, but I am not the first to wonder about this incident. Thanks to the concussion problems in the NFL and NHL, everyday Americans are familiar with concussions now. An impact causes the brain to rattle around and a person may or may not black out. They come too and are woozy and should probably not be active immediately after. Doctors check them, and say if they are cleared to perform again. People who have concussions complain of symptoms like migraine sufferers in the post-concussion syndrome: sensitive to light and sound, foggy mind, and a horrible headache. A lot of athletes and motorcyclists are right back in the thick of things within a week, maybe two.

Read the link above to Bill's defense. Hillary Clinton "required six months of very serious work to get over" her concussion. She was on anti-coagulants, which are used for treating strokes not concussions. Hillary also stepped away from the public life for months to write a book, returning in June when she announced she had a Twitter account. You know who goes through hard work in a recovery? Stroke patients. You know who avoid interviews and the spotlight because motor skills might be off? Stroke patients. You know who might show up to Congress doped up and not like themselves? Stroke patients. Professional athletes get concussions and some get angry at the delay doctor put on them returning to the field. No hard work to get over concussions.

They have to keep this as a concussion. The GOP will lean on Clinton being old like McCain in 2008. Won't matter. She has nothing for a record. Won't matter. Her period as Secretary of State is full of failures and unfulfilled promises. Won't matter. She does not pass the 14 year freshness test. This would not matter once she has the nomination, but before it might. Clinton is a creature of the '90s fake centrist era of the Democrat machine. She would have to walk back a lot of her old statements. This could hurt her in primaries as the party has outwardly drifted left, but once it says D next to her name in November, all will be forgiven. A stroke is another story. It gives the age issue a touch of reality. It also has to worry the Democrat brain trust because Clinton will not inspire the black turnout Obama did, and if enough elastic voting whites in Virginia, Ohio, Iowa, Colorado, Nevada and especially, Florida worry about her health, she loses those states and the general.

The left has Hillary and a bunch of roadkill for 2016, which I will discuss tomorrow. Thankfully because of Obama's secrecy (probably his mental health records) Hillary can keep her health records hidden and skate. The Democrats just have to keep her alive to November of 2016. They will make sure she has to campaign as little as possible, because unlike her husband, she is a terrible campaigner. The GOP idiotically thinks her health will matter, allowing them to capitalize on her elderly status and poor health. Forget that she has no accomplishments or track record exhibiting good executive skills... just like Obama in 2008. She got the call at 3am for Benghazi (just like Obama) and did not answer or may have and it was an awful response, we'll never know. That should be enough to doom her. She is on the left. It does not matter for her. Recall how in 2004, the Democrats said you had to serve in the military to be president? Long forgotten now. The conservatives have to realize the president does not have the power they imagine it has, and that it does not matter if Hillary Clinton has no positive record and PTSD in 2016. She can be the first female president! All that matters is the body count on your side. This is our system, conservatives, so it might be time to build a new one.