Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Weimerica Weekly - Episode 49 - Delegitimized Elections

Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This discusses the delegitimization of elections. This is beyond trying to impair a candidate's mandate or conspiracy theories about machine voting. I also discuss the continued, multi-stream propaganda about overturning this election. These are all steps deeper into our Weimerican political landscape.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hotep Is A Masculine Reaction

If you are on twitter and in our circle, you have bumped into them. It might be a ridiculous tweet about Egyptology. It might be about the emotional fragility of modern black Americans. It often is about fulfilling a positive, constructive masculine ideal. Undoubtedly, the screen name will have a word in it: Hotep.

Hotep is a term used for black men that preach the peaceful way of an afrocentric idea of life. It feels a lot like an old Earth, Wind and Fire album cover suddenly could talk. There are conspiracy theorists, and some delusional members of the we wuz kangz mold. This Black SWPL (what are they called?) sneers at the hoteps just as a SWPL would spit on Prole Whites. There is little to no logic in that "the root" article besides point and sputter at the men who make up the hoteps. Forget the stupidity of his arguments for his masculine nature and pleas to "progress". Anti-gay? Everyone worldwide does not celebrate gays except for the West and it's enforcement at gunpoint. Those are sham arguments, but look a bit deeper and spot the ignorance of the credentialed, black male doing the progs' bidding.

Lost in this is that the hotep movement is a reaction to the matrilocal and matrilineal society that black men live under right now. LBJ's Great Society accelerated trends within the black community that were moving to a matriarchy. I wrote once on an Indianapolis small community that was a snapshot for the black community where out of 371 people in the apartment complex only 17 were adult men. The idea that men raised in a matriarchal society would react to their brothers being used and discarded at the whim of women with the FULL BACKING of the government should be considered perfectly normal. Black men become a revenue stream for black women if they knock them up, and thanks to the government, she can exclude him from his children's life. Why wouldn't men react?

This is not all that different than black men going into prison and finding not Jesus but Mohammad. Islam provides structural ways for men to enjoy power in gender and family dynamics. This makes perfect sense for men who come from areas devoid of adult male influence and who see a system rigged against them. Islam provides a rulebook for them to have their will enforced and maintained rather than subverted and undermined per Uncle Sam's family courts.

The cop shooter in Louisiana was a hotep. He even went to Africa. It was intertwined in his posts on being an alpha. It was part of his idea of being a proper man. One thing I note in the hotep tweets that cross my path is a rejection of the emotional black American male experience. They mock the black men that cry over some far flung criminal shot by cops. They mock the black men that are hyperemotional because those men are simply mimicking the antics of the grown women that raised them without any men. There is a pro-masculinity angle that is an affront to liberals.

For all the accusations of PUAs basically copying the black playa style, it really is copying the suave, charismatic traits associated with men of true structural power and wealth throughout time. In my fifteen years in corporate America, the only man I have heard viciously berate a female coworker was a Japanese businessman, who I nearly expected him to slap her (bad translator). Sleeping with a lot of land whales does not make an alpha, nor does being an indifferent, apathetic man sitting in the passenger side of a minivan as the baby momma drives the kids around. Black men are still more aware of the dangers of the female tribe, which is most likely a function of growing up in a matriarchal culture. The dis game also means a street honor system still exists (bring back dueling).

There are hoteps who cite the weirdest stuff within the we wuz kangz mold. The Egyptian focus makes sense if you consider the ideas of a black queen (with Iman/Erykah Badu-styled woman pic) is a lot like the altright "white girls in wheat fields" imagery. There is an appeal for their women to take a traditional role and build together. It appeals to a society that had a sense of order, achievement and striving for meaning. This is in complete contrast to the culture o victimhood that one sees as the mythological basis for modern black identity in 21st century America. This seeks a founding myth of triumph, achievement and fulfillment.

There is the incredible revisionist history thing going on, but it does make sense. As just mentioned, what American foundational myth would they have that is not wrapped up in victimhood or having white liberals come to the rescue. Even a black regiment in the Civil War is still a stranger in a strange land as this is not "home" despite the black American experience being a uniquely American existence. There are no sub-Saharan triumphs to point to as Africa is a hellhole. There was no deus vult. There are no cathedrals of yore before modern architecture. Using the glories of Egypt makes sense. It becomes an ideal.

This should not come as a shock. If I were black, I would be a hotep. This cannot be surprising if even during the late second term of the first black president, black men are writing pieces for Huffpo that black men need to leave America. They do need an ethnostate to settle their squabbles with their women. If there was one, I could easily see the hotep brotherhood being the band that keeps it running and builds its spirit. It for damn sure will not be a credentialed black journalist looking down his nose at the hotep culture beneath him.

What journalists should be asking and what they never will ask is why oh why is every group within the Western system seeking some form of traditionalism or structural way to repudiate the matriarchal globalist system? People want a way out. Human nature will seek old ways or new ways but will create order to express themselves and reject that which they feel is unnatural, arbitrary and artificial.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Fracture the Central Intelligence Agency

Destroy CIA. Fracture it and scatter it to the winds to paraphrase President Kennedy. Pitch it as reform, but let's do it. Take advantage of opportunities to drain the swamp to also destroy different cathedral nodes. The empire is going to end, so let's start disassembling its pieces. The public waffles with lukewarm support of CIA. A proper PR campaign can help. This should not be hard to create and shove in people's faces. The final result needs to be a splintered CIA.

Keep in mind that if not for the current reorg going on in CIA right now, they would be full speed ahead with regime change. The Pentagon is tired of it. An opportunity will arise as or provided that Trump radically alters our Syria strategy. A simple Congressional autopsy of what exactly happened in Syria could work towards this goal. The blame game has been played a bit already even within CIA as the grunts out in the field criticize it. Pinning down who supported what jihadist group in Syria would be a tremendous PR coup. How many head choppers did CIA do business with? Given television coverage or media attention with rats pointing the finger at each other, just how horrified will Americans feel? Lukewarm support for CIA would turn negative. This is not quasi-torture for uncovering terror plots. This is arming, training and enabling terrorists that also wish to attack Americans. Drain the swamp so that it never happens again.

CIA is an independent entity but often aligns with the Blue Empire goals of State. Syria is a perfect illustration of this where CIA-State work hand in hand with rebels. If you read its history, MI6 and the Brits foreign office did everything in their power as World War Two raged to help guide the creation of CIA in a mold that mirrored MI6. It was elitist and mocked Hoover's prolish FBI. Hoover was constantly attacking CIA in turf wars both from a fiefdom angle and a responsibilities angle. Hoover fed McCarthy, Dies and Nixon all information to push communists out and to smear CIA enough that it might be wiped away. There was a legitimate threat to CIA that it would be wound down and portions rolled into Hoover's FBI. CIA has morphed and changed as well with mass layoffs of human assets and more reliance on signal intelligence. Non-government entities like the "Safari Club" received money and support after the '70s public revulsion at CIA's antics.

The goal now should be splintering CIA to pieces under the guise of reform. Why are there field agents when we can roll that into the Army's intelligence department? Let DoD select, train and run those men. The DIA runs through similar training and should handle all personnel. Let them have zero control over anyone in the field. Obama had even shifted control of drones from CIA to the Pentagon. Let analysis of data be handled in Langley? Why? Roll that element into the NSA. How different is synthesizing the intelligence from multiple sources? Merge and fire the redundancies always from CIA. Keep some on for longer studies. They can write white papers and offer policy suggestions.

For that matter, they can be disbanded entirely and rolled into the State Department (beautiful since CIA sprang from State). Any intel programs they had will be slid under DHS. Merger of course, but shucks, we have budgets to address as we make America great again. That means we can get rid of a bunch of them via redundancy job eliminations. Every single time we merge CIA with someone, we fire the CIA employee. Every single instance. There is no employer law that protects departmental mergers from being discriminated against. We are not even losing human capital here as these people are a net negative due to their ideological objectives. Stop funding to non-governmental organizations (via CIA or State). If they are truly doing God's work, they will find the philanthropic donors to keep them afloat.

The cathedral is not dead. Organs still exist even if discredited. They exist as zombies. The Left has long term electoral success due to demographics if all trends continue. This is not just immigration but the sub-replacement white TFR rate (1.8). This also means the US has to hold together, which if you have been watching the news or Internet since the election, is highly doubtful. While the USG system is in place, it would behoove any administration that does not like the mandarins in charge of the empire to reform and destroy vicious pieces of the empire. America's global empire will come to an end. Our goal should be avoiding or minimizing the wars. Fragmenting CIA and tossing it to the winds would be a noble accomplishment.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Social Matter - The Progressive Need For Nurture

New essay is up at Social Matter. This one tackles how good schools becomes a schelling point for people to signal who they want to live with in our Soviet America and how the meme feeds the entire prog system. They need it more than we do.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Obama-Era Art

This week's Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This podcast starts what I hope becomes a series of sorts of reviewing the Obama era in different areas. This episode the lack of art inspired by the Obama Era. I plan on reviewing some things not just the symbolism of the man himself.

A Note On Spencer + Hysterics

It took two weeks.

It took two weeks for people to turn the guns on each other. You realize right now, expert trolls, that you could be making fake black accounts and agitating for a black nationalist or separatist political advocacy group and probably turn a lot of blacks or lefties onto the idea. Right now, you could be going after every journalist that made bad predictions (a few of you are). Right now, you could be teasing white male liberals to come on over to our side before their left coalition hordes toss them on the pyre. Right now, you could be trolling liberals non-stop. Fracture the left. Feed their holiness and purity spirals since they are tripling down on anti-white hysteria. Force them down a path of supporting Guatemalan tomato pickers for president and not Wall Street approved, empty vessel minority puppets in suits. Focus your guns on the Left.

Richard Spencer's actions are his actions and decisions. Only he and his inner circle know his strategy. I do think it was a bad idea to have anything at a Trump hotel just after the election, but I also think Spencer did not think Trump would win. Go back thru Spencer's tweets, and note how often he was forecasting a Trump loss. A handful of idiots arm raising can be agent provocateurs or overenthusiastic LARPers. I've talked to Richard on the phone this last year, and he comes across as a genuine guy, even a bit naïve. CIA, FED, Russian agent... I've heard all accusations about him. I first brought to his attention some disturbing things that were going around about someone associated with him. He addressed it, and I've been happy to talk to him and Hannibal Bateman this year. I am always glad to talk and strategize, but my Hestia-NRx guys are my guys.

Roosh is onto something about the inner drive for more media exposure, and Nick Land is right that the media will use Spencer as the boogeyman. No one knows Spencer's motivations. Honestly, Trump just condemned the altright so it's all a bit funny. It's also funny to see Infowars guys trying to claim the altright and now start conspiracy theorizing on it. You can't write this as a comedy because its too fucking cliché. Cernovich jumping in is even more comical since I'm an old enough rooshvforum reader to remember when he was all "I'm never getting married harrumph harrumph" (or is it more lisp lisp) and people thought he was black. How times change, but what doesn't change is the e-book hustle. Good luck selling MAGA Mindset Mike, God bless.

Have you looked at Twitter and Facebook making changes after the election? Have you heard the media start the 'fake news' meme? Have you seen the loony Left pushing fake hate crimes as they protest-riot in dozens of cities? Whatever victory you think you won using alternative media can be snuffed fucking out via the totalitarian control the Left has of every single institution. They purged accounts en masse while leaving the Muslim Brotherhood on twitter and even verified them. They are already trying to chip away at Breitbart's advertising revenue, which is astounding considering the growth of their pageviews. Purely political.

The one thing the altright or dissident right has going for it is being a medium for truth in a moment where public trust in the media is at all time lows. Stick to that. Keep giving people truth, facts, data, studies, everything you can find that reveals how the progressive narrative is about muh feelz wrapped in schmaltzy clothes repeated over and over again but is nothing but a fairy tale. Stick to the truth. Use people when useful. I mock Jayman often and sometimes roll my eyes at HBDChick and EdRealist, but their stats and studies are useful. Do this with every source of data and truth you can find to fight the progs. They will not stop, they will not be bartered with, they will not be argued with, they are the Terminator ideology.

You are up against a totalitarian regime, and you command a tiny fraction of America as followers. Ann Coulter was right to point out how small Spencer's crowd was. Ever notice my steady message of build bridges and use all pieces of the dissident right to attack the Left. It's because we're up against a totalitarian regime. You, we, are all going to need each other if we think we're going to make it through this fourth turning crisis.

Let's scale back the fucking egos here a moment and realize Trump and the elites he had aligned with him won. You need to talk, persuade or educate elites. I'm influenced by Mosca's ideas of elitism and that all battles are really between them. How can you reach them? trust me, there are many confused donors out there on the right who don't know if the Rick Wilsons or Erick Ericksons of the world know how the future is going to play out. There are donors on the Left that might be looking at this anti-white hysteria and seeking a new direction. There are also millions of Trump voters that hid in the Trump closet. Become a presentable face or voice for dissident ideas for them to share and feel comfortable supporting. Think about the big picture. Destroy the Left, sort out the spoils later.

It's been two weeks. No one has won shit except for Trump. Do not stop firing at the other side. Nothing has changed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

A Pizzagate Movie Idea: "Grabbed"

In a world... where a simple birthday party with pizza leads to horror.
In a world... where authorities have no urgency.
In a world... where elites are above the law.
In a world... where a kid can be...

Setting: Las Vegas suburbs. Dad, Mom and male child 7-10 years old. Saturday. Mom and Dad are early 40s. Definitely middle aged. This is not a 'young couple romcom duo'. This is like Aaron Eckhart and Bridget Moynihan casting. People who look old enough to have a kid and have a home and are an aspirational couple. A Dad who looks like he can handle his business and a Mom that looks like the total package that would have a good kid.

Opening scene has Dad playing catch with son who is learning to pitch. A Saturday morning thing to show parental involvement and investment, which is what baseball/hockey/white sport/gymnastics signal. It could even be Dad letting son tackle him and remarking how it hurts because now son finally tackles hard. Dad can be sarcasticy Gen-Xer type, so the audience might think "why is he being sarcastic with his kid". Maybe the kid gets hit by the ball because he stinks and is learning. Mom and Dad have to ice his arm or shoulder, but hurry up, there's an activity to go to. Mom takes son to birthday party at some indoor playground bounce house.

Scene back at house when Mom returns to have them chat about having only one kid. Wanted more but Dad served in military and they would start family until he was out. He makes a reference to saying goodbye to Blackwater when Aidan was old enough to talk. Aidan or some white lib name has to be used. "Aidan is all we need." Need to intercut scene with the bounce house shots of Aidan with friends and the "pizza delivered" by some oddly painted truck.

Parents go to pick up Aidan. He isn't there. They search the place. They get the mom who set up the party who is typical "know it all bitchy middle aged upper middle class white mom who spends all her time on her phone anyway". She says she will call the cops. Dad starts thinking and asks the indoor playground for their paid photographer's digital camera. Going through the photos, he spots an odd pear shaped elderly lady with the pizza crew. In the "ah-ha moment" pic, the Dad sees her with a hand on Aidan's chin. "Who bitch this is?" Finds out location of pizza place. Dad sends the pic to his phone, tells Mom he is going to find their son and takes off, "No Rick, no wait for the police!"

At his car, Dad gets his gun because ABC = Always Be Carrying. He's going to find the pizza place woman. Dad and Mom text throughout the movie so you can see the shots of a lethargic civil authority contrasted with the urgent, protective and vengeful father. At the pizza place, which is deserted and smells awful, he asks to speak to the manager. Manager is strung out looking guy. Dad pushes on who/where is the pear shaped old lady. Despite protestations, Dad pulls out a gun and says "Her name and address or your brains go on the next pie!" Gets name and home address.

Scene with pear shaped old lady. Dad knocks on door, she answers. He knocks door in and restrains her while asking where Aidan is. She denies knowing anything until he shows her the pic. She says Aidan isn't there. She isn't going to say where he is. Dad forces her to give him her phone and unlock it. He says, "You have sloppy opsec. I don't need you to tell me, your phone will" (yes, you know who this character is a stand-in for, HRC). Texts are to odd, vaguely foreign name Humina Abinga. The text at the time just after she would've left the indoor playground party says "I got fresh pizza for your client". The old pear shaped hag threatens him and says he won't get away with anything. They have money and men to take care of him.

"You can't just grab kids!"
"Didn't Trump say grab them by-"
"These are innocent kids you sick fuck!"
>pow pow, two shots to head<

Dad gets in car and does some internet sleuthing using the old hags iphone. It hits him that this is a kidnapping but not for ransom. He cruises her social media accounts because her opsec is so horrible that he can find the humina abinga person (cast a mystery meat actress) via their friendship status on facebook. Pictures of them with kids everywhere. Dad's rage levels jump.

Dad texts Mom and they go back and forth. He explains that Aidan isn't missing, he was grabbed. This allows for a scene where a local cop does the standard cop routine, and in honor of Hitchcock, we'll make this cop a by-the-rules dope. Mom has to explain that Dad is a vet and worked for private military contractors. He's gonna be operating but this time for family. This will lead to an exchange where someone says the film's title...

Cop: "Why would your husband take off on his own?"
Mom: "Time."
Cop: "Maybe he didn't know that lost kids are found within 48 hours."
Mom: "Not if they're... not if they're GRABBED."

Scene with Abinga and her weasely white ethnic husband (guess who that is, yeah Huma+Weiner). Dad knocks on door. Woman answers. Dad charges in beating her as he yells where is my son. Weasel husband comes down the stairs shirtless and in his underwear and dress socks (pulled up to his knees). Dad threatens to kill Abinga unless she talks. Points gun at weasel husband and asks if he knows anything.

"Oh jeez, I'll tell you anything you wanna know just don't kill me," said in a Woody Allen voice.

Weasel then tells Dad about what his wife does. They don't work. They are middlemen who work with the spotter/recruiter (pear shape) to find kids for rich men and women. "I only married her for cover. It beats having to work. We're on the payroll. The pizza chain is cover, hell they launder their mob money." Dad looks on in horror. Asks about timing and where his son is. Abinga curses Weasel and says, "Tell him nothing." Weasel explains the location the kid is at for a transfer. Dad asks how he'd signal to the pizza manager that he is in the know and the code is "I'm picking up ingredients for spirit cooking". They'll give him the delivery address. Abinga is spitting at Weasel. Dad looks at her. Pow-pow two bullets to the head.

Dad closes in on Weasel husband.
"But I told you everything. We had a deal!"
"That was before you revealed how depraved you are."
"I don't touch the kids. I just like texting them. I jerk it to texts. Not the kids, the teen girls. You can't kill me!"
"That's where you're wrong."

This is the "turning point kill". It'll have been 40-50 minutes into the film. When Dad gets back to the car, you see him go to the trunk. He's got clips and a couple extra guns there. This leads to the next 40 minutes of action.

Dad races in his SUV to the pizza location. It's in a dumpy strip mall. It's empty for a Saturday night. He's packing his guns under a light jacket. Guys working the counter have strung out, druggie look. He asks to speak to shift manager. It's some doughy Jonah Hill looking schlub. "I'm picking up ingredients for spirit cooking." The manager says they just picked up the ingredients. Looks at the workers, gives a sign. >Fight in the pizza place as schlub makes a run for it<. Dad kills workers there and chases after manager who goes to the basement via a door marked "Utilities". Dad doesn't realize its a staircase down and falls down it.

In dark basement, schlub attacks Dad. Fight in the dark. This leads to beatdown of schlub. With schlub securely down, Dad pulls out LED keychain light. They argue back and forth about the pick-up. Where was it going? Schlub tells him to hit the lights. With lights on, Dad sees door to what should be a freezer. "You keep kids cold?" No, it's not, and schlub opens door. Just a dank metal box without lights. Dad gets it out of him in exchange for not killing him. Schlub warns him there will be a dozen or more men at the mansion (getting dark now). After he has what he needs, Dad realizes time is important. Dad in doorway of dank box.

"How many people know about this room?"
"Oh just me. I'm the franchise owner. This is secret."
"Good, then no one will bother to look for you."
"But you said you wouldn't kill me!"
>Shoot guy in both legs crippling him.
"You'll bleed to death."
>Locks schlub in the dank box. Can hear the schlub pounding on the door from the inside, screaming for help.

Dad texts Mom to say he knows where son is. Mom says she can send cops. Dad denies this and says, "Tell them nothing. They're still at the indoor playground for Christ sake!" On drive to mansion, Dad has to see pizza delivery cars at intersections or stop signs and get weirded out. Throw in a flashback scene of Dad with son when he was smaller. Dad holds back tears and steels his will.

It's twilight when he gets near the mansion. Guard box. Does he ram it or go ninja? Ninja-style. Kills dude in guard box and disarms alarm. Scans over the security screens. Notices fat guy lounging in a lavish room. Room next to that room has no camera shot. Sees what he is up against (this is for the viewer so they can map it out in their mind what's coming). Puts on security guards jacket and hat. Infiltrates.

Before the action sequence, there has to be a scene where the "chief pedo" is in a room with the son. He has disturbing art on the walls and headless mannequins with paint on them in the room. You don't see him but you see the kid. A hand grabs a slice of pizza and says, "Have some p-p-pizza. I a-a-always share pizza with my friends". Now this guy has to deliver the lines like the narrator in "Little Princess" (listen from :55-1:13) who has a creepy pedo voice (narrator is confirmed gay).

Sequence of Dad icing henchmen. Shooting, throatpunching and stomping and even some stabbing with kitchen knives. The Fat Guy (yes, fat tony podesta stand-in) gets up in the commotion. He is shirtless and wearing a silk robe with disgusting gut and a chain on. I want every cliché in this film. Have Mom text Dad while he's icing henchmen and upset he isn't answering. Nice comedic effect. After he kills say 12, have him answer her like "JFC I'm killing pedos right now!" Cut to shot of her as cops are still taking down notes, doing paperwork and bitchy mom is asking if she can leave since it is her kid's birthday.

Dad works his way to the room with Fat Guy, noticing that as he goes deeper into the home and further from the front, public rooms that the artwork gets more bizarre. He finds Fat Guy holding a firepoker.

Fat Guy: "Look, I don't want trouble, how much do you want?"
Dad: "Where's my son!"
Fat Guy shifts eyes to room next door: "He's my brother. I don't touch the boys, only the girls."
Dad motions to shoot him: "You sick fu-"
Fat Guy: "Do you know who my brother is?!?!? He'll send 20 men!"
Dad: "I've killed 18... >pow-pow<. That makes 19."

Dad barges in on room next door. Son has pants on but his shirt is off. Shirtless skinny old pedo (yes, let's mock john podesta with a stand-in) is on bed with pizza box open. Son runs to his dad's side with his shirt. There is the standard "are you all right" exchange of words, hugs and hair tussling. Dad is almost in tears. Aidan puts on his shirt. Pedo-sta breaks the silence. If the actor who said "ass to ass" in Requiem for a Dream is still alive, I'd cast him in this role.

"What are you going to do about this? I've done nothing but share some pizza."

Dad gets a good look at Pedo-sta and the Vertigo-dolly zoom shot happens. The voice and face combination hits him. Dad flashes back to a Blackwater gig as a security escort in Iraq or Afghanistan and it was Pedo-sta that he was taking care of one time. Dad knows the guy is connected.

Pedo-sta: "I've done nothing. People dropped your son off here. We just talked. Isn't that right Aidan?"
Dad: "You're a sick pedophile."
Pedo-sta: "That's a hate word. There is no malicious intent here. Think of me as a... virtuous pedophile."
>Dad curls Aidan inward to shield Aidan's eyes.
Dad: "Not in Trump's America."
Dad: "Let's go home. What do you want Aidan?"
Aidan: "Ice cream. I never got ice cream at the party."

Next scene is Mom still at the indoor playground as police start their search. She gets a text. "Aidan's home". She calls him and is franticly asking how is he. "Eating ice cream," Dad responds and she let's out an exasperated "c'mon" to which we then see a shot of Aidan and Dad eating ice cream with the phone on the counter in speaker mode. Dad has to be sweaty, maybe some blood and dirt on his face. He tells her to call off the cops as they have found Aidan and come on home.

Final scene is Mom driving up to house. It's dark. She gets inside and the boys aren't inside. She hears something out back. She gets to their door to the patio and sees Dad pushing Aidan on the swing to go extra high and Aidan is saying, "Can I leap off at the top, can I, can I," we get smiles and end credits.

We want cliche action movies. We want good to triumph over evil. People have lost faith in civic institutions and the primacy of blood and family is the rising force for security and safety. There has to be a progression of sarcasticy gen-X or Millenial behavior that transforms into deadly serious parental investment and sentiment. You may say to people you'd die for them. You'd take a bullet for your buddies. Only your kids would make you kill at will. We need to meme a pizzagate revenge flick into existence. Ransom + Taken set in "Trump's America" = Grabbed.

*Easily make this a franchise of guys busting up pedo rings of supposedly untouchable people.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Romney and Trump

News of Romney seeking a role in Trump's administration smells like smoke to throw the media onto odd trails. I have written before on the similarities between Romney and Trump, and how the GOPe just rejected Trump because he was not their guy. One cannot help but laugh at Romney seeking out Trump in any way, shape or form. The GOPe shows it will bend for anyone left, right or repulsive.

It is important to consider Romney's role in 2016 because he played an important part in the GOPe resistance and sabotage of Trump. Trump won three of the first four contests. He won Nevada so overwhelmingly that GOPe pundits on twitter were trying to smear the win as fraudulent due to irregularities in voting at polling sites. There were legit e-pundits stating that the results shouldn't count with even one saying they shouldn't count unless Rubio won. They knew his momentum going into the first Super Tuesday was immense.

Super Tuesday revealed Trump's broad appeal as he won seven states in a variety of locations. Key was Trump winning in Virginia as it denied Rubio a win in a state that the GOPe pinned its hopes on propping up their pool boy as the proper nominee. It looked over. Any pundit would declare Trump the presumptive nominee at that point. There looked to be a rapprochement between big donors and Trump. Why keep fighting what the voters wanted? Why waste money on loser candidates?

Romney spiked that. On March 3rd, Romney gave an odd speech that signaled to the GOPe crowd to resist and fight Trump. As a flag bearer for the establishment, Romney signaled that the fight for the march 15th primaries would be on, which involved every piece of the GOPe to block Trump at all costs. We now can look at the Ohio GOP primary and say that it was rigged in some form. The Florida primary involved tens of millions of anti-Trump and pro-Rubio ads only to see Trump win decisively.

This was an embarrassing waste of resources. This was also an embarrassing public battle between a party and its frontrunner in an election where replacing Antonin Scalia, their SCOTUS lion, was up for grabs. Throughout 2016 when debating cucks on their McMullin pimping, I would ask them how serious were their paeans to Scalia. Mine was serious. This was all the more damaging since the regime press could say "GOP Civil War" as the true civil war within a party was being waged on the left. Had the GOP rallied around Trump and watched Clinton flounder, it would have helped with messaging as well as solidify their side.

If one needed proof the GOP is and was false opposition, it is there and in subsequent sabotage actions. They wasted limited resources, time and energy fighting their own, eventually victorious nominee. Trump may completely cave and become a tool of the establishment to keep the status quo going. Trump may reform the GOP into a Goy Likud party. Trump might also use his limited time in office to form a shadow deep state network and infrastructure. If there is a sign that he is not some deep cover mole for the GOPe, it is in how vicious the GOP fought their own nominee. The future is wide open and by definition undefined.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Social Matter - Working For Poor Governance

New essay up at Social Matter. This one takes a new program in SanFran and extrapolates from it how all the fixes that we are marketed are on top of a progressive foundation of bad governance. These are not solutions. These are band aids. The true solutions are off limits.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Fraying in The Core + SM Review-Preview 66

A few weeks ago, I was reading up on the moves being made by nations all along the South China Sea. I was prepared to write up an essay for Social Matter about the fraying at the edges of the USG Empire. This is happening and one upside to Trump's election is that we may see the USG empire unravel without a major war and possibly dodge some smaller wars. The fraying is happening at home.

There are paid street protest-riots over an election. This is Weimar antics in a new realm. Americans did not riot in the streets after the '68 election despite a horrendous year with killed candidates, killed race leaders, fights in the streets and a winner that many portrayed as embodying the evil portion of America. People accepted it and moved onto protesting about the Vietnam war. There were no riots after '92 or '00 which were odd or contentious elections. This is simply protesting that they lost.

California and even Oregon put forth ideas of secession. California's was expected, and no matter the winner, California's secessionist advocates were going to meet on November 9th. This is a secession from the far left. They want to become the shining prog beacon that they believe they are meant to be. Years ago, I wrote how regions could secede and would need founding myths and myths that align with their beliefs. They have demonized the US founding myths and do not identify with them so thoroughly that they need new ones. Manifest Destiny to conquer the desert and make it bloom and build skyscrapers is not cool anymore. A scarier prospect is the other 49 states do not care if California leaves.

This will continue. I know my fellow neoreactionaries want to rule the system in one piece. That is leadership's position. I would love to remind them that if they ever got the car keys to USG and ended voting, the "resistance" would be immense from the Left since they have dreamed of doing just that for eternity. Look at how they are crying out their resistance now while controlling academia, the media, the fedgov, Hollywood and social media spaces. This faux resistance might be the most goddamn blue pill idea ever. Posting it publicly online with your real name and face. Oh wow, Soviet samizdat writers, French Vichy era resistance fighters and other Eastern bloc vets would be sooooo proud.

I don't care one fig to be a heretic to the Hestia crowd and align more with Nick Land who says, "Fragmentation commence!" It's also because I buy into the MPC concept of SCALE. We are too big, too diverse and too culturally different within the dominant population group (whites) to hold together. The Left's control is basically the cities, Hispanic heavy states and that scimitar of progs + blacks that starts in Southern Maine and ends in the southwest tip of the old cotton belt (black belt). Mark Yuray's essay that the US cannot Balkanize noted no state went more than 70% one way politically or the other (IIRC). Look at Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, and hell Pennsylvania. Tell me the percentages broken down by counties. Walk grocery stores in different parts of America. Historical America is gone. Save remnants.

Tell me what is freakier: protest-rioters over an election paid by Soros or your normie liberal friends losing their shit for a week on Facebook. How many mild mannered yet SSRI popping liberals did you see posting overemotional messages publicly. Politics is life for them. Conservakins treat politics as something to engage in at their choosing. Look at progs sharing of these false reports of Trumpkin Violence in the shadow of people on their political side literally destroying property and attacking people in over 20 cities. This is their religion. There is no reasoning, persuading or debating with them. The best is separation. Let the Left destroy themselves in their own hovels. Leave the rest of us alone, but they won't.

The unraveling will continue.


Last week I wrote about how Baltimore is the destination that progs seek. They want a dusky underclass living in misery that will pull the lever to publicly declare the prog rule at the top is legitimate. Weimerica Weekly was on Trump's win and Soros' response so far.

This week I will write on the curious change to the DSM codes that spell out how our Soviet American prog elites will handle dissidents in the future. Weimerica Weekly will cover travel, adult day camps or something else strange. I'm working hard to get an interview with a yoga instructor/studio owner.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

WW1 A Highlander Corporal from 1916

100 years ago this Highlander set out for the Great War. Had to make sure Germany did not dominate the continent with a different politico-economic system.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Two Billionaires

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I discuss the two billionaires: Trump and Soros. If you ever questioned Soros's sanity or his motives, I read actual quotations from the man himself to show his God complex. I discuss the Trump victory, the liberal meltdown and then Soros. Soros must be dealt with, and I hope that it happens.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Stealth Reboot of Golden Girls Idea

Reboots are terrible. They really destroy the original. it's not just the weaker version, it's all the wink wink to originals for the fanboys and then the inevitable poz. Prog them out and ruin memories. I'm writing today to offer a reboot without declaring it a reboot. Let's call it a stealth reboot. Let's stealth reboot The Golden Girls.

What was the Golden Girls? It was the '80s sitcom about four old ladies living in one house in Florida, running into hijinks, love, adventure and soaked in estrogen. Golden Girls was technically Maude 2. Bea Arthur came back and played a sarcastic ethnic white from New York, and this time with even older and connected to the old country mother in tow. In Maude, she was married (on her 4th husband) and middle age, and in Golden Girls she was elderly and divorced. It is one long Jewish feminist life story played out over two sitcoms.

But wait, wasn't she Italian on Golden Girls? Sure. Really she was a stand-in ethnic white, and it is forgotten now but the '70s and '80s pop culture was often focused on ethnic whites and their hijinks or differences. How much of Madonna's shock was an ethnic white girl from the city being pushed as sexy and acceptable even if overt as a sex symbol to WASPs? Bea Arthur plays the same feminist crypto-Jew in Maude (a Norman Lear creation) and Golden Girls. They cite in Golden Girls how she went to college... in the '50s. Doesn't seem Italian to me.

Pardon the tangent, but one could also look at the other two younger leads, Blanche and Rose, as later extensions of prior characters they played. Blanche, played by Rue McClanahan, is a sexually charged vamp, while Rose, played by betty White, is the ditz. If you look at their TV pasts, McClanahan played the cute ditzy neighbor on Maude and Rose played the middle aged vamp on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. While they switched types, one could argue a sex crazed party girl type could easily devolve into an airhead while an airhead might accrue enough street smarts through her attractiveness to men to become a confident vamp in old age.

The genius behind the Golden Girls is that it hits the mid-20th Century female archetypes on the head. There is the ethnic white street smart type (Bea Arthur), the country bumpkin who is sweet, dopey and cute (Betty White), and the sexy Southern belle (Rue McClanahan). There is the older, wiser female who doesn't quite get the younger elderly ladies as well (Estelle Getty). Airing on Saturday nights, this show might as well been called "HEY GREATEST GENERATION, HERE'S LOOKING AT YOU". An additional bonus is that the men they are often being paired up with or who are portrayed as good romantic leads are overwhelmingly WASP men who are masculine, debonair and have it together. It all comes together in Miami, Florida, which is not a home for any of them.

Have you ever watched the show as an adult? It is a classic A-B-C story arc sitcom with the fourth lead being a foil for the primary arc with older actresses. It has plenty of ethnic and vulgar jokes. It's riddled with sex jokes. It even has poz. Rue McLanahan has an episode where she finds out her son is gay. Sorry, but TV has always pushed the poz. Listen to the lyrics of Maude's theme song. On one episode of Maude, Maude and her careerist friend act out a two woman play over neither having it all and having to respect each's life choices. This was mid-'70s. It was a false feminist choice middle and upper middle class Boomers were facing but portrayed as on their mothers. Golden Girls is crass and is full of jokes on small town life via Betty White's character. This gets forgotten because honestly, those women had great timing and chemistry on camera. It gets forgotten because they were old ladies. There are also vaudevillian episodes of flashbacks which basically amount to 3-4 sketches that could include quick set ups or very well done monologues. That takes talent.

Now you see the stealth reboot. You don't say you're rebooting Golden Girls but you do so. "Picture It: Austin 2016." You set a show in a hipster city with three Millenial women in their late 20s and one of the Millenials older Gen-X divorced sister living with them. The Texas girl owns the place (bought for by her parents), and the country bumpkin from flyover trying to make it in Austin moves in. There is the sarcastic ethnic white who has her job transferred from NYC/LA/SanFran to Austin. Older divorced sister was already there, which is why she agreed to the transfer*.

On Golden Girls, they loosely had jobs and met men every episode. It can be the same thing here. Only one of them has a real job (ethnic white), and they live the shitty job and rotating men Millenial life. Screenwriters could just lift entire episodes of Golden Girls scripts and use them with slightly updated references and jokes. It works too because the arrested development, distractions and malaise that is associated with Millenials oddly fits the widow elderly class of yesteryear. No purpose but to have fun. This also works over other Millenial shows because we'd be identifying only one as the sex obsessed friend.  Lena Dunham's Girls has a group of unrestrained sex toys (even the fat one), which hurts classification and identification with characters because they all kind of blend into "urbanite slut".

This is a winner. It would never get made, but it'd work. Despite being a wretched woman, Margaret Cho did once have a comic bit that cut right to the heart of a small circle of female friends. Golden Girls fit this triangle. In any group of three female friends, there's the sweet one, the smart one, and then there's the ho.

*Okay, there is NO WAY they'd let me get away with casting 4 100% white characters, so I'd have to find a way around it.

Ethnic white lead + older gen-X sister - Cashews - Jew mom/Catholic dad. This way they can be fiercely anti-religion just like Bill Maher.
Texas sexy chick - White Hispanic. Give her a white dad and tejano mom.
Flyover girl - white

Monday, November 14, 2016

Crush the Universities

When I wrote on using community service as a requirement for waiving some student debt, it was to get some form of service for burning money. What the Trump GOP should do is go after the universities. I do not trust much will change, but why not shoot high. Right now, Americans want the college system to become more affordable. What they hear as a solution is "more affordable loans" and "greater access to loans". This is hogwash, and the public is upset at how much of a rip off college is. The public also has an inkling of how insane colleges have become, including diversity of opinion problems. The right should take advantage of this opportunity to go after them.

I will link and copy and paste from Jim's post on going after them and then add my own bits. Jim hits hard on this as a way to fuck with them.

But before he gets to making Saturday Night Live funny again, has to get to redevelop Harvard into shops, condos, hotels, and offices. 
Currently we have an elaborate system where committees give grants to people who are on committees. This renders power and funding untraceable and difficult to control. To drain the swamp, has to run government money through a direct hierarchy operating on das Führerprinzip.   
So the Dean of a university should be appointed by the board, the Dean should have the power to hire and fire professors, and all academic funding should go through university, which is to say through the dean. If the Pentagon wants a professor at MIT to research something, it should pay MIT, not the professor. 
We should abolish tenure. Tenure was supposed to make professors proudly independent and capable of dissent, but instead every single academic at every single institution grovels. When the line changes, every professor changes his position and instantly forgets that the line was different yesterday. The line emerges from an amorphous mass of committees, obscuring who has power and who makes decisions. 
Outside funding of academics should be seen as corrupting. Would Steve Jobs be happy if one of his executives received large payments from a committee containing people connected to a competing company? All funding should go directly through the board and Dean/CEO. 
And when we have replaced hidden lines of authority with direct lines of authority, on das Führerprinzip, we can then hold those with that authority responsible for what they do with it. 
After getting rid of committees and outside funding, which hides who has power and who makes decisions, then and only then can we purge academia.

This is pretty sharp. Remember that the last industry practicing like a Medieval guild is academia. Jim is going right after the priest class. This is smart. Trump should also take advantage of state governments going after rich endowments like some brewing battles in New England. People can weaken then financially, and honestly why stop with that angle. Start using "burdened students in debt slavery" as a means to destroy the universities.

1. Work on an economic policy that returns some manufacturing here. This could be accomplished with the multinational cash repatriation issue if Trump cuts a deal that returns cash at a lower tax rate but in exchange, they must relocate some jobs here. This hurts the demand for university degrees.

2. Come to some deal on the outstanding debt, but if we wipe it off, community service must be a portion of it and other debt must return to the schools. If this kills the University of Phoenix and some other for profits (and weaker non-profits) that are enrollment mills, so be it. Note that new investors would buy UofPhoenix and adjust how it is run. Remember the universities hate you.

3. Reform student debt to switch from nondischargable to the Reagan era 7 year discharge rule. Also add a provision that 10% of all loan principal that is defaulted on goes back to the university to pay. While rates would rise + media would spin "oh loans are worse now", Trump could spin this as "Ending Modern Day Slavery". This reduces student loans and number of people loading up and attending. universities lay off workers? Fuck them, they hate you.

4. Break the union. Every school has their union negotiate a collective bargaining agreement that allows for lavish benefits, lavish sabbatical rules, and countless other fantastic things you do not get. In many academic minimum employment contracts they have zero minimum hours per week but class minimum requirements. This is supposedly to allow for the swing in hours but it is also to allow for professors to teach one class, which they skip entirely or flub through and still collect the check. Destroy the union by saying that it is unfair for families to pay for the fattening of union purses in an industry that cannot be outsourced.

It's not just altering the priests but destroying demand for education and altering supply of loans. How many schools pull back enrollment if they have to worry about assuming defaulted debt? How many loans are NOT made if default risk returns? How many people to you affect on the margin? Every person you pull out of the university system is a win. it is four fewer years of indoctrination and potential for poz infection via supposed authority, sanctioned figures.

Jim wants to go after the priests. I want to reduce the number attending mass. Why not both?

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Social Matter - Destination Baltimore

New essay up at Social Matter. Where do the prog policies all lead to? Baltimore. It is right there to see. Prog econ policies mixed with their third worldism right on your shore.

Friday, November 11, 2016

President Elect Trump + SM Review-Preview 65

President Trump. Did you actually think you'd say it? When this started you wanted to simply troll and destroy the GOP. Now you are sitting there going, "I can't believe he won." I know you didn't think so because you guys sent me messages about being black pilled, about being down, and about the coming troubles. At 3pm you might've warned your wife about the coming civil war and conflict, and then at midnight, it was party on.

A commenter elsewhere said I was blackpilled for this election season. Look, I am an anti-democracy advocate. It's my game but did you figure out why I had Nixon call me? Nixon could play my positive foil that still believed there was a chance if Trump did the populist "Screw the DC-Wall St axis" pitch. I did think populism was a winning message. I've written about that for years now. Trump's campaign was a magical thing and also an indicator that there was something wrong with the system. Who knows what he will do, and honestly, isn't that amazing? We will end up looking back on the W-Obama era as the final days of the old Reagan created system just as the LBJ-Nixon era was the final days of the post-WW2 system.

When did you feel it turn? Was it when Florida went for Trump? Andrea Castillo, now O'Sullivan, was retweeting and tweeting like a superb troll. She was already dancing on the progs' faces and it was only 9pm. Not having the election be a Clinton steamroll was a first win. It repudiated the cuckservative "We need to hispander" message. it would prevent a cuck double down in 2020. The major tell something was up was when the networks were not calling Pennsylvania. This meant their exits were not indicating a Clinton win when combined with early returns within their margin of error. Recall that Pennsylvania in 2000 was called well before Florida.

It might have been when the networks couldn't call Michigan, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and >gulp< MINNESOTA. See I expected Trump to win Florida and NC but fall short because he couldn't win VA and would not flip PA or Michigan. Flipping one of those was the key to victory. When the media couldn't call PA and MI, I knew something strange was up. Did you watch the NY Times probability of win chart or 538's? It went from 80% Clinton win to 5% Clinton win over the course of the night. Nate Silver tweeted at one point that they did not change probability until states were called because people mocked his site's lag. It was glorious. I called some Millenial shitlords and said, "I think she wins narrowly, the Dems always fucking cheat enough to win." I still smiled as we shared Facebook meltdown posts of friends.

I had some inside info. One source I can't share, but it made me feel good about Pennsylvania. The second was a Democrat friend in the White House. He called initially crying. I said, "They haven't called it, she can squeak it out". He said, "Networks are just keeping America on edge for ratings and page clicks. It's over." The Dems had specific areas they were watching for a Clinton win and all were breaking not just lower for Clinton but against her. There were specific areas of PA that the Dems expected slight wins that were coming in losses. There were areas of Michigan they expected Clinton at 48% where she came in at 38%. We spent an hour discussing how empty the bench was, and how Trump just by not being Hitler would actually help his white voter percentage next election as the moral preening pussies came home. As he put it, "This is the paleocon's revenge. Everything is wide open."

When Wisconsin was called, were you in shock? The Wisconsin cuck label might be unfair. Governor Walker's machine combined with Trump's message came through, bigly. With Wisconsin called, you knew Pennsylvania was a matter of time. The trolling on Twitter was glorious. KawaiiHVACGuy went after Ian Bremmer with renewed fury. People poked at journalists and lefties non-stop. I just refreshed my Twitter feed and enjoyed the spectacle. Watching cuckservatives try to deny what was going on was hilarious as well. "Oh just wait for the midnight vote dump! Oh just wait for the wave to crash! Oh just wait for Arizona Mexicans to show up!"

To top it all off, that bitch wouldn't concede on camera. Drunk? Seizing up? Medicated? To be a fly on the wall. She sent Podesta, the spirit cooking asshat himself, out to tell her fans to leave. She conceded on the phone. The photos and videos of the libs crying were beautiful. My wife's Facebook feed was hysterical as all these echo chamber libs were losing it. What was even better was watching the very people who shamed and chased down their friends and family for even whispering support for Trump get a sledgehammer comeuppance.

I do find it hysterical how ballistic black women are right now. It shows how emotional they are with regards to politics, and their irrationality. Can they name one thing a politician, especially a Democrat, could do to fix "the communitah"? I'm not talking about lower class black women; even the white collar working ones are losing their shit. It does reveal the battered spouse behavior blacks have with the Democrat party. I've returned to Faceborg to troll white liberals. It is fun. They are melting down. Secretly, this reveals that they are alone.

This fight continues. The Soros funded protests have begun, and this is not the end. Californians are discussing secession. GOOD! Peaceful separation, please move on and destroy California further until road warriors reclaim it. The media is saying democracy is bad. GOOD! Will Trump deliver on anything? Who fucking knows? What has happened is the elite now know there is a large bloc of people that hate them as much as they have hated the plebians. Maybe some elite will slide over to our crowd to get ahead of this. Conflict and trouble will come, and now you know that the battle groupings. Build your networks, take care of your families, and be the Chad Nationalists that you want to see. It is only the end of the beginning.


Lats week I wrote about progressives, white progs, being a reincarnation of Shakers. There is one catch and that is the aggressive attitude of white progs now compared to old Shakers. This might be the Jewish bolshie influence as Alinsky tactics are more in your face than old timey Shakers.

Weimerica Weekly was on the amazing and hilarious election. We officially entered a new phase of Weimerica with this one. The fight continues. Next week's WW might be a discussion of George Soros's work.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

WW1: Telegraphs From Balloons

The French ran telegraph wires up to observation balloons. Both sides employed planes, balloons and zeppelins to scout trench networks and artillery emplacements. For instant communication, one would need to run a wire from the observation balloon to the ground. Netflix has a good documentary on this available now, "The First World War From Above".  

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Weimerica Weekly - Goodbye Election '16

New Weimerica Weekly is up. This one is about the lowlights and highlights of election '16. I am just as stunned as you are even if I had a sneaking suspicion he could flip PA or MI. I never expected him to flip so much of the upper Midwest and even flirt with Minnesota.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Nixon's Election Eve Call

Peace and quiet downstairs. A man cracks open a book and relaxes as every child and wife are asleep. No one needs anything. Phone rings.

"Landry residence, Ryan speaking."

"Okay kid so did you watch the debates?"


"Jesus Christ, what are you doing man?"

"I can catch reviews on Twitter but gauge who won by how the media reacts."
"Media is the goddamn enemy. Repeat that 100 times every single day."

"Yes, I know, Trump did very well, and even Pence came off as a good selection for VP."

"In my day, he'd have been one of those JFK Democrats that we would've tried to lure over like Connally. Scratch that, he'd have been a Republican. He is from Indiana."

"It doesn't matter anymore Nixon. What matters is turnout. Those debates are for firing up the base or demoralizing the opponent."

"He must have made those in the middle consider him presidential."

"Hard to when the media is blaring he is a clown Hitler 24/7. What middle is there any longer?"

"There are missing whites in the voting booths. There are Democrats that do not like how hard the Left has gone with this race bunkum."

"Hold up Nixon, these are the same whites that see non-stop slender black women on TV, black geniuses on every hospital drama and conveniently don't see Asians or Hsipanics despite them making up nearly one quarter of America on television. Their minds have been muddled due to constant television bombardment versus the reality outside."

"Hitler is goose stepping down here with a smile on his face. He walked around looking for any wet hole after Trump pointed to the international bankers. Trump's going to do it, and he's going to do it because he can tap the Big 10 states unlike Romney."

"How? How will he do it?"

"If he can push the white vote up in Michigan or PA and we know blacks are not fired up like they were for Obama, he can swing those two-"

"How many whites does he push off because they are cucks that don't want to be seen as racist?"

"They'll really do that?"

"Yes, look at the shitlibs after every terror attack. They also won't want to be considered stupid."

"Then fuck kid, the game is lost."

"That's what I have been trying to tell you. Don't sleep on Hispanics finally showing up."
"That is pretty depressing."

"Look at all these corruption leaks and blatant cheating and fraud. No one goes to jail. Not enough people care. The people who care are not clients of the regime, they are the subjects. Clients just want gibsmedats-"

"What's gibsmedats?"

"It's slang for the handouts the government gives, taken from ebonics. Give me that becomes gibsmedats, implying a grasping, greedy nature to it."

"How true. The ultimate voting bloc for themselves. The ultimate Democrat clients. Nice word."

"I've doubted Trump since day one while you haven't. The system is too big."

"I've been right at each step."

"The GOP was a weak, hollow phony party. It was primed for toppling. He also has to deal with an entire system geared to rig this in every way, shape and form."

"Clinton is scared. She has no vision, no plan. Just more of the globalist shit sandwich. If Clinton felt secure, she'd never have unleashed the bimbo parade for sex assaults. I can't stand the Left. They control every goddamn node of messaging and this way Trump gets smeared for nothing versus the documented behavior of the Democrats' elder statesman. It's a fucking con. I hate them, but I know that eventually truth wins out. That's what he is armed with. He can do it, the polls are rigged, look at the crowds for rallies."

"Look at who is at the rallies. Whites. Whether Bernie, Trump or Clinton, whites go to rallies. If you actually believe any returns from 100% black districts, you're insane. Those are bags of votes the Dems will use. The Left's affluent white high doesn't attend rallies... they pay for them. I've seen maybe three Clinton signs as I drive around my area."

"Know why her signs have a white background?"


"Because any white homeowner with one is waving the white fucking flag on their people."

"God I hate those fuckers. It's fucking Boomers and their well fed Millenial shit kids, not the hard on their luck Millenials. The American electorate is far more diverse. I've been trying to tell you that which is why I see it all unraveling with bloodshed."

"Goddamn Reagan, get out of the cities."

"A far scarier implication to this with Clinton being as sick as she is... the system is purely a puppet of the elite for a coalition that has no connection but the gibsmedats and social status. It's all a deal. You get this, I get that. This is perfect for the erasing of nationhood. Nothing ties them together but the trade offs, so why not bond with other nations and even more alien cultures. There's always a trade off."

"No there isn't. This was LBJ's fatal mistake with Vietnam. He kept thinking he could buy the North Vietnamese off with everything but giving them the whole nation. He thought he could buy them but he couldn't. There are some men and some groups who will not be bought and will seek their one prize, their one goal above all else."

"I know. It's the same error with importing Islam. They are the same."

"You should aim to be incorruptible, too. The greedy traitor sells out his community and opens the door. Look at drugs. They don't get to small towns unless some local wants to make a buck and help open the goddamn door."

"I am not a member of the 401K crowd. Selling the family farm acre by acre to maintain material comfort is a fool's mission. It betrays all that has come before and leaves destitute all that comes after."
"If Trump doesn't do it, it is over. He's a Democrat except on immigration."

"Agreed, but I thought 2012 was proof it was over. Amnesty will turn all of those swing states solid blue. First and Second amendments will be severely curtailed if not hollowed out. They'll either jail or hospitalize dissidents, go full soviet."
"This is the end of something. Either the goddamn ruinous cabal's system or historical America. It's definitely the end of the old GOP. Nothing will be the same. You're going to have to build. You're going to have to fight."

"I know. Even if Trump wins, that's the eventual end of the commies' experiment."

"Maybe the Chinese or Putin will fund or arm you. Look at what is going on around the globe."

"Have you seen US gun sales? We won't need it. If you read the press, we're already Putin bots or FSB controlled agents. Yes, it appears the USG Empire is unraveling. It might be election year distractions. This Trump insurrection is giving them far more trouble. How can they oust foreign challengers when they can't even rig their own circus election."

"Duterte is in a far stickier situation due to the geography of Philipines and it's poverty. Erdogan though is in a nice seat to change the nature of the Middle East. These Foggy Bottom liberals are asleep at the wheel, and cannot even muster the surprise at external pushback. They cannot fathom that anyone would ever disagree foreign or domestic. Once education takes hold, the commie enlightenment is suppose to occur."

"It's seductive."

"Don't hate your enemies, for that means they have won, but never forget what they wish to do and what they have done."

"Thanks Dick, but I know they want a horrible mishmash of Detroit and California all across the country except for their feudal castle carve outs and my hate just flows."

"We'll talk next year. I promise."

"Promise me one more thing. If you see my grandfather, let him know he was right about everything, and I am sorry I didn't know then."

"It's a big, crowded place down here. If I find him, will do."

Monday, November 07, 2016

Progging Steampunk

It's over. if you enjoyed Steampunk, it is over. Netflix has two bits of Steampunk flavored content. One is a reality show that is a contest for designers and enthusiasts called "Steampunk'd", which was on the Game Show Network and still has not been picked up for a second season. There is also "Vintage Tomorrows", which is a documentary on Steampunk. It's over. You have to watch these to see the classic, quirky niche market in action.

I'll admit that I love the Steampunk concept, and it is an underdeveloped source for story ideas. I hate how SWPLs dipped their little toes in it, and now they just love it. The people that invaded it could not keep their politics out of it. The first problem is that steampunk seems to have gone through what almost every single, niche thing experiences. New thing -> gets some buzz for being different -> attracts quirky people -> marketed to broader audience -> mass marketed push to cash in -> move onto next niche. The problem also lies in who it sucked in.

All of these niche fantasy or fictional things pull in the same crowd. Quirky white people that often "don't fit into blasé society man", homosexuals and then a random minority that is usually gay. These are quirky whites, but then SWPLs for the most part join in and you get a pool of white progs. I have walked the floor at Gencon. I have seen cosplay crowds. It's the same fucking group, just change the outfits.

Please watch the documentary for maybe 30 minutes, but not the whole thing as it gets unbearable. The white progs could not just enjoy a fictional realm and incorporate history or even own up to history being different. These people must signal that history was bad, but shucks they love the clothes. What you see now though is these losers talk about using steampunk to write stories that think of an alternate social development, man, think of progressive politics but like 100 years early, man, or maybe I don't wear a pith hat anymore since it is associated with colonialism. Anyone ever ask people to not wear their pants on the ground since it is associated with urban gangs that murder at ungodly rates?

They could not leave it alone. They had to one, chastise the past, and then two, correct the past. these fools cannot see that the features they love about the past and the features that they must publicly disavow are connected. Adventures in jungles and deserts do not happen without overwhelming firepower by European men to make the passages remotely safe. Handmade crafts come from women at home. Craftsmanship comes from protective trade policies. Racism, sexism, homophobia, oh the horror!

There are entire sections on using steampunk as a method to push social narratives. William Gibson even piles on, which is especially comical since he wrote a short story on the futures of the past that never quite happened but how it's good that they did not happen. Of course the man who wrote that tale would want you to celebrate shit because at least it aligns with the properly approved modern progressive shit. What these fools cannot answer, and it is a great unspoken, is why do modern students or for that matter adults, need Cliff's Notes, Sparknotes and other guides to read stories that were the mass novels of their day? Rest on the Flynn Effect, sip from your juice cup and put on a top hat and goggles.

These people are weak and in another matter deluding themselves. They can easily look at any of their clothes and any of their consumer goods and map out the supply chain network and who is making what. Oh the horror of racism and sexism as British conglomerate laid railroads in Africa or sought lost temples in India! They can post about it on their social media websites on their Iphones assembled by borderline slaves from raw materials mined by probable slaves in the most dysfunctional, horrific, sexist and racist spots on the planet.

Put on your silly cosplay costume and pretend you are better. You're a dilettante and like everything else you touch, white prog, you've turned steampunk gay.

Sunday, November 06, 2016

Social Matter - Out Modern Shakers

The new essay is up at Social Matter. This one finds an historical equivalent to the modern white progressives that we see acting strange in 21st century America. To paraphrase Twain, history does not repeat itself but oftentimes it rhymes. This is an American historical phenomenon too.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Reactionary Future Nails One + SM Review-Preview 64

This is a must read from Reactionary Future. The French had a color revolution pulled on them in '68 to subvert a vassal trying to wiggle out from under American dominance. There are some good lessons here and good reasons to study history.

First, De Gaulle was connected to pre-WW2 institutions and thoughts in France. As I mentioned in my interview with Richard Spencer, WW3 was really the USG Empire dismantling and destroying the European colonial system while Russia slowly built up. I was told once that the French didn't quite let go and what they did was remove explicit control of their territories with cover control via French banks. De Gaulle through force of personality pushed Gaullism, which was a nationalist rejection of the simple US/USSR split world. Nuclear power, nuclear weapons, identifying the problem of the Bretton Woods system, De Gaulle was a thorn in USG's side.

France was a threat. If they could have their institutions and a system marketable to others, USG faced competition. Consider a major change in the '70s in France: immigration. Magically, France goes from limited immigration, which had heavy influence from taking in French aligned Algerians and ethnically French citizens who lived in Algeria. Just under 1 million of the ethnic French living in Algeria fled for France to avoid the fate of Belgians in the Congo. This made sense. The immigration after the '68 French revolt combined with the insane idea of "asylum" hamstrung France from ever rising to challenge America. Their social welfare spending exploded. America, in effect, gave France a "black problem" by enabling Muslim immigration to France. You think Wikipedia editors are hiding anything with the super short section on post-'74 immigration to France?

Another great lesson is that our universities are truly spy agencies. They are informal agencies for developing talent, collecting intelligence and performing analysis. RF points to student-provocateur Cohn-Bendit. Stop for a moment and consider how our own leaders get to the top. He used the university system and the student activist organizations to cause mayhem. They often run through the Ivy system. The Ivy system should be seen for what it is, which is an informal intelligence agency bound together by its progressive politics. Yes, Putin is a KGB officer installed as president, with the KGB/FSB interests and ideas. Our presidents going thru the Ivy filter are intelligence assets or officers of sorts, with the peculiar interests and ideas of our Ivies.

This, along with the failed Bay of Pigs invasion, also show that the tricks we see USG using now are the same tricks they have been using since inception. Bay of Pigs was suppose to be a CIA run and funded armed "native army" to overthrow Castro with the aid of American air cover. It's the playbook that the USG still uses today (Afghanistan, Libya, Syria). The color revolutions of today whether in Eastern Europe, MENA or even the failed Occupy Hong Kong scam are just the same crap as France in '68.


Last week I wrote how the very recent 2000 election, primaries included, clearly show how far left America's left has drifted. It is undeniable. You can look at candidate platforms, and also consider the social and cultural shifts that are unmentioned but now set in stone in the left's belief system. Weimerica Weekly was on the minefield that is parenting, how the abnormal is normal now and how the business of egg donors and surrogates is frankenfamily formation.

This week is an essay on either an echo of the past or a dark picture of the future. Weimerica Weekly has multiple candidates for an episode. I'm actually a little sad that I'll have to record it before election night because this November does seem like a definite turning point in our Weimerican landscape.

Thursday, November 03, 2016

A Note On a Magical World Series

Could you write a script for a sports movie to match the Cubs' season and have it approved? Even Disney would have a hard time saying yes. Not even if it were geared towards kids on Nickelodeon. The team has to be the favorite all year, then face a 3-1 series deficit. The team had to have it all come down to a game seven on the road. The team had to have it go extra innings. There had to be a rain delay. It had to have questionable coaching decisions that immediately get second guessed. It had to have redemption for a quick goat. It had to end in drunken revelry as the curse of the billy goat was finally vanquished. The lovable losers finally win.

I didn't think the Cubs would do it. My heart wanted them to win but my head said Kluber would pitch great for the Indians. I'm in Cubs territory. When the Red Sox broke their drought in 2004, I was in New England. Night and day for fans. Cubs fans and the Cubs were lovable losers. Sox fans and the Sox were soul twisted contenders with a lot of fucking assholes for fans that wore their misery like a badge*. Maybe it's just Midwest nice versus New England wretchedness. Totally different attitudes.

Does Theo Epstein go to the Hall of Fame now or do we have to wait? He built two different championship teams for franchises that had been decades without titles. He built teams that matched the parks, made great free agent signings and built the farm systems for both. His approach works, and since others can copy it but don't get it to work, it's his scouting and hunches that close the deal. It still takes players and coaches to execute the plan, and a little bit of luck.

Cubs fans can breathe a sigh of relief. No longer does someone have to read an obituary that says "lifelong Cubs fan" and think "Dammit, 89 years and no frickin' title". The dread that they'd never win creeps in as your dad or grandfather gets over 70, and still sits there in a Cubs hat watching a game, waiting. Think of the last week. Watching the team, the favorites, go down 3-1 with two straight losses at home. Wasn't this how it had to go to push Cubbies fans to the brink? How much do you believe, Cubs fans?

The game itself was great. A leadoff home run, which let everyone at home hear just how many Cubs fans were in attendance in Cleveland's stadium. It sounded like a Cubs home game. The lead to push the Indians' ace off the mound. The quick yank of the young pitcher Kyle Hendricks. Second guessed? Immediately, it cost the Cubs two runs. Twitter had people mocking the old catcher, Ross age 39, behind the plate. Who hits a home run the next inning? Ross. It had to go extra innings. To add to the tension, there was a delay. You can't write this in a movie script. It had to end in the middle of the night with only the diehards watching.

More than diehards watched. This was the most watched series in decades. "Dying sport". The ratings topped the super cool, super fly NBA and this was without ESPN pimping it nonstop since ESPN/ABC didn't carry the World Series. Baseball isn't dying. Baseball's recent history has shown the revenue sharing is helping smaller market teams be competitive. It's not as wide open as the NFL, but look at recent contenders and champs... Cleveland, Detroit, St. Louis, Kansas City???? This isn't like basketball where one player can make you a contender, which is the NBA's inherent weakness for broad appeal. Stars can cluster on five NBA teams.

Baseball actually has something that points to a decent future that the NBA and even NFL don't have: Hispanic stars. Yes, a league that matches America's demographics (almost to a T) will pull in fans of all groups (soccer will finally have a future too). Let me know how the NFL is doing now that Colin "Soul Man" Kaepernick and others are pulling BLM shit? Tell me how the NBA markets to a growing Hispanic population without white guilting fans? Does "blacks r kewl" work on Hispanics like it does whites? No. ESPN has a vested interest in downplaying baseball, and its future. They are betting on basketball as football passes its peak.

Sports is a distraction. Sports are a safe way to channel tribal affiliation since whites aren't allowed identity politics or pride (for now). Sports now is pozzed and progged out with messaging. Sports also can be a little something that brings families and friends together. I don't know how many men texted or called, and this is call worthy, their dads last night in the Midwest, but I'm guessing millions repeated the same lines. Enjoy it Chicago.

*Note that the Sox fanbase became ungrateful bastards and even turned on players who carried their team through that playoff run. The fans later griped within a couple years of the title about the team not fulfilling potential and then bang, they won another title in 2007. Once again, people from Massachusetts truly earn the title "Massholes".

WW1: French Test Gas Masks

The French tested their gear for use against the German gas attacks. They had to get the filters and breathing systems correct, and then they would work on making them more suitable for wearing.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Wombs For Rent

This week's Weimerica Weekly is on the minefield that is parenting and motherhood with a special focus on ridiculous egg and uterus sharing practices. This is Frankenstein science allowing fantasy lives for the eloi class of women. It appears that all essays in big media on social or cultural phenomena are really just autobiographical blog entries.

This episode is a bit shorter than normal, running at 20 minutes. I had a slight cold. My voice sounds a bit off but should be loud and clear. I sound like Bill Kurtis from all those A&E crime documentaries.

Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Interview with Red Ice

The folks at Red Ice had me on for an interview.  This interview link is the first hour for free. It will be on Youtube soon. I had a slight cold but the techs did a great job to make me sound loud and clear. I thank Red Ice for the opportunity, and wish those men in Europe good luck for the coming conflict.

Import The Third World, Get Third World Politics

America likes to point a finger at foreign corruption, but as I have written before, America just formalizes it with campaign donations. Pundits have bemoaned Trump acting like a caudillo or Clinton being corrupt (if they cite facts). Very few have noted the Clinton's wife is the potential new president rule run around. This new phase, and this has been evident for years now, is that we have imported enough third worlders where we get third world political features.

Just at the turn of the century, America sent Enron and WorldCom executives to jail. Please note that when the Enron executives lawyers tried to get a slightly more lenient sentence so that the executives would qualify for a lower security prison, the judge and jury politely said, "No". Adelphia executives went to jail. Keep in mind that Michael Moore's quintessential smug liberal books of the same era pointed out all the wonderful connections between The W administration and Enron. They still went to jail.

In contrast, the wild scandals of the American financial crisis, many of which just get glossed over or not discussed at all, have spurred no arrest or prosecutions. Too big to jail It is 2016, so these crooks have nearly run out the statute of limitations clock. Regulatory capture is complete. Government functions cannot even be trusted to be on the lookout for collusion or bid rigging. HSBC can launder millions for drug dealers and terrorists and escape US government intervention due to "market risk". One must not upset the market as it is the only positive the system can point to for economics. Even Sudamerican juntas used less transparent excuses.

A personal favorite though for the transition to third world politics is the story of Jon Corzine. Corzine was a banker that no one liked, but by spending ungodly sums of money in a deep blue state, he squeaked by to win a US Senate seat and then the governorship. After his ho-hum experiences in politics, he returned to the world of finance to eventually be a CEO of a broker-dealer, MF Global. Whoops, hundreds of millions of losses due to derivatives went missing and they plundered customer cash to make themselves solvent for an tiny sliver of time.

His excuse was "I dunno". Sarbanes-Oxley legislation enacted after the Enron/WorldCom scandals was a sop to auditing firms, but explicitly prevented executives from using the I dunno excuse. Corzine walks a free man. In fact, he was a bundler for Obama's re-election in 2012. The regime needed him to hoover up those dollars to pay the consultants and media to get Obama re-elected. That is what mattered. Not laws. Laws are for the little people.

The media cries about Trump acting like a caudillo when not accusing him of being Hitler reincarnated. This is the style of strongman for the competent middle class that arises in Sudamerican politics to clean up the Marxist crap. Juntas overthrew dysfunctional democratic governments often in the Southern cone due to the spoils system of third world pandering. Clinton is a corrupt puppet for a spoils system just like Dilma Rousseff. A Marxist trained kleptocrat that can be the puppet for an elite that manages a system to hand out gibs to a beige, aggrieved underclass. Clinton might be closer to Cristina Kirchner of Argentina. No real accomplishments, but she was married to the man that led the current structure of the party's new version.

Corruption will not matter. Governing does not matter. What matters is the gibs and "win now". The time horizon has compressed to the immediate because the imported voter base has peasant values and cannot think for next year, forget next decade. White progs have created a weird blend of Marxism and Third Worldism that has them wrapping their arms around third world aliens. What do the white progs get, "Fuck you Dad! Everyone approves of my kink now by force of guns, and I can be an art major and still have health care!" If the West does not survive, Chinese and Russian historians will have all the video and audio recordings to share with their citizens, leaving them only to wonder, "Why the hell did they do that and document it all?"