Friday, December 30, 2016

Problem of Prog Control + SM Review-Preview 71

AnomalyUk tweets occasionally the phrase "All News Is Fake News". It's brilliant. The problem with our media is it is all prog PR. It is a regime press. This hides a lot of problems, but it creates a big one purely in its form. Because there is no opposing side, an insane story can runaway and place us in great danger.

Look at the Russian Hacking insanity. Walk through the steps of this story, but start at the appropriate time, not November.

1. Trump and Putin have a bromance. The media plays this up as bad. It's a talking point straight from DNC emails that leaked. Hey wait, how the hell did these emails get out?
2. Podesta had his emails leak and they were published by Wikileaks, which has an association >denied by Wikileaks< with Russia.
3. Russians hacked Podesta's emails!
4. Clinton lost.
5. Russia hacked the election, even the CIA says so! >no proof<
6. Russia hacked the votes! >no proof<
7. Sanctions, diplomat expulsion and "retaliation".

Because the media is a hive mind, there is no one pushing back on this. The ones pushing back are small timers and outsiders. Who on a major news outlet is saying, "This is bullshit". What oped writer will push back? This is wretched. Even the nominal right falls into the framework here and will not call out the hysteria. The best refutation of this hysteria was Andrea O'Sullivan's essay in Reason.

This also lays the groundwork for the Establishment to attempt to prevent any kind of friendship or detente with Russia in a Trump administration. With this Muh Russian Hacking story, it makes any move to align with Russia look like Trump paying off the favor Russia performed. It becomes treasonous and a quid pro quo... which would be the meme pushed nonstop by the same media hive mind in place today.

The media must be destroyed.

I'd neglect my duties if I did not tip the hat to Spandrell for his Gnon Theology post from Tuesday. Great work, probably his best in a long time, and great tone.


Last week I wrote a little Christmas themed essay. Stop playing the martyr Christians and stiffen those spines. We have many friends adrift in the secular sea; guide them home. Weimerica Weekly was a year in review. The Current Year deserved one.

Next week I am writing about how Somalians came to America. How the hell did these African Muslims from the Horn of Africa get to Minnesota and Maine?

Thursday, December 29, 2016

WW1 Rail Guns

This is a French 400mm railway gun. It is being loaded and fitted to fight at the Marne.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Episode 53

Weimerica Weekly is up and it is a wrap up of 2016. The Current Year review is a 50 minute podcast. It is definitely crazier out there, and there is definitely pushback on the cultural tastemakers.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My Best at Social Matter

I did a complete listing for my SM posts of 2015 last year. This year, I am going to switch it up. Since I started up the podcast, Weimerica Weekly, I'll split this year's best of Social Matter into a top 10: Top 10 essays and Top 10 podcasts. This is mostly feedback from you all, and a little bit of editorial selection.

Social Matter Essays

10. The Ticking Nigerian Time Bomb - Review of how the migrants pouring into the EU are 25% from sub-Sahara Africa. Nigeria is on the verge of war or unraveling and will send millions if it goes down.

9. Unmentionable Nations - I wrote on Venezuela and other horror nations that must be censored or else the media will show the failures of prog ideology and USG blue empire foreign policy.

8. Hidden History: The Black Mutinies of World War II - Self-explanatory but I cover the wide ground of black mutinies in WW2. The cover ups by the system that we see today of crimes that are against the Narrative were also already in place in the 1940s.

7. This Is What Decline Will Look Like On Virtual Reality - How could the near future be managed with VR as well as the quicker applications of VR.

6. Trump Is A Flashlight - Trump isn't a savior but he does illuminate the disgusting, hidden elements of our system.

5. Meaning, Globalism and Death - The forces all pushing back on globalism reveal people seeking meaning in the bland McWorld.

4. Social Media Is A Tool Of The State - How social media turned everyone into a stasi officer if they were on the Faceborg, but that we should have expected it to keep us in good progressive line. I also point to the peak of social media and when it all started to decline.

3. A Trump Rally Revival - I attended a Trump rally and convey the emotion and what was going on in that movement. It is like a big tent revival for the Church of America.

2. Amerikanskiy Zones - This was my first essay of the year and I kicked it off with a sledgehammer. This is a possible exit, and would be a gigantic PR coup if the Russians did pull this off.

1. Driving Through Dying Blue Towns - A dozen readers guessed the town. All wrong. This is how widespread the devastation of the small towns has been from the forces we are fighting not just in the Rust Belt but into deep blue states. It comes from driving around New England in the summer and seeing the emptiness, hearing stories and even reading local papers. I also went home. My hometown escaped physical decay but the lack of children and spiritual decay was apparent. My wife's hometown was not so lucky. It is heartbreaking.

Weimerica Weekly Podcasts

10. Muslims In Paris - One listener said the analysis of the multiple waves of Jewish immigration into America was Straussian. Others liked the tie of immigration with security with the different generations of immigration even within one group being wildly different.

9. Interview With Kevin MacDonald - My interview with KMac. I let him ramble on instead of jumping all over him. We even discussed the physiognomy of Bernie vs Trump rally attendees.

8. The Ferguson Effect - Hipster Cop and I discuss the Ferguson Effect. Not Harvard's fake "distrust the cops and crime spikes" effect but the gun-shy cops and emboldened crooks effect.

7. The Musician Is The Message - How musicians are now the medium through which the message spreads. Why is the character arc of teen pop stars the same?

6. Wedding Pageants - What made weddings into the pageants that they are today.

5. Hamilton The Musical - Monologue on why Hamilton is a phenomenon because it is a minstrel show for white liberals.

4. Heroin In New England - Covering heroin's spread and why it was so easy for heroin dealers to infiltrate New England.

3. Gender Dysphoria - A few listeners said "This is like NPR for the AltRight", and that is when the audience grew. This is the tale of one murder in my hometown. I discuss the sick progressive ideology that nudged the killer along, and I tell you about the victim, who was the mom of dear childhood friends of mine.

2. Goodbye Election '16 - A recap of all the weird, wild and wonderful characters in this odd election.

1. Three Comrades  - Review of a Weimar era book that explains Weimar at the ground level in fiction as well as shows the similarities to our Weimerica.

Thank you all for reading my essays, posts and even the tweets. I was purged from twitter as SOBL1 and had to be reborn 28shermanSOBL1. Weird year. I will keep trying to improve on my writing and podcasts. I will try to help everyone look at our crazy world and crack a smile.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Best Thing I Read In 2016

There's a dinner party or social gathering question that can get everyone but the far lefties chattering. "Where or when did it all go wrong?" It is fun. Boomers, if not complete progs, will engage in this to contrast the childhood they remember, then the '60s, and then everything after being definitely different and messed up. The '60s is a big American break due to the power of having everything on film or video. The '60s are not even close.

Best thing I read all year decided to tackle that question with "Where Did It All Go Wrong" in a slightly tongue in cheek manner. Please read it as it plays out like a great parody of an old college professor constantly reaching father and farther back in time to come up with some statement on what is the true start for degeneracy and liberalism.

There is a great section, and it is why I consider it the best thing I have read all year. It is a reminder to not look at history in a simple form...
Reactionaries must be, rather, good judges of both past and present: we know that most mutations are deleterious and that innovation is not an unalloyed good, but also that mutation is the engine of evolution and that even our oldest, fondest traditions were once innovations far back in forgotten time. 
As I’ve written before, reaction is also not a celebration of stasis; reactionary order is organic harmony, adaptation, and civilization. Stasis is in conflict with the God or Nature of the world and therefore disordered, just as surely as pessimism is. So we do not long for fixed, historical, perfect Golden Age societies, only aspirational, mythical ones or ones that we’re willing to acknowledge had foundations destined to crumble. If we model the myths after our ancestors—well, we remember how to love what is best in our fathers without denying their faults. 
In the meantime, we have no illusions that history is either endless progress, endless decay, or an endless cycle. It is not just a long rise followed by a recent fall. And God forbid we satisfy ourselves, instead, with a sophomoric spiral! The histories of civilizations and institutions show progress, decay, stagnation, and cycles, but also branching, collision, annihilation, hybridization, and much more. There are more dimensions, edges, and twists to history than there are grains of sand on the beaches of Normandy, Hispaniola, and Lake Kinneret. 
We study history, we learn from it, we judge the good and bad. And when there is degeneration, we condemn it, but when there is glory, we praise that also.

It is not stagnation or turning back the clock that we seek. We want to set up an order that works and flows with God and the natural way of doing things.
That really is a key to reading Carlyle, and I recommend doing so. There is a natural order to doing things and one must respect that natural way or fail miserably. Carlyle often goes to the idea of one can sail a boat however they like and subsequently crash on the rocks or one can sail per the natural winds and make it around the cape. Nature has its laws for survival, and no matter all the bickering, arguing or rationalizations, nature's path is the true path.
Please read "Where Did It All Go Wrong".

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Social Matter - Be The Lighthouse

New essay up at Social Matter. Merry Christmas! This one is about Christmas and what we face going forward. We can't just be the iconoclasts and hide. Be the lighthouse.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Merry Christmas Spandrell + SM Review-Preview 70

>Welcome secret forum guys! You guys are great!<

Merry Christmas! A few readers and twitter followers of mine mentioned Spandrell used my tweet noting he has a toxic personality, is negative, is a cynic, etc. with a little "Heh" after it. Little did they know that that tweet earned me expulsion from his super secret forum in early November. Don't worry Spandrell, I won't reveal its name. I will respect that privacy. Your secret is safe with me. Your secret forum is only the fifth super secret group I have been invited into since 2013. I was going to roll with it, but then Spandrell in another essay mentioned he met up with Mr. Nick Land and that Spandrell is in his 20s. It all clicked. I also felt compelled to defend my honor.

First, let's look at "heh". Is that an Instapundit "heh" where he is joking on the sentiment or idea expressed? Is it a comical "heh" like it legitimately made him laugh? Was he trying to convey that people can't read him properly? I'm not the linguistics expert, but Spandrell is, so he used it for a reason. Is it opposite to what he really felt? Let's see.

Out of respect for commenter "ASDF" I removed the screengrab and here was the exchange:
28sherman: You are a cynic who has a toxic personality that influences others to become more negative. Youre a smart guy but your negativity is off-putting. As someone who controls this forum, you set the tone and have to admit the Eeyore vibe permeates things. Jim is a realist and negative at times but with constructive recommendations. 
Go ahead and ban me. It's your forum. Just let me know via email.

Spandrell: Whatever my personality I am polite and understanding. I don't think I influence anyone here. I have never touched a single post. I am not even the most frequent poster. 
But if you find my tone off-putting and even believe that my tone forces others to be more negative than they would otherwise be well I can then hardly tolerate you here. I feel wronged. 
So i'll rather ask you to be honest and leave yourself. You have a week.

For slight background, he sent a message titled "Ahem", and posted my tweet and asked me why he shouldn't "ban your ass". Ohhh wow, what a tough guy. As you can see, I repeated my exact feelings. He talked a bit beyond me with his response, but "whatever my personality" looks like an admission. Spandrell then said he felt "wronged". Mr. Heh felt "wronged" enough to ask me to leave. Tough guy cynic "ban your ass" switched to sensitive Millenial "I can hardly tolerate you here. I feel wronged" >snap< like that. Doesn't sound like a "Heh".

He never asked my opinion of him, just invited me to his forum. I would have said the same 18 months ago, watching him for 18 months at his forum only hardened my beliefs. Read his archives, he has written about not getting along with people and regularly writes posts that defend his negativity/attitude. It's just choices he makes. I actually thought he was a late 40s curmudgeon living a lonely existence in the far east. Nah, he's in his 20s. Is he the dissident right's Elliot Rodger?

Did he not like being called out for what he is? Methinks so as he wrote just yesterday "Some people, religious people usually, get angry when I make this pragmatic argument. Like I’m a toxic personality which is arguing for nihilism. Look, I’m no nihilist." Is he trying to convince us or himself? Seriously, Spandrell, you're so negative that it is cliché to do "The Spandrell" and take something an opponent says to its far end conclusion in a debate to be a poor debate partner within other reactionary circles as a joke. That's a choice you make in style; doesn't have to be that way.

I did leave his forum. I sent some people my email address as they are really great guys, and I didn't have contact information for them nor they for me. I hope to meet up with them when I visit NYC and DC. I spent 18 months on his forum. I didn't post much but checked it daily because they have one superstar poster that can't be found elsewhere (no, not Moldbug), and I respect that guy immensely. I'd walk into battle with that guy.

Spandrell's forum has some great threads, great posters and great debates, but often it's just Debbie Downer eeyoring. I once started a thread with some juicy intel I had from a media source and witnessed a tsunami of eeyoring. I expected it, and even said right back to them "thanks for the eeyore angle". Dampier and I tweeting each other the Cadillac search for an AltRight actor is an inside joke referencing that thread.

This negativity is partly due to the modern reactionary personality and partly due to Spandrell. It actually takes away from the good discussions on Spandrell's forum. Those forum guys know a fight is coming even if not all will admit it, and they'll stand up. In comparison to MPC, Spandrell's private forum is more interesting but lacks comedic genius. I'll put Pleasureman, Bumbling American, Bixxy Noodles, Chicano Studies Major, Cinco Jotas, Professional Boob Washer, Ricin Beans, Shrill Kiners, Terrence Rhine and GhostfaceCracka on par with the guys at Spandrell's place.

I also wrote to these Spandrell forum guys that some of them are the very people that you all email me or message me asking "where did so-and-so go?". They still exist, some are very busy with their personal and professional lives, but they do read, do listen and some are on that forum. As one reader put it, "what's the point of figuring out the world if guys like me who are hungry for the arguments can't see it?" Trust me, it hurt to see some of the original crew NRx people there posting sharp analysis in private. I am trying to pull a few back; I promise.

I have posted here at 28Sherman a defense of Spandrell who received threats for posting a thought experiment about Euros going Islamic. I sent him a note to keep his head up. I also have linked to him for good posts like his Song series. He writes interesting stuff like this. He is on my blogroll. His "status points" idea is very sharp. Normal human interaction means good deeds earn you some interpersonal capital. Normal, but maybe not Millenial normal. I've done this all the while he has shat on Social Matter continuously, continuously. Social Matter still links to him, providing him with over 2,200 clicks in the last year alone (I checked the stats). I believe in building bridges, nudging people along paths and using people when their talents are suited for the moment (The Godfather's Guide To Management). I tolerated him. Partly to be a nice invited member at his forum and partly because I have a healthy level of self esteem.

After his Song series posts, Spandrell considered publishing a short e-book. I encouraged him to publish that little e-book when he was contemplating it. Despite him shitting on Social Matter, I gave him some sales numbers from someone else who writes e-books. He said if he posts something at his blog he can get 1000 pageviews. Easy to turn that into sales with a little effort. I even told him, despite him shitting on Social Matter, someone like myself with this humble blog would pimp it because we need more content like that (and I owe Atavisionary a book review). He wrestled with it, contemplated scrapping his Spandrell ID for a safer, more polite one to build up and publish as but ultimately said nah. His choice. I'm a risk taker so I didn't understand his pussyfooting. Maybe it's just Gen-X vs Millenial.

I also noticed his post that had a jokester opening where he said "hey ross douthat I am a neoreactionary, talk to me" when Douthat and even Vox noticed NRx... despite Spandrell shitting on it and disassociating from NRx months earlier. Something similar happened with the altright attention. I would chalk it up to joking especially as a little blog writer, but I know too much. Like his little 'heh' being a lie, I know there is a whiff of jealousy and desperation. He can always choose to submit an essay to Social Matter for consideration.

Ultimately, he's a Millenial. It all clicked. The whiny Eeyore act. The moaning about the eternal September hitting NRx but doing nothing about it. The never ending bitching. No follow through on his e-book. Constantly citing the intelligence of his forum members (and self) is the intellectual version of masturbating in front of a mirror with a picture of oneself. Life is a series of choices. Grow up, find a waifu built like Anri Okita, have kids, find out there's something worth dying and killing for, lift, post, and above all else, stop being an Eeyore. All things end, and men far smarter than you or I noticed it decades ago about the West. You're out east, think creative destruction! Out of the ashes we can build something new. (ed: Spandrell is married, has a kid and is now in his early 30s)

Merry Christmas, Spandrell. To borrow your own style, if the world is truly doomed, if no one will save us, if it's all going to end horribly, just kick it poolside like Heartiste with some cutie pies or hang yourself. I'll pray for you either way, just keep posting.

Merry Christmas to you all!


Last week I wrote on how the DSM V could be used for backdoor gun control or medicating and hospitalizing dissidents in the future. Quirky intro was an ode to The Twilight Zone. Weimerica Weekly was on travel.

Next week will be a Christmas essay and Weimerica Weekly may do a year end review. Doesn't 2016 deserve a year end review? 2016 was so jam-packed that everyone forgot about the French priest killed by Muslims and the ISIS guy in Orlando that killed 50 gays.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

WW1 Recruiting In The Bahamas

I love this recruitment. "What's the matter with you?" People knew this was an insane match up but the elite were to invested to make peace.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly - Travel As The New Identity

Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one covers the electoral college shenanigans and how they failed miserably. I hope you all note how larry lessig caused panic and hysteria, but at the end of the day, 2 electors did not vote for Trump, not the 20 or more Lessig hinted at. I discuss travel. I wanted to go more in depth about Disney, but Disney seems like it would make a better episode on its own.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

My Best of 2016

It is that time of year again! Time where I take a month off and end up sharing my best of from the year. It's not like I charge for this blog, so please enjoy. I do want to take a moment to thank people for the growth of this blog's audience and reach. I've even had actual media outlets approach me, and by gum, if they paid well and gave me the freedom Social Matter does, I'd sign up. I looked back and five years ago, I was getting maybe 50 page views for posts in the initial week. Occasionally, I'd have something linked elsewhere and boom 500-1500 views in the initial week.

I average hundreds now per post with roughly one, maybe two posts a week cracking 1500 views. A few stellar weeks have witnessed 3 posts crack 1500 views. That just happened in November. This all takes into account the podcast and WW1 posts limiting what full throttled content I am planting on the content farm here at 28 Sherman. It's not me, it's you guys sharing them and obviously telling open minded or more likely disillusioned conservatives and moderates about this site.

I don't know where this goes. Every time I talk about cutting back, I fail to follow through. I need to finish the Rubin book. This modern clown world offers too many juicy targets to discuss. Is it stressful? No. I love writing for all y'all. You do contribute and make it a ton of fun.



The Slattery Report & Our Lying Media - Jews in the media harp on America doing nothing for Jews in the '30s. Blatant lies. They lie by omission to push the open borders, Syrian war refugee crap.

Note on NRx and AltRight - I attempted, in the same week as Nick Land, to stress the differences between the two groups.

Humpty Dumpty Progressivism - That curious phenomenon of progs using an argument when they want to and only at that moment despite all inconsistencies.

#ArrestSoros - I lay out how we could use RICO on Soros, plus how we could bankrupt him with the Alien Tort Statues.


Hidden History: Treasonous Fathers + Sons - Could treason or the predilection for treason be hereditary? The Philby father and son duo both betrayed England in different fashions.

The Future of Pornography - The "uber but for porn' moment has arrived, and should make for a different industry. Let's cut out the disgusting middleman.

The Last Of The Lions Died - My goodbye to Antonin Scalia. I miss him. I also now think Podesta and company had him snuffed out. Search the "$1.5 mil movie script emails".

GOPe Fraud Laid Bare - This ends February with a recap of the lying sacks of shit that the GOPe and Twitter pundit class proved to be over the course of February. They lost on the culture war issues because that was just cover for the GOPe to do the 1% big biz's economic bidding.


Costs and Paying For The Wall - I discuss the costs and how Trump could pay for it via getting Mexico to do so. After this post, he has mentioned remittances as a means to do so. It is common sense.

Nixon's Super Tuesday Call - Nixon called me after super Tuesday to say it was over. He was right. I was wrong.

A Note On Weimar Elections - I wrote on the different problems of Weimar elections and how that "Nazis never won over 50%" meme is a bit of a false smear.

Cruel Intentions, Ridiculous Cheese - I had fun with a review of the '90s gem Cruel Intentions and how it actually mark the coming degenerate era of teen movies.


Where's Your Constitution Now? - The SCOTUS makes devotion to the Constitution a pathetic version of the old ghost shirt idea.

Immigration and the Innsmouth Deal - How Lovecraft's story of the islanders, the townspeople of Innsmouth and the beings are a good metaphor for the current immigration deal that the elite is trying to cram down.

Putin's Ratings Firm - If you want to carve an exit from the USG global deal, you must set up the infrastructure.

Buy An Island, Build Rapture - A thought experiment on how one could build a hideaway city like in Bioshock using an island and underground construction.


Protestants, Progs and Islam - More similarities than all would admit.

South Sudan: Africa Gotta Africa - Sudan gets a partition and immediately the South Sudanese start going after each other.

Never Announce Your Intentions - Be a conspiracy, not intention declaring fools because you live in an occupied nation.

Politerotica - Literotica of a political bent starring Julia Ioffe. My reworked "Love Me Like You Do' is here. Jesus Christ, I have problems.


Have You Seen Angry Birds? - My review of Angry Birds.

Can A Show Resist Progging? - I ponder if shows can resist the poz and the progging that Hollywood puts them through. I use an example of how one show became progged and then had a countermovement only due to the indispensable star.

The Left Really Has Nothing - This has been further proved by the post-Trump tripling down on calling any white a racist.

The Literal Cucks Are Mad - Cuckold fetishists became angry at cuck becoming an insult. They lived in a bubble world where they thought they were high status. No, no you're not.


Cameronism's Death Affects The GOP - Brexit destroy Cameronism, and with it, destroyed one potential path for the GOP forward.

A Note On Trump's Nomination - Just how magical the ride was for a bunch of Twitter trolls.

DNC Leaks & Corruption - America has corruption just as other nations do, but we call them donations and sponsorships. It is formalized. Normies did not care.

Progressive Approved Colonialism - I spotlight an example of when colonialism is cheered on by progs.


Black Lives Matter + 401Ks - I point out how the sleepy 401K crowd will get looted in the future by the BLM/La Raza types but the 401K crowd is fearful of a 10-25% drop now if we have change.

Quick Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Program - I outline a way we could write them off but get something in return.

Elites Can Use + Convert To Islam - How the elites could use Islam to secure their rule.

Israel is The Top Cuck Point - This is the big boss for the cuckservatives.


Nixon Calls Two Months Out - "You haven't seen dark until you've watched Hitler slow dance with J. Edgar Hoover in a dress."

A Note On Clinton - This was directly after her 9/11 collapse. I discussed how the puppetry was completely blatant and exposed by this confirmation of her ill health.

Why The Memes Are Strong - it is an evolutionary process of natural selection under the harshest of conditions. Plus, the best memes have an element of truth to them.

A Note On Synthetic Heroin - I discuss what the addition of synthetic opioids into heroin batches really means about the heroin market.


The Nationalization of Police - All of these BLM protests about cops are designed for one purpose: federal control of local police forces.

Who is Isolated? Who is An Outlaw? - I mocked the NY Times branding of Russia as an outlaw by pointing out the fallacy to this with actual foreign policy actions.

Clowns Expose American Anxiety - The clown scare of 2016 shows the anxious mind of the modern American.

The Average American - I list a bunch of stats to create a composite of the average American.


Crush The Universities - Let's destroy academia without saying that is our intention.

Stealth Reboot of Golden Girls Idea - It would be easy to make the Golden Girls a Millenial show.

Fracture the CIA - Let's find a way to split CIA into pieces.

Hotep Is A Masculine Reaction - A salute and attempt to understand the hoteps who are reacting to a terrible situation black men are in the black community.
It's December, go enjoy the Christmas season.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Movie Recommendation: Black Mirror's White Christmas

Christmas is approaching. You probably have some downtime from work. How many times can you watch Christmas Vacation or A Christmas Story? Honestly, I could watch them 50 times a season. If you are looking for something new, check out Black Mirror's White Christmas episode. It stars Jon Hamm, it has near future believable tech, and it plays right into our sphere's sexual dynamic realism. I highly recommend it.

The movie or long television episode has three acts, and while not explicitly Christmas, all three acts focus on a Christmas event. The three acts are stories Joe and Matt tell one another while stationed in the arctic. Act 1 is Matt (Hamm) explaining why he is stationed off in the frozen tundra with the red headed Joe. Jon Hamm explains how he was a dating coach that helped men score via the use of a tech that could see and hear another user's feed. Imagine Roosh or Heartiste monetizing their game stuff for real time application. He coaches a guy to success but it goes awry. I won't spoil it, but it is believable and great.

The second act is Hamm explaining what he really did for a living, and that was very interesting. People can have a computer program of their consciousness made and then that program can "run their house" as an AI of sorts. Hamm's job was to break that program down to submit to that job willingly and be a digital slave. Hamm can play with the AI's perception of time. I shouldn't say AI as it is a copy of one's consciousness. This is a fun little middle act.

The third act is Hamm getting Joe to reveal why he is hidden away at their station. After all, they've been there five years together and he hasn't spoken a word to Jon Hamm's rather open, welcoming character. Joe reveals his tale. It's a great wrap up, and I won't spoil it.

There are some fun concepts here. Joe and his wife conceive a child, but she wants to abort it. Sorry, Joe, you get no say! She eventually blocks him, and this is where the tech feels believable. People see and hear with an augmentation type system in their sense that also allows one to "block" someone. A block makes them not be visible or audible to the target. One can get a block legally to last until death. It is interesting, and in our current environment, believable.

Lost in your focus on the tech and the big reveal at the end is the nugget that in this future, it's illegal to help men get laid using the tech. The PUA assistance is illegal, despite everyone's life being out there for analysis and gaming. This future fits into the feminist prog system we live in, which the show writers carefully heighten via the juxtaposition. Joe has absolutely zero say if his wife wants the abortion, while Jon Hamm's Matt can't help a nerdy guy get some action.

Check it out as this episode of Black Mirror had my wife and I talking about it for a few weeks. Few if any movies can do that now.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Social Matter - The Progressive Twilight Zone

New essay up at Social Matter. This one starts off with an ode to the Twilight Zone. The true Twilight Zone environment we find ourselves in may not be as bad as the future will be if the DSM V changes are an indicator. The Left never rests. They are always looking and attacking.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Miracle on 34th Street + SM Review-Preview 69

Miracle On 34th Street is a Christmas classic. It is also a reminder that some women have always worked. In the film, this particular single mom happened to work a nice white collar job; she had to work. Your grandmother or great-grandmother may have worked in the mills, at a laundry service or some small job. She did not have a career. That is really what the 'women entering the workforce' feminism was pushing. Middle and upper middle class women could go after a career. This is why they don't fight for more women at Calfrac, but more women doing PowerPoint presentations for Facebook.

This was conveniently timed with the construction of LBJ's welfare state, so thank the Lord that we had extra workers paying in taxes for it. Wait, did I say Maureen O'Hara's working mom was divorced? Oh Lord, before no fault divorce, it could happen! Oh noes feminists, the world was so oppressive that women could work and leave marriages.

In the movie, the man ran out on ol' Maureen, but fault divorce meant it happened. I had eight sets of great-grandparents like everyone else, and in those eight marriages, there was one divorce. It was strange for a 1947 movie to have a divorced character, but look at the graph for divorce rate in America. There was a curious spike after WW2, so this movie reflected a real phenomenon that the crowd would understand and identify with because of society around them.

After WW2, divorces spiked and there were a myriad of reasons. One given by good prog historians is that women were working and therefore could jettison their men. Reality would probably say that a lot of people got married before and during the war for not the purest of motives and after the war realized they wanted to start over. I don't blame them. One of my grandfather's did not marry his sweetheart before going off to war and received a Dear John letter later. Funniest thing was that his twin brother never forgave her for breaking his brother's heart, but my grandfather did talk to her after returning (he married a younger woman).

I bring this up because we have always had working women, always. We just used to have fewer of them. They were also not glorified as the awesome life path or even the preferred life path.

Last week I wrote about that six month period where the American Left's bloodlust was fully revealed. We are not a unified nation, and will never go back to being one. Weimerica Weekly was on the progressive obsession with the creepy, quasi-rapey theme to the winter song "Baby It's Cold Outside".

This week's essay will be on the progressive twilight zone that the DSM V is laying the groundwork for implementation. Weimerica Weekly might be on travel, but I might wait to see if anything happens on December 19th (Electoral College meetings).

Thursday, December 15, 2016

WW1 Italian Alpine Troops

Not Bond villains but these are Italian alpine troops moving into position up a mountain.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Social Matter - Weimerica Weekly Baby It's Cold Outside

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. I spend a little time discussing the "Muh Russian Hacking" meme. I then get into the annual feminist essays about the classic winter romance song "Baby It's Cold Outside". The Left has to politicize everything.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Castro's Death And Tears

At long last, Fidel Castro died a peaceful death at age 90. He died like the head of a mafia family with his lifetime of wealth, women and adoration. Mafia boss is a great description for him and far more realistic than revolutionary leader. Cuba was run into the ground, acting as a living museum for the failures of communism ninety miles from American shores. This did not stop the applause from the American media, academia or foot soldier leftists in your social circle.

Did you see the other reactions though? On social media and even on television, reactions from Cuban-Americans were intense. Video of cheering in the streets with simultaneous Trump and Cuba Libre were still strong in the wake of President Obama thawing relations last year with Cuba as "let bygones be bygones" was stated. There were media essays on how the Cuba issue was no longer a thing in Florida. Once again, that is some fake news.

The interesting reactions were the tears of the elderly. These were people who escaped. These were people who fled a dictator. If Assad died today, do you think the supposed refugees would weep? No, God no, and that is because the tears Cuban-Americans shed were over what they lost. Castro's Cuba, in effect, performed what California is still in the process of doing (America and the EU as well). They squeezed their white middle out and created a duskier underclass to be ruled by white commies that are untouchable. I dated two Cubans in college (one had blonde hair and freckles), and both had incredibly middle class and professional lineages. One had an architect for a grandfather that escaped with his family, and the other had an accountant for a grandfather who left the island with family in tow. Sounds like white Californians leaving in the '90s for Colorado.

Castro was a tinpot dictator that lucked out after the end of the Cold War by not being near Israel. Castro killed tens of thousands, and ruined the lives of millions. It is an island of 11 million that has lagged growth and human development around the Caribbean. Free health care! Ah yes, the liberals are loving that, but want to tour ALL of their facilities and render a verdict? Praising Castro's health care is like praising Hitler's highways. I do not hear liberals singing those praises. The praise is disgusting to read, but should not overshadow the individuals crying for joy.

I will take a moment to note that Castro's long life and peaceful death as an old man hints that history favors the bold. Yes, there were many elements above Castro that helped his rise and securing of the island. Recall that he was just one group of a set of rebels on the island. The NY Times talked the State Department into backing him, but it was Castro that cleverly tricked the naïve reporter about his numbers and power. There was something about the man's style and charisma that seduced many. In an interesting Janus like situation, Castro was a cruel, tyrannical dictator and the charismatic face of opposition to the US global empire for decades.

Is it an end to Castro style communism on the island? Probably not, but never doubt a ruling communist clique's ability to switch to a mixed market, the China model or some other pro-capitalism stance once the big jefe is dead. The ruling clique has been planning for this for years, and Castro's longevity gave them time to organize given the loss of their old patron in the '90s. Cuba would be a huge investment opportunity at a completely ruined low for money to pour into and rehabilitate. I bet the oligarchs on the island make some phone calls. Could this allow for families to reunite without fear of punishment on the island? Hopefully.

There was something else to the tears and other emotional responses in the Cuban-American community. It made the faux tears of liberals after the election look as pathetic and fake as a toddler's temper tantrum. Castro was a legitimate dictator that punished any dissident. Election 2016 was just an election. If one truly feared a Hitler, and we can all agree that Hitler caused orders of magnitude more damage than Castro, would not these liberals be leaving now as those Cubans did decades ago? They are not because it is all an act to them.

Castro is dead. Let us all take a moment to celebrate that, but to recognize the failure in humanity that allowed him not only to rise to power but inspire other murderous revolutions elsewhere.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Of Course, Obama, The News Should Be Balanced News

President Obama looks like an old man now. it comes across in his speaking engagements and even TV appearances. It has been a long eight years. Recently, he has been bemoaning the fact that the news landscape is a wild wild west. This is all due to the curious way alternative media helped Trump win. President Obama has even stated that there should be a curator of sorts for the news. This is the presentable, official solution to the "fake news" hysteria meme. Let's apply some game to this.

The media knows it lost, knows it has zero credibility, and knows the people have woken up a bit. Rather than change and possibly give up some power, they want to smear the competition. Now this is bubbling up to a higher authority that will deem proper, approved news. What Obama wants is the progs to maintain control. A curator would be under prog control via an institution that of course would go through prog training and be prog certified. Even if they set up an algo to handle the news feed, who sets up the algo? We have seen with Facebook trends that progs place their hands on the scale whenever they can to win.

Anything outside the approval would be mocked and laughed at by normies and the left. Ever notice how when you bring up facts, if the source is not the prog approved source it gets a hearty laugh. They delegitimize things by not funding any research through their normal channels, not giving air time to anything that conflicts the narrative, and when you do cite facts that aren't in their channels, the source gets mocked. Take a look at research into gay issues in academia. "Oh a Christian/Family Council website has that study, BAH, it is biased," shout the progs when you point to men molested by men turning out gay at far higher rates than normal kids.

Apply game to this situation. Agree and amplify the Obama suggestion. Use this opportunity to pull an Orban. Remember that Orban changed laws around the media to make a more favorable media climate for himself. Imagine a Hurricane Katrina covered with a modicum of balance. No cannibalism stories, more focus on NOLA's corrupt and incompetent mayor or Louisiana's bumbling governor in comparison to Mississippi's alert governor. Trump and America have seen first hand that our media is 99% left leaning, and conservative outlets are completely Potemkin opposition. Trump should say, "You're right" to Obama and then install a superstructure that requires 50-50 political balance. It would be a much more balanced skew compared to the 99-1 that we witness now.

Make it so that both sides must be presented. Make sure that editorial boards have representatives of all sides and are protected from dismissal for framing or presenting material that conflicts with the narrative. Immigration debates should not simply be how much and where from, but if we should have it at all. College education cost debates could be about loan affordability but also discuss why tuition cannot be dropped and certain humanities departments curtailed. Forget debating how we handle Syria and include why would we even bother.

This could be staffed with cuckservatives or moles, but it would potentially break the grip the Left has on the media. This could have farther reaching effects than other policies. Who watches the watchmen? Trump could take this opportunity to rebalance media in a way to destroy a central node in the Left's power structure.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Social Matter - 6 Month When Everything Changed

New essay is up at Social Matter. This is how tribal warfare really was unleashed in America. The Democrats have played ID politics for decades, but this period showed that persuasion was gone and the stakes were very clear. Even after this period, the rest of '13 was full of "stakes are high" revelations like the Zimmerman trial and Snowden's revelations.

Friday, December 09, 2016

Closer + SM Review-Preview 68

It's been a while since I had a light hearted post. The Weimerica podcasts and Instagram are my channels for discussing the lighter and odder things in our society. We need the laughs. I will keep this in mind for the winter. I have not posted any cheesecake in a while. I'll think something up. I did want to post on how lame and gay rap and hip-hop have become, but that is not fun or funny. A post on why the chorus from the Macklemore song "Downtown" deserved a better song to be paired with, like a '70s Billy Joel or Bruce Springsteen series of verses. Maybe later.

I found one item though. The song "Closer" is a great bit of musical pop cheese. I hope this band is a one hit wonder because I want to hear the song on the radio 15 years from now and automatically hear, "How come they never had any other hits" leave someone's mouth. It's terrible and cheesy. It's also about a guy's relationship with a hooker. It's also one of those songs where whites do a black styled song and knock it out of the park.

Listen to the lyrics. He describes a girl that came to the city with little money and doesn't get any calls for four years. She is now in a hotel bar looking pretty. She has a Rover that she cannot afford, just like her tattoo. He describes one of those in-house hookers you can find at good hotels. In any decent sized city, the hotel bars usually have one. She'll wear last year's fashion, look attractive, be tapping her foot looking annoyed unless on her phone and will instigate the conversation with you. Think of the hookers that approach you at blackjack and craps tables in Vegas wearing prom dresses. This song captures that. If only they had written in lyrics about her "Seeking Arrangement" and student loans, it'd be perfect.

This song would be a prime candidate for parody on the "dream comedy show" that Pax Dickinson and I discuss from time to time. I'm not kidding when I say that Pax and I will randomly message each other like "Hey man, sketch idea....". I completely reworked the song "Shut Up And Dance With Me" to "Shut Up You Gotta STD" and created lyrics that reflected the current Millenial dating, jobs and debt situation.

"I know it breaks your heart
Go to a uni + take student loans
And four years, no jobs
Now you're looking pretty in a hotel bar
And I can't stop
No, I can't stop"


Last week, I wrote how globally we are seeing that the reaction is a masculine one against the feminine globalist order. This week's Weimerica Weekly covered two topics: a current high-low action in the news and the body positive movement.

This week I discuss the Twilight Zone political future that the DSM V points to as a possibility. Weimerica Weekly will possibly cover travel, adult day camps, a Christmas song or possibly an interview.

Thursday, December 08, 2016

WW1 Dummy Tanks

It wasn't just WW2. At the end of WW1, those Anglos were using dummy tanks made of canvas and wood to trick the Central Powers. These were made by Australian Engineers.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Social matter - Weimerica Weekly - Episode 50 - Body Positive Movement

New Weimerica Weekly is up at Social Matter. This one covers the body positive movement. I do spend the first dozen or so minutes discussing the Dakota Access Pipeline because it illustrates a high-low political event in action. I mention the power of using American Indians as propaganda tools. Huge PR win to guilt whites. I also discuss a little how the "Injuns were here first! Dibs!" mindset is weak.

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

What The OPEC Cut Signals

It's amazing to see things flip after one silly election. This is not about Trump, but he is placing feathers in his cap with these manufacturing plant relocations post-election. One can smell the anger as pundits like Dan Drezner call Carrier a Republican Solyndra, which is a joke since Carrier is part of UTC. UTC has been a Dow component for decades; Solyndra was a rent seeking scam. Forget Trump. Look at the OPEC production cuts.

Supposedly, OPEC is going to cut oil production. Non-OPEC nations have stated they will cut if OPEC cuts. OPEC actually provides a lower percentage of oil worldwide than it did decades ago. If these cuts are real and not just jawboning, then it might prove the idea that USG asked the Saudis to pump more to break Russia and indirectly hurt domestic American economic rivals.

Consider those hurt:
1. Russia - Oil is their economy and coupled with sanctions could cripple them and possibly create overthrow of current regime.
1a. Russia also would lose share of oil exports to Saudi Arabia, which is now exporting to the East.
2. US oil industry - Oil has acted like what land was in days of yore; independent money sources to fund political rivals to USG regime.
3. White proles - Not just the white proles onsite of oil extraction, but the entire chain of suppliers and the communities that service those workers. Significant red state exposure, and in purple states like Colorado and Pennsylvania, white working and middle class is hurt, not progressive clients.

That is a win for the entire progressive empire. Oil and subsequently gas gets cheaper for consumers, which helps everyone but those within that sector. It is a huge win for the regime. This is why while no one came out and said that USG asked the Saudis to pump to crush enemies, we saw multiple pundits openly discuss it on cable news and in essays. Oil was a weapon. The goal was to weaken and hurt Russia enough so that repeated color revolution attempts could be made. Trump's win means that progressive project is over. Forget buying the American stock market, might as well buy into the Russian market, even Russian bonds with high yields right now.

The election of Trump means the end of Russian sanctions. Without those, Russia gets the boot off its neck, making the oil pump wars less critical. Saudis back off, which as a 10 mil bpd producer makes the rest of OPEC step up. Even if it is just half of what Iran wanted the Saudis to cut, it is a cut. Did anyone bother to do basic math to see what Saudi Arabia "gave up" financially? At $40 per barrel and 10.5 mil bpd production, they could (very crude estimate) generate $420 mil in revenue per day. Oil pops to $50 per barrel with 10 mil bpd production, they would generate $500 mil in revenue per day. They did not give up any coin, so what's the "struggle"? Nothing financial, which is critical as the Saudis lose two wars it spent gobs of money on for years. This fight was about something else.

Oil pops, and cost per barrel is critical for the marginal drilling site. Saudis have incredibly low costs for production and large EROEI. This matters to American drillers much more. Oil is popping as the dollar rallies too, so any dollar weakness will boost the cost per barrel. Oil rig count had collapsed in the last eighteen months. Employment in that sector was down by hundreds of thousands of jobs. At this point, it might have been millions. Oil over $50 makes more shale fields economical. More fields that are profitable means more employment.

This OPEC cut is a sign that the interests behind the Left's coalition just lost. It is not even January, yet we are seeing tangible changes geopolitically.

Monday, December 05, 2016

Social Matter - The Masculine Reaction Against Feminine Globalism

News essay at Social Matter.  This covers the underlying trend to little pushback across the globe that is building into the International Nationalism we are witnessing. Orban, Trump Duterte and Putin are the prime examples.

Friday, December 02, 2016

NY Times Goes NRx + SM Review-Preview 67

We have been reading "democracy iz bad" pieces from lefties for three weeks now. No one likes voting unless they win. Pro-secession pieces are out in the open, too. I was excited this week to see the NY Times tiptoe towards a regional break up of America in their oped pages. It does not explicitly call for a break up but consider the ideas the writer puts forth in the essay. It is easy to see the regional, rump Americas forming.

The article is race blind, blind to the cities vs. everyone else situation of America and straightjacketed by the platform. The writer is not American, and it shows. His ignorance of how regions work, and even cultural differences within his supposed regions is laughable. One does not have to drive for long outside of Columbus, Cincinnati or other Midwestern states to hit acres and acres of farmland. Not every metropolitan area has the NYC layout. Regional infrastructure investments? Okay, so even in red states this will pit black run or heavy black cities vs. white suburbs. Let me know how the Feds side in those disputes. Voting results clearly showed that America is really the cities vs everyone else. The writer cannot clearly admit that. He is an immigrant, so I will pat him on the head for trying.

I have written extensively on break up. One needs founding myths and identities for new rituals for the people to engage in and to build social cohesion. It will help as the lowest common denominator for reaching all becomes sharper in smaller political units. More homogenous social units means no forced inclusion and a celebration of the people, not abstract ideas like 'muh freedom'.

We will see what Trump's immigration policies do to the social situation, but it is easy to see Texas, California, a Pacific NW (Cascadia could rope in Canada's BC I bet), Acela Corridor Land, Dixie, The Flyover Red Nation, and then a Rio Grande and desert based La Raza Land and a black ethnostate like my "Georgia Plan". It is easy to see all of those regions having founding myths they will celebrate with identities far stronger than the American identity of 2016 being peddled in our culture. We could de-SCALE our society.

Note that if blacks do go to the ethnostate for security and freedom from evil or meddling whites, all of those purple states flip red. Pennsylvania, Michigan and even Michigan come to mind. Red states go deep red. Do some states cede off parts to other regions? Hard to tell, but county authority and lines may be the next generation's cut points. Remember that every junking of the prior version of America gave way to a new order based on new splits.

A peaceful separation with formalized sorting and safe population exchanges is what is needed. You go be as commie as you want, just do it in your nation.


Last week I wrote on the progressive need for the nurture meme. They desperately need it to keep the wildly different coalition pieces together as it gives them cover for their transfer schemes as well as papering over differences. Weimerica Weekly discussed the changes to the political discourse and acceptable talk with this election. As the Left discusses electors going rogue, they suddenly trip the entire structure to mean that an unapproved candidate would not need 270 to win but possibly 275 or 290. Completely shatters the gentlemen's agreement. This system is ending.

This week I don't know what they will pick for the essay as I submitted a couple for them to choose from. Weimerica Weekly might be on travel or I might start the Obama recap and discussion podcasts.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

WW1 Flares At Night

Shell fire and flares. This wonderful looking effect is due to Verey lights used by Germans. This would illuminate the front of trenches where a raid was expected. Verey lights were shot by pistols and came in a variety of lights.